Sulley Muntari & Menaye Donkor At Sarkodies’s Album Launch + Muntari Tattoos Wife Name On Skin…My Comments!

Menaye Donkor And Sulley Muntari

Menaye Donkor And Sulley Muntari

Where do I start from? Let me begin my commentary with the bad and then end it with the great…Looking at the photos of  Sulley Muntari and Menaye Donkor at Sarkodie’s Rapperholic Concert, I can boldly say Menaye is looking splendid and her outfit does it well for the occasion.

Even though Muntari is my boy (I mean who doesn’t appreciate those good long shots), his outfit does NOT compliment that of his wife at all… For Christ sake Muntari, did you not see what your wife was wearing? You aint no lil boy anymore and it was a night concert not an afternoon basketball game at Kasoa…

What is great? I may be late in spotting this but geez… Muntari is so so damn in love and has locked himself to Menaye  permanently with a goddam tattoo…Is it not s*xy when a man tattoos his wife’s name on his hand? You know the convention of tattooing partner’s name right? Everyone gets one done…

Where has Menaye tattoo’d Muntari’s name? I guess you know where I am thinking right?Yeap, it is there and I know it it is there…LOL. Until cameras capture it one day,  we just got to think about where she is hiding it for now.

Muntari Tattoos Menaye On His Hands

Muntari Tattoos Menaye On His Hands

KOD, Menaye Donkor & Sulley Muntari

KOD, Menaye Donkor & Sulley Muntari

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Editor

Chris-Vincent is a Law Graduate, a Human Rights Advocate and a Professional Truth Sayer. He is a Film Critic, the author of the popular eBook 'Success Is A Right, Not A Privilege', a Freelance Blogger/Writer and the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com.

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  • B.B

    LOL.. Oh Chris, how do you know Menaye has a tattoo hidden somewhere?

    Anyway, I agree with you on Muntari’s outfit, he could have done better.

    • TiffanyBabe

      @B.B, Let Chris tell us where he thinks Menaye is hiding the tattoo. Pervert Chris lol

  • kofi

    infact people let mi say dis muntari is 1 person who does not know how 2 dress at all and i will put de blame on his wife cant she told him  how 2 dress and fellow her,infact de wife shd start 2 train his man how 2 dress and fellow him,come on sulley wake up boi,dnt be a bush man

    • mackie

      @kofi, after your wife teaches you correct spelling and grammar.

  • nani

    maybe menya asked sulley to tatoo her name…we gals do that man……..nd because sulley is so soft nd crazy he did it…..i asked ma bf to do that sumtime bak but he didnt cuz its na wealth it…

  • Dee

    haaa GC, i posted the link to the tattoo and you deleted it….so wat, r u gonna post n claim it? not professional. smh

  • miss dior

    Love makes u do some crazy shit, smh, I hope they stay together forever n ever.

    • TiffanyBabe

      @miss dior, I hope so too because some women like Cole did it and they seem to be regretting now. Muntari has money so maybe he thinks if things get worse, he can clean it off 

  • tyron

    dnt see anyfin wrong with sulley’s outfit

    • TiffanyBabe

      @tyron, Really? How old are you? You must be 17 year old SHS boy on here and if you are a girl, maybe you have a boyfriend who fits the above description. You really do not see anything wrong with Sulley’s dressing? Are you serious?

      • Thaniah

        @TiffanyBabe, u guys aint got nothn goin on,com on! The dude is a sportsman nt a holiwud star,jst giv hm a break

        • Adjoa Nbaaso)

          @Thaniah, Exactly, my thought.He is a footballer and ofcourse his personality should be as such.He aint a fashion designer or a costume designer.Morever, it was just a mere concert and nothing special.In life, u have feel comfortable with whatever u do/wear.

          • @Adjoa Nbaaso), good point.  so many people out here need lessons in fashion and i dont mean 1970’s fashion. There is nothing wrong with his choice of clothes surprisingly if it was jay z some american star you we’ll all start complimenting them

            Its almost 2012 peeps….he dont have to wear chinos, blazer and shoes all the time for a nite out. For those moaning, you will will have been surprised with the attires seasoned designers like john galliano, ford or even icons like kanye would have worn. mope suit suit suit koraa dodo!

  • endowed

    fine with me as long as they don’t get a divorce

  • Akua

    Well, Sulley’s outfit is not appropriate because of what his wife was wearing, period. Besides that, I don’t think there is anything wrong with it. Couples have to dress to compliment each other when they go out, in this case that didn’t happen. Menaye should have encouraged him to dress a bit decently as he would have obliged cos the guy is crazy in love with her. All the same, I hope they stay together forever and wish then all the best.

    • Adjoa Nbaaso)

      @Akua, I wouldnt even have complained if I were her.Men hurt it when u try to dictate for them.Afterall, the money will flow so no need to nag.

      • Adjoa Nbaaso)

        @Adjoa Nbaaso), hate**

  • turbs

    have you seen his chest! he has also tattooed the side of his ribs with a full picture of her. He’s an idiot. will she do the same for him? I don’t think so.

  • Semi-Cartermatic

    lol Muntari shld take a fashion class frm Drog or Eto even our own Bison.each time i see dis guy his dressing is below par.respect ur wife man..ur pant shld be at ur waist always.

  • naa asheley

    All for love? lol…Chris thinks Menaye has her own tattoo of him somewhere then I guess the couple that tattoos together stay together right?

  • TiffanyBabe

    If I am Menaye, I will be shy and ashamed because how can your husband dress like this and follow you to the public? He is dressed like my little brother with his pants down and wearing some unnecessary hat at night. As someone said, Sulley show respect to your wife and dress to compliment her always

    • Thaniah

      @TiffanyBabe, this is nt som diner wth the stars shit,its a concert & maybe som aftaparty sotof kindof.soo whatsup?

    • Ghosty Problem

      @TiffanyBabe,U kinda jealous…u will never get someone like muntari damn……stinky ass girl 

    • @TiffanyBabe,

  • BreastLina Naa Fofo Nufuor

    Why do African audience (ghana and nigeria especially) always looks so fcking bored in any event. Their whole posture always looks boring -- Or maybe its the seats. No body looks excited

  • Adjoa Nbaaso)

    Getting a tattoo of someone’s name simply says u will luv that person till death, therefore Muntari, I wish you all the best.In angriness or in the worst situation, take it easy on Menaye…lol!!You are just in luv and nothing else.

  • Kane

    I really dont understand why y’all talking shit about Sulley’s dressing. Don’t you know is a rap concert/album launch. Do y’all want him to dress like he is going for a ball dance or some opera shit. Is the rest who didn’t know whta time is it. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with Sulley’s appearance. He really did dresses to fit the occasion.

    • @Kane, some people probably wanted t see him in a shirt and tie, but what sulley wears is in vogue, just like wearing pink or red socks. not everyone can pull it off, but he sure did. 

  • daddybosco

    infact sulley don’t know hw to dress like he have ever been to italy , the fashion city is milan sulley if u don’t know u don’t see too ohhhhhhhhh ho

  • daddybosco

    infact sulley should be ashamed of him self going out like that with the wife , sulley leave in milano fashion city and he dress like this all the time, just like essien i dont know wht kind of stars they are

  • What is wrong with his dressing ghanaian people they talk too much aba.

  • dada why are you talking rubbish about sulley are you richer than him,think about yourself you asshole,GH boys and girls talking to much,kisss