Is That The Best Beverly Afaglo Can Do?

Beverly Afaglo At J.Melo Launch
Beverly Afaglo At J.Melo Launch

How old is this chick again? I have to keep reminding myself  how old this girl says she is anything I need to make a post on her. I get lost in her default adult face and consistent childish exhibitions…Did she say she is 24 or 28?…

Anyway, I couldn’t let the new IMPROVED Beverly Afaglo go without giving her the attention she deserves.  From previous cause of dealings, I can say she seems a bit more improved with her hair but wassup with the top and belly?

Is that the best she can do? #Fashion at its best!

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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Editor

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Well, maybe she didn’t know the top was gonna go up. Let’s give her credit if you say her hair has improved..

thaniah or whateva u call urself,who said celebs dnt wear jeans.even Beyonce wears jeans and tank topos sometymz.this isnt a movie premier for cryin out loud and even if it were,so what?cant she wear what she feels like?your fake celebrities u guys are crazy abt all wear body magic to hv flat tummies,let them drop the corset and we’ll see who looks better ,mtcheeeew.Someone sed she looks 34,am sure she looks 100,jus likes your mothers and grandmothers.Ghanaians dnt like truth,am sure u always happy when the other celebs lie abt their ages.Every actress in GH is 25,tweeeaaaa.walahi there are too mant useless p’pl on this out

This jeans used to be in style back in the 90’s. Anybody remember Mariah Carey?! … anyways… forget about her belly, what’s with all the celebs holding their car keys and mobile phones in their hands when on the red carpet?! what kind of fashion is that! I mean can they just keep it in the pocket or bags?!?!

@Amoah, I have realized that too. People in Ghana, not just celebs like to hold on to their car keys and phones. I think it is just to show off. Unlike us who put these things in a bag or purse, people in Ghana don’t. The world doesn’t have to know that you have a phone and a car key. That is so off lol lol

pls i know dis girl n i count her as 1 of the best dressers so if 4 once she has dress like dis jst stop makin news out of dis i can see u hav notin important 2 tell us anymore so i better quit wit dis site mtcheeeeew

@akosua fosua, True, I feel Beverly is such a sweetheart and I dont think She intentionally decided to show off her belly.We all make mistakes at a point in our lives.Most people commenting and judging this lady probably have big stomachs like poly tanks yet they will hide behide their pc’s and criticize someone.mtseww…

@Thaniah, Sweety, jeans is never out of fashion.Depending on how u wear it, you will still look good.It has been there for a very long time and its not going out of fashion soon.

This girl has issue. she needs to be arrested by fashion police. this aint the kind of stomach you will use to wear this top. oh aba Ghanaian celebrities

I love Beverly but i think she shld step on her fashion game.#NiceHairThough And i think she’s 28 not 24