More Photos From 2011 Ghana Movie Awards Featuring Jackie Appiah, Mzbel, Beverly Afaglo,Majid Michel, Prince David Osei, Ramsey Noah, Kofi Ajorlolo, Olu Jacobs & Many Others

As promised, these are the second batch of photos from the recently held 2nd annual Ghana Movie Awards…You can check the first batch we published from HERE and you can also check out the winners from HERE








































Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Editor

Chris-Vincent is a Law Graduate, a Human Rights Advocate and a Professional Truth Sayer. He is a Film Critic, the author of the popular eBook 'Success Is A Right, Not A Privilege', a Freelance Blogger/Writer and the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com.

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  • Amoah

    this is it?!?!

    • GoldenGurl

      @Amoah, lol what else are you now waiting for oo 😀

      • Amoah

        @GoldenGurl, 🙂 they are still missing many people… like agya koo, the yvonne’s, kyeiwaa and others or they were not there? nadia is also missing! pluse much of the twi speaking peoples!!!!

    • Tina

      Jackie I love your dress. Proudly African.

  • nana asare

    You re all looking great

    • Serwaa

      Jakies kente looks really expensive I like the work on it. Jackie looked better than the picture above. 

  • BreastLina Naa Fofo Nufuor

    Nkruasi fuo eni Apuskele dressing.

    • dan

      @BreastLina Naa Fofo Nufuor, HAHAHA HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

    • dan


    • dan


  • miss dior

    Martha Ankomah looking hot as ever. girlfriend has some serious booty n hips, Now yall know i love Jackie but i cant stand the weave or wig, it looks crooked n tacky, she looks more pretty with her real hair.

    • franca

      @miss dior,and where is her real hair. i’ve never seen her with her own hair.

      • miss dior

        @franca, You got to ask her that when u see her.

      • Akua

        @franca, hahaha LOl. Yep never seen her with her real hair. I mean do these celebs have hair except Lydia Forson? LOl

        • Adjoa Nbaaso)

          @Akua, thank u!One of the reason why I would always respect Lydia Forson is She is never shy of her real self.I mean She has the confidence to show her natural self, unlike some who will die if chinese people stop producing wigs.

          • Amoah

            @Adjoa Nbaaso), lol… if china stop producing wigs!… remember india and now japan too!

  • Akua

    Can these celebs go easy on the weave? There is nothing wrong with wearing weave, but gosh they can make it look a bit natural. Everyone looked great, but Mzbel’s outfit is ?????. Olu Jacbos and wife, very nice couple. God bless you all.

  • Akwasi

    Chris, you’ve now made it clear you are a Jackie P.R.O.

  • jeff

    they all lk good and a big kudos to Martha for her acceptance speech #VeryTouchy

  • Semi-Cartermatic

    Nice Suits frm de guyz xcept a few>

  • Joe

    I like wat am seeing, everyone is looking so fab! But wat the heck is Bervely wearing??? Her dress looks so cheap!

  • naa asheley

    Jackie looks nice as usual, I think I like the dress but the hair…NO NO NO.I think it’s a wig. Martha looks gorgeous. I like how she and Prince David Osei won favorite actor and actress respectively. They’re doing well. I saw the first 5 pics already in the Legends face book album( the dude with funny face).

  • lu

    Jackie that hair is a no no boo, the guys look really good. big up Ghana.

  • cici

    Nice pix..can u pls post some videos???plsssssssssss..I’m craving to c their acceptance speeches..thx in advance

  • george


  • TheChuckylee

    Most of them look gud in their outfits esp. Jackie,Nana Ama & Martha.

  • Henry

    Jackies dress is the nicest , I like the African touch. I saw her that day and she was gorgeous the picture isn’t doing her good. She looked hotter than the picture.

  • maka aa maka

    is nadia’s sis a celebrity or what?she seem to b everywhere…

    • Amoah

      @maka aa maka, she is in the movie “the last secret” with nadia… she’s ok. but then in ghana it seems like everybody can act!

  • lily

    jackie appiah, the most beautiful, she knows what to put on whether she is plus size or not. true beauty.

  • pape

    jackie appiah is goddess, pretty as always. i love her dress. where is samira yacubu?

  • Didi

    Nadia’s sister is just anoying. l have seen her in this movie and NO SHE CAN NOT ACT. She need to stop using her sister’s fame to get to places. Talentless bitch.

  • amber

    wow, jackie is pretty, period. her face, make-up, dress and the you jackie.

  • lilyy

    the show looked organized than before…i will give them props for stepping their dressing up a bit…jackie’s dress IS NOT DAT SERIOUS as people r making it seem…its an african print and its not as if we havn’t such before…the dress is to loud, too much SHINE SHINE…as for the hair die3, the least said the better…but the girl in the 11th photo, HOTTTT, SIMPLE, VERY CLASSY…HAAPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY

  • jackie

    dear jackie, i enjoy your movies, and i like the way you dress, you’re a true actress.

  • niaye

    jackie all the way, nice dress, nice make-up.