Random Thumbs Up: Some Are Getting The Fashion Right In Ghana…

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We have decided to introduce a new column ‘Random Thumbs Up’ to compliment our ‘Random Ridiculousness’.  If you are a regular GhanaCelebrities.Com reader, you will by now know that, our ‘Random Ridiculousness’ highlights the various ludicrous things celebrities and random people do-fashion disasters, excessive face painting and other silly things people go about doing publicly…

Surely not everyone is ridiculous, some few people are striving to get it right and these are the people we will feature under our new opposing column ‘Random Thumbs Up’. At least, it is fair we look at the decent side of the coin too. After all, not everyone will dress like Mimi…LOL

So when it is bad, it goes under ‘Random Ridiculousness’ and when it is some how good or a try worth rewarding, it goes under ‘Random Thumbs Up’.

Let’s kick start our ‘Random Thumbs Up’ with these 3 photos from the recently held 4syte Music Video Awards. Who among the ladies really got the total package right? (the make up, the hair, the dress and the accessories).

Same way we say it when it is bad, let’s say it when it good…So let’s get it going on these photos…What was right and what was wrong?

As we always say, any time you step out to an event, remember we are watching…Either you will go under ‘Random Thumbs Up’ or ‘Random Ridiculousness’…You decide it yourself with what you wear!

Photos Credit: 4syte TV


GC Staff

Gossip Mama is one of the dumbest writers you will ever meet. What she lacks for in brains she makes for in.....As a female with some lil sense in her mind, she wants to give it out to the celebs lacking it. If you dont find her glued to the Tv, check her out by the computer bashing some celebrity with words.. I am not a journalist nor do I aspire to be one. I am a blogger who saw the potential of this site and joined the bloggers. And yes, I am biased. I only report on artists/celebrities that I like or find interesting..... Gossipmama@ghanacelebrities.com BBM pin: 2320FEE4


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  1. You gotta be kidding me! You call this fashion?!?! The first (also second last) pic looks terrible!!! That should be on the “Random Ridiculousness” list!

    Last pic… sorry again the dresses looks cheap.

    Second pic… now thats what we’re talking about! African girls them be sweet and “s*xy” like cheese! LOL

    1. @Akosua Amoah,  Akosua I agree with you. I like the picture with only two ladies. They look lovely and are better dressed than the others. 

    2. oh so?.hmm…so chris how different r these from the ‘random ridiculous’ ones. ok i just figured out…cos their tits r not poping out…lol

      1. @jerry,
        Chris didnt post this, he will never see anything nice about females. If you see a thumps up for a girl, dont check the one who posted it. Its just not Chris!

  2. Now I know I can’t trust Chris to make my purchases for me without me being present because I can see what he will buy. If you call these fashion thumbs up then I would love to see how you dress up lol! Anyway, from a man’s point of view at least you tried.

  3. Hmmmm, thumbs up ey, makes a nice change, ok….well obviously the second picture with the girl in the blue dress is very cool. Love the hair, the dress and the shoes are HAWT. I would defo rock this. The other gurls…not so much lol.

  4. 4 mi i will am wit chris,they are all looking sweet,at seems u people dnt hv eyes, u are always looking at de wrong side,tell mi what is wrong wit these pics?

  5. lol…..for a second I thought you guys were been sarcastic. I really love those two girls in the second pics. They killin it.

  6. The chicks on the fist pic,put to much make up on,i would say that the girl with the grew dress looks pretty and decent and those girl of the third picture look very cheap,i think because their dresses…

  7. I am no fashion guru but i honestly think they do do not make it quite yet. The second picture,i love the african print but Africa prints with fishnets in my opinion is someway..and then there is the girl with part of the fabric cut out showing her s*xy tummy but my point is if you want to show off your tummy then wear a s*xy tube top or half tub or something with some see thru lace,the cut out makes it look like the fabric used for sewing wasn’t enough. And the last pic,was it not the same fabric that Diamond aka Ghana’s lady gaga wore and she was bashed on here by readers for saying the cheap  looking fabric  dress is a $1500. They are all pretty ladies but as Miss Dior said this is a C+ for effort…

  8. I like the African wear to some extent. Why the belly button show off? The other African wear too seems too short. Shoddy cant’ even bend down without showing off her panties.