Is It Me Or Martha Akomah Is Talking Absolute Rubbish?


I did not want to pick up on this but then if not said, the disrespectful and loose rate at which some of our Ghanaian celebrities talk during interviews will forever continue…

Though a champion of free speech and freedom of expression, I still think accentuating some absurd disparity between classes of human beings by virtue of their work or association through the making of dim-witted statements should be rebuked and not protected by the notion of freedom of speech and expression…

In a recent interview with Graphic Showbiz, Martha Ankomah said ‘…“I have no problem kissing Katawire, Agya Koo or any character when my script demands it”.

On the face of the above statement, it looks clearly right and a perfect assertion to make. However, read it twice or thrice as I did and any smart person can pick up a strong innuendo which entrenches a simple but contemptuous principle- By default, kissing Katawire and Agyaa Koo is somehow a problem and undeserving but then I have no problem doing that as an Actress… What the Heck?

Do not get me wrong, I personally admire Martha Ankomah. I have spoken to her before and she seems like an amazing young lady but then, she has also been caught with the ‘No thinking before’ talking ailment among some Ghanaian Celebrities…

We all get it wrong sometimes but then when we are not pointed to our mistakes, we will continue to grow with it. I am not a saint and in fact, I got a statement wrong this morning and I had to apologize to the person…

By Martha Ankomah’s statement, it means there is a well grounded problem with kissing the names she mentioned within her class of people, but she is not affected by that problem…Who has that problem then?

This can clearly be an issue of ‘loose talk’ or some sort of ‘we are better than them’ industry syndrome. No matter what it is, this should NOT be tolerated…PERIOD

Below is Graphic Showbiz’s report!

Ghana’s favourite actress Martha Ankomah says that there is only one kiss and that is the real one.

In this make-believe career, she says, when you are supposed to kiss another character, you are expected to do so as convincingly as you can; there are no two ways. “I have no problem kissing Katawire, Agya Koo or any character when my script demands it”.

The pretty actress told Showbiz last week that, in movie acting, movements and gestures are meant to be as believable as possible. “If you fake any action in a scene such as kissing, the viewers can tell so either you are an actor or you are not”, she said.

”Cameras are being made more sophisticated and sharper every day and actors can no longer fool viewers as was possible a decade ago.”

Martha Ankomah has been admired by movie enthusiasts for her realistic acting, especially when it comes to romantic scenes. Her performance in movies such as Kiss Me If You Can, Bed Of Roses, Seduction, Heart Of Men, and Keep My Tears has won her much endearment with viewers.

Unlike some actors who are choosy when it comes to characters that they are expected to play romantic scenes with, Martha said she really did not mind who she shoots flirty or in-bed scenes with as long as the director is satisfied. She said she doesn’t have to have any special feeling for an actor before she plays a romance scene with.

“What if I landed in a Hollywood contract and was asked to play a romantic scene with, say, Will Smith or Jim Carrey, should I say I don’t have any affection for them so will not take the contract? If so, then we don’t expect to see any Ghanaian in Hollywood.

Asked whether her boyfriend or church members don’t have a problem with the romantic roles she plays, Martha said she doesn’t complain about her church members careers so she doesn’t expect other’s to complain about hers. “I worship at International
Central Gospel Church and my faith in God is unshakeable but when it comes to acting which is my profession, I don’t play with it at all” says Martha.

About her now famous long drawn kiss with Majid Michel in Heart of Men, Martha explained that she needed to make the movie real. “Ghanaians will be the same people who will say the kissing is fake if I didnt act it well, so I needed to do it professionally”, Martha said.

Martha had lots of nominations in ZAAFA, AMAA and was adjudged the most favourite actress at the just ended Ghana Movie Awards. The actress says she is grateful to any individual who buys her movies.

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