Ghana Gets First Mobile Music Streaming Service; ‘Streemio’!

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On December 23, Ghanaians will be introduced to the country’s first mobile music streaming service; ‘Streemio’, a music streaming service delivered to mobile phones. Most music lovers can attest to the fact that in Europe or in the Americas, there are several music sharing and streaming apps; most of which are on mobile devices.

Whereas, one main source of music to the average Ghanaian is radio, when these politicians invade the airwaves with their political talks and unnecessary attacks on each other; one is left to find solace by playing the pirated or downloaded songs.

A downloaded and a pirated song don’t get money into the pockets of their original composers but with the introduction of the country’s first music streaming service, musicians can take a sigh of relief as it provides a new revenue generation model for GAMRO.

What this means is that, musicians who gets more hits on Streemio will get more revenue in return.

With this reason and more, two young Ghanaians, Francis Ahose and Samuel Owusu Darko have founded the ‘Streemio’, service to revolutionize the way music is enjoyed and shared in the country.

With Streemio, its unlimited music you can enjoy freely. All one needs to do is just download the Streemio app on their mobile devices, register and start listening to their favourite songs.

‘Streemio’ will not only provide a platform for music fans to legally enjoy and share the works of their favourite musicians but will also provide Ghanaian musicians the opportunity to interact with their fans and track information on which of their songs their fans are listening to most.

Streemio will delight its users with a personalised medium to choose what songs they listen to at any time. It allows everyone to be their own DJ, without the hassle of owning the music collection to play from.

‘Streemio’ tagline ‘Music On The Go’, captures the essence of the brand which refers to the fact that, in as far as one is connected to the internet and has downloaded the Streemio application on his/her ‘mobile’ device, one can not only create a playlist but can also enjoy music, anytime, anywhere and anyhow and the good thing is, it’s free.

‘Streemio’ is from Streemio Technologies with funding from funding from the Meltwater Foundation.

Check out Streemio’s website for more information and updates. You can also follow Streemio on facebook and twitter via @streemio.


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