Readers’ Mail: Can Nadia Buari Or Yvonne Nelson Ever Win Best Actress Award? Spare Us The BS!

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Hello GhanaCelebrities.Com,

First of all, let me congratulate the minds behind this informing and educative Ghanaian online platform-GhanaCelebrities.Com. I am so much late in finding this Blog as I only stumbled upon it last Friday during my search for the latest Ghanaian movie stories to help me with a project.

So far my weekend has been amazing since I have spent hours upon hours reading through some of the interesting articles (especially Ghana Movies related articles) and comments on here. I did not know such a platform which documents in detail developments in the Ghanaian Entertainment Industry exists.

After going through several pages and comments, I have come to quickly realize how much some of the visitors/readers of this website are undermining the achievements of tall standing Actresses like Jackie Appiah and Ama K. Abebrese.

It seems pure hate is constantly being channelled towards these two achieving women especially Jackie Appiah who has won Best Actress-both Africa and Ghana (African Movie Awards and Ghana Movie Awards). Currently, who can be compared to such a talent in the Ghanaian movie industry?

Ama K. Abebrese on the other hand in months after joining the industry fought her way to Africa to win Africa’s Best Actress Award, throwing the likes of Genevieve Nnaji straight into the gutters! What is more of an achievement than this? What were those who have been in the industry for donkey years doing? Showing their pretty selves on screens I guess.

Why is it that, Ghanaians especially readers of this platform seem to find it difficult to accord these two hard working ladies the necessary respect and support? Those with talent and the edge to work forward must be encouraged and supported and not those who are simply in movies because of their looks!

This brings me to land on Yvonne Nelson and Nadia Buari. I am in no way saying they have not contributed to the well-being of the Ghanaian movie industry but their achievements, talent and works can in no way be measured against the above mentioned Actresses.

This is a simple now and future question. Have Nadia Buari and Yvonne Nelson ever won any Best Actress award before? The correct answer is NO!

Let’s look at the future question…Can Nadia Buari or Yvonne Nelson ever win any Best Actress award? The answer is probably NO. Why then don’t we celebrate and respect those who have achieved greatness with their works and talent?

As I mentioned, there is a huge gap between talent and beauty. Our Ghanaian movie industry needs the former and not the latter. Let’s celebrate the achievers and rally behind them.

Evelyn Tiwaah/ Finland


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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Founding Editor
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  1. You seems to be going down the lines of ‘ours’ and ‘theirs’. You make a good point with your article by asking that we celebrate and appreciate talent. In the same letter, you become a hypocrite and not doing what you want us to do by belittling Nadia and Yvonne. How different are you from the many comments you claim you read which were hating on Ama and Jackie?

    How different are you from them? Jackie has won because her days came, the days of Yvonne and others will also come. Sit your flat ass down and watch to see. nkwasiasem ara kwa

    1. @Stacy, Do not mind her Stacy, basically she used this long WACK letter to say, I am a new HATER of Yvonne Nelson and Nadia Buari and I have landed on this website so watch out for me.

      If you have any advise, go and advise your Mama at home. Do you know what people do to get awards in Africa? People even go to the extent of sleeping with award organizers to win awards. Go put the awards in your pu**y and leave us alone with crap. We all know who is the best among these girls.

      Yvonne Nelson ALL THE WAY

        1. @B.B,That girl jackie is a fantastic actress you never see her coming not withstanding she has her own bad jobs sometimes but she is a very good actress. And as for Yvonne she can never ever win supporting actress or upcomingShe is a bad actress learn from jackie Yvonne 

    2. @Stacy,Jackie u always take your job seriously, I watch your movies most of the time and have noticed that u play each character with much seriousness and I’m sure that’s what’s giving you all the awards keep doing what u do best

    3. @Stacy, You r no different either. And this is not about people’s time or not, acting is just like schooling or job, if u work hard, you earn rewards or pass, and if u don’t, u simply fail. It is all about stiff competition and only the best survives. The industry is full of acts, both real and wannabes. Jackie is an a example of a raw talent , she has it. Yvonne is okay but Nadia only wants to be there or dreams of winning an award. And it takes more than that, having the talents and working hard is what it takes. Not only dreams. Nadia and Yvonne only care about looking pretty in movies, although Yvonne has talent, Jackie on the other hand cares least about looks when it comes to movies though she is the goddess of beauty. Take Birth after Death for example, she will do anything just to fit into character, unlike others who only care about looks as if acting is all about looks.

  2. Personally I think Ama K. is very good actress and Yvonne Nelson is very beautiful. I can not say if Yvonne is good or bad (not watch many of her movies).

    Nadia B. is also doing well and why Jackie is the one always winning?!?! I do not know. But let’s wait and see

  3. my dear evelyn, i don’t think u were reading those articles and comments with an open mind because if u did, u will realize firstly that those articles aren’t fair in terms of how it showcases these actresses, and secondly the nature of the comments are in response to the first reason i already mentioned above. that yvonne and co haven’t won much awards does not mean that they can’t win one in the future, they are young and still have a whole lot of future and life ahead of them so don’t be too quick to come to a conclusion.The last point i want to make here is ur emphasis on ama k winning over genny at the ama awards,that statment seems so out of place,even merryl streep have been nominated a multiple times along with actresses she is well above but lost to them, now that doesn’t mean these actresses are better than her, so please quit that shady expression.

    1. @flint, You must be kidding me, who is young? Nadia Buari is almost 32 or so, wrinkles all over her face and you say she is young? Do we have to wait for her to be 100 years before she wins any if she is good? And how old do you think Jackie is? is she not young?

      1. @Angel, please tell in what planet that the age 32 is considered old,another question i would like to ask is that haven’t u seen actors and actresses winning their first oscar nod in their 60s and 70s, so what if nadia and co happen to win their own ama award when they are 100 what is wrong with that.

    2. You see hard work pays and Jackie Appiah it’s your hard work that is paying for you. Ama u have done well to, shame on Yvonne because she doesn’t have a future  in acting 

  4. jackie is not a good ctress her juju won her the awards , ama is okay she had a good movie and paid for her ,give us a break all fingers are not equal NONSENSE. their time will definatelly come.

    1. @anita, exactly my point Jackie is not a good actress truth be told, but we are all individuals with our own preferences. Who ever wrote this letter is been bias. And very ignorant for even writing this mess. If Juliet Ibrahim could win best actress award, how dare you to condemn Nadia and Yvonne.

      1. @Akosua, u are a fool like that Yvonne Nelson as for her she must stop acting and look for another career. We never buy a movie with Yvonne on the cover because it’s a waste of time. The only person I can use my money to buy Jackie appiah is a very hard working girl she puts her soul and mind into everything she does and I adore her for thather movie is jackie because she brings something new to her fans all the time and she knows how to pick good stories. No wonder she wins all the awards. 

        1. @Victor, i support u a 120%. Jackie is awesome and acts incredibly. More so, she isn’t afraid of taking risks and fitting into character. She isn’t selfish like most of her colleagues too. Most times, she goes out of her way to make up for the weaknesses of other actresses in a movie. The hallmark of professional and raw talents is making every role extremely believable, thus putting mind, heart and soul into character and Jackie does even more than these. I’m so so excited that God and men have continually recognized her hard works and r still recognizing it. With such awesome achievements already, she hasn’t even started. She has a much much fruitful future ahead of this time. She has so lifted the industry and shaped a future for it with some other hardworking ones like Majid.

      2. @Akosua, Thank You Akosua, Juliet is just wasteful on screen, the long and short is she cant act, but want to bulldoze her way through teh industry. Even that she won best actress, how much more Nadia and Yvonne. It is only a fool who does not recognised the owrks of these two and would always want to provide platforms for Jackie and co to shine. Afterall she is growing old and needs to make all the monies now, since her services would no longer be demanded by producers and movie enthusiasts.

        1. @Russel, what a shame for ur stone age comment. And why do u think platforms r provided for Jackie and co to shine and not Nadia and Yvonne? Because the industry is owned by their fathers and the producers and directors their uncles and brothers? U talk as is u have no education. Nadia hasn’t won any best actress award cos she simply doesn’t deserve it and has no natural talent. Yvonne on the other hand has potentials but is kinda dropping. But i still believe in Yvonne to win someday, as for Nadia, maybe after retaking her Theater Arts course all over again and being natural. Jackie works hard and is very natural. More so, she thinks ahead of these 2 so they should learn from her if they really wanna win an award. I’m serious!

      1. The other ladies should look at whT jackie and ama does to win all the awards like jackie and stop featuring in rubbish movies that can fetch them awards like jackie. I love this article this will make people sit up

  5. After reading the reading article, I believe the writer only wanted to show her writing skills, and nothing else because her article made now sense whatsoever! What makes you think that Yvonne and Nadia can probably never win an award? Hello!!! And what makes you say that they are not good actresses? Are you kidding me? Awards are giving not for how you act, but the part that was played. Unfortunately, Nadia and Yvonne have not hard a very good role to play that would earn them an award. That’s all, and it’s not because they can’t act. They are very actresses for real, but I am not going to do any comparism here. If we are to support our actresses, then you should support everyone and not just Ama or Jackie.

    1. @WHAT DO YOU KNOW?,  maybe they are not getting good roles because are not good. who is good and will not get a good role? only yvonne and nadia right?

      1. @Joyce, I beg to disagree with you Joyce. Some great actresses are there who don’t get good roles and it happens not only in Ghana, but all around the world. Besides, there is a time for everything as the Good Book tells us. Not getting roles to play that wins you an award doesn’t mean you are not a good actress.

        1. @Yaa, Good role doesn’t make a gr8 actress. A really good actress should kill whatever role that she is given. Jackie for sure is the only Ghanaian actress who has it all for now. The 2 Yvonnes i believe have talents and with time, will be able to win best actress awards. As for Nadia, i don’t think she has what it takes to win a best actress award on fair ground. She is good but not great.

    2. @WHAT DO YOU KNOW?, I agree totally wit u sir or madam. The writer shld better go n sleep cos wat she is saying is childish. Cos Jackie n Ama won best actress it means others cnt win or wat. She shld knw all fingers r nt da same, it might takes ppl 1000yrs to become wat they wnt 2 be, n some all a yr. It doesn´t mean one is better than da other, it is a matter of time. One thing, she shldn´t never 4get in life is dis: ” There r so many ways of goin 2 mecca”. If Jackie n Ama stars r shining nw, we thank God 4 them, it doesn´t mean they bettter than Yvonne or Nadia, it is jst their time!

      1. @gh*all*day, Wosin woyonkoa na otanwo. I don’t know if you could read my twi cos I am terrible at writing twi. All I want to say is that sometimes when you are ahead of people in life, they begin to hate you. I believe that is the answer to your question lol

        1. @Yaa, nokware. Wosen wo yonko na otan wo. In some cases that is definitely true. When it comes to the male actors the debate and insults are subtle and latent but when it comes to the actresses the claws come out. Adapaa twa paa nie. Lol

  6. Lol @ jackie being the BEST actress in Africa. Africa? Pls.
    May be Jackie is the best actress in Ghana but not in Africa honey.

  7. Ok , here are ma 2cents on this matter,,,, when I stared watching Ghanain movies, I thot Jacki was the best, until I saw Nadia, then came YN, and 2 yrs bk I saw Yvonne Okoro,,,just to realise that jakie is just not a good actress.

    I was watching one of her films a month a go and her acting was terrible,,,, she was sort of crying or may be she wanted to cry and I was like ” OH GOSH, HOW BAD CAN AN ACTRESS BE”?,, I don’t mean to discredit Jackie, but really, the gal isjust not all that,,,,congrats to het on her achievements thou

  8. People hate the truth, no one hates or is jealous of this chic, until she buys some $400,000 hse to live in Ghana or drives a Rolls Royce Ghost around town, then all u Nadia fans can accuse us who dont really think shes all that of jealousy n hate.The girl is not that good of an actress n the accent is a big turn off, shes not going to get a pass becos shes light skinned, i know how most ghanaians favor these quater/half caste ghanaians over the full bloodied ghanaian. Now that foreigners are showing racism to u in ur own country u crying foul, becos they have noticed that ur low self esteem behind worships anything that has color. I will take lydia, Akorfa n jackie over her any day.

  9. well if juliet ibrahim has been awarded best actress then nadia and yvonne definitely needs to awarded one cos they are better actresses than Juliet tbh…

  10. well personally I think most actresses are awarded based based on beauty and number of fans one may have..talent is definitely out,if u ask me…moreover, if juliet ibrahim has been awarded best actress then nadia and yvonne definitely needs to awarded one cos they are better actresses than Juliet tbh…

  11. nadia is a good actress…and believe me,she is not worse than Jackie Appiah!!The fact is ,she has the disadvantage of being light skinned.I explain:
    1-When you’re lightskinned people assume ,you get roles because of your skin color
    2-The dark skinned girls (who are the majority of movie viewers) are jealous of you.They are frustrated and bitter because we all know how many of our men prefer light skinned women!
    So at the end ;IT’S A BIG DISADVANTAGE TO BE LIGHTSKINNED and Nadia receives way more slack than Jackie because of that!