The Licentious Raquel, The Ghanaian Artiste Who Forgot Her Panties Home & Showed Off Her Iniquitous ‘Coochie’ On Stage…My Thoughts!

I have heard and seen several entertainers putting their ‘coochies’ on full display whiles on stage or out and about for wearing panties which do not have enough fabric to cover their ‘chunky’ genitalia.

However, to absolutely wear nothing under a skimpy dress in our part of the world as a female entertainer and mount the stage in this skimpy dress with the excuse that you genuinely forgot your panties at home is implausible. Did I just say it is implausible? In fact, it is plain psychosis and utterly disrespect for your worthy as a woman.

The above is the summary of what happened with Ghanaian rising musician-Raquel at Citi Fm’s December 2 Remember Concert. In simple words, Raquel jumped on stage to perform in a skimpy dress which she claimed had a mal-function backstage. And beneath this skimpy dress, she had no panties…

Various media men I know have confirmed seeing photos of Raquel’s genitalia on full display and NewsOne-an entertainment tabloid in Ghana claims to have clear shots which they intended to publish.

NewsOne has not been able to publish these photos despite their earlier publication which suggested a date- 6th January. NewsOne claims reputable persons like Ambassador Kabral Blay-Amihere, Musicians Union of Ghana President Bice ‘Obour’ Osei-Kufuor, Former National Women’s Organizer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Daavi Ama, Chairman of the National Media Commission, Rev. Opambour Adarkwa Yiadom of the Ebenezer Miracle Worship Center and others have bombarded them with calls not to publish the photos for various moral standings and for the sake of the dignitary of Raquel.

I am somehow bemused that morality and dignitary is being bought and lobbied for Raqual, a woman who seems to have lost absolute track of her status as an African woman and for that matter a Ghanaian woman.

I do not have a single bit of compassion for her and this is simply because, her actions were premeditated. Raquel is reported to claim that her dress was not made as skimpy as we see it but rather it tore (wardrobe mal-function) at backstage before she came to perform. Her account continues that, her team had to somehow fix the wardrobe mal-function by performing emergency stitches.

The ludicrousness of the above account by Raquel that she forgot her panties and her dress weren’t made that skimpy can easily be spotted.

If she indeed forgot her panties at home and the winds blowing directly into her ‘coochie’ could not serve as a viable reminder, then what happened backstage when they were stitching the dress? She still did not spot that her panties were missing? As a matter of urgency, despite the degusting element, couldn’t she had borrowed one from her team members? Moreover, did none of her team working on the torn dress notice she had no panties on? These are rational questions which make her claims unreservedly nonsense, and indicate that she intentionally did not wear panties.

Looking at the sequential manner in which events unfolded, it is highly infinitesimal that Raquel in anyway forgot her dear panties. If you believe she did not forget her panties as I do, then what motivated her to jeopardise her personage as an African woman who happens to be a rising entertainer this way?

Spare me the madness of fashion since I will not spend even a worthless coin buying the argument that, it is fashion and huge numbers of women step out each day without panties.I do not know any of such women but if you are one, put your hands up. If this is fashion to some women, then I guess these women need urgent mental evaluation or a divine intervention of a non-terrestrial God.

If a matured woman like Raquel has no amount of decency and morality left in her thinking faculty, then why should anyone waste his precious time to forcefully inject some sort of unfounded morality into others to help redeem this woman from a well deserving shame that she has willingly brought upon herself?

Anyone pulling the morality argument and asking that the various photos of Raquel’s exposure should not be published is somehow not being moral in his or her appeal, but rather seeking to impose immorality over morality.

If someone’s blatant action or omission is gross, it should be treated as it is worth to serve if nothing at all, as a strong and unapologetic warning to the countless morally demeaning breeds of human civilisation that has found their way into our Ghanaian society…

If you think otherwise that as a matter of morality, the photos of Raquel’s exposed ‘coochie’ should not be published and Raquel’s actions were not forethought and must be forgiven, then you must really back-up these substantial claims by not simply imposing some form of morality on the intended publishers but rather on the ‘actioner’.

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Editor

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri is the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com , a Film Critic and a Human Rights Advocate; holds a masters degree in International Human Rights Law (LL.M), holds a degree in Law (LL.B), and he’s currently at Nottingham Law School, studying for his Legal Practice Course (with a second masters degree in Law) to practise as a UK Solicitor--he's a Professional Truth Sayer. He is also the author of the popular eBook “Success is a Right, Not A Privilege.” Contact:

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Uzoamaka says:

i do not know what has become of our African ladies who think nudity will market them. It is absurd and for one to say, she genuinely forgot her panties is the dumbest thing i will hear.

eben says:

Ghanaian,leave Raquel alone.

Thaniah says:

I agre wth wht u said bt hw do we knw if wht u ar sayn is even tru coz the abov pic sems ok 2 me..chris brown, wrong comparism,he’s had the bigest yr in his carer 2011,award,sail & erthing.he’l propabily even get his 1st gramy ths yr. And yeah…riri even wants a comback,hw cul is tht?

Bee says:

If you have ever attended a programme at the conference centre u will realize where these photographers always position themselves. Raquel singing her sweetio track most pple were seated leaving most photographers surrounding the stage. Thus the likelihood of getting such a shot is possible since by raising their cameras up, they can capture her since the front part of her dress was ripped off making it advantageous for the photographers. Saw how she performed n dnt think that act was intentional…well guess itz just one of her unlucky days

Correction Officer says:

I don’t even care about the topic up for discussion, all I wanna say is……..Some of you guys need to READ & RE-READ the S@#$ you type before you F@#₪&€‰ post it. Most of the comments here are full of grammatical errors. Doesn’t make any sense.

Opanin says:

where the picture at????? GC don’t disappoint me, put the picture here. if Tiffanys deflated boobs had a field day in the news papers and online, why should’nt someones bushy vagina be given the same treat?????publish!publish!!publish!!!publish!!!!

kujo says:

what’s wrong with this picture. so is this the only prove that they have. have these journalists really being to university, and if they are, why are they so f*cking amatures. for you to write about something or someone to the general public, one has to have a fact especially if you want to discredit someone. im a ghanian too, but excuse me to say, we act so uncivilize sometimes, and every thing supprises us. we also dual on too much christianity and traditions so it makes us look soooo backwards and uncivilize. thats why our country is all f*cked up upon all the gold, diamonds, and cocoa still no avail. we have a long f*cking way to go and it will take forever to get there, until we change our ways and know that the world is not waiting for no-one. we are our own enemy of progress. especially those that mis-interperate christianity.

frank says:

we cnt see anythng and u guys wnt as to belive dis store

ComMo says:

what a beautiful ‘Forgot ur panties’,yh right!!.r u that dumb to walk around n not realise u aint got anyfin underneath…btw how close were they to get a pic lyk that to expose her V…

KK says:


naa asheley says:

Seriously, whether it’s wardrobe mal-function or not, these things happen a lot. Do you think she is happy  the press have pictures of her ‘thing’ showing? Sometimes I wear a pair of jeans thinking I’ll be fine without a belt but then I’ll get to where I’m going and I have to pull the jeans up every minute.

akosuaghana says:

First of all, some Ghanaian women are plain bush and whores. This is plain stupid. No excuse as to not wearng a panties should be accepted anywhere. Even if there is a fire and you are running away as a woman, I swear the first thing you think about is your panties. Gong to stand infront of over 2000 people without panties on is not only stupid and nonsense but whorish too. Did she even feel comfortably singing or walking about without panties? 

Blakc says:

@akosuaghana, it seems you have not heard the rumour that a lot of women go about without pants. What’s it for anyway? I agree with her.

biiiiiiiiimu says:

@Blakc, akosua i am shocked at ur comments and to make matters worse u are a woman.i wish i knew who u are so i cud monitor u and see how good u dress .its always self righteous whores like urself who are the first to criticise people .grow up girl

Blakc says:

@biiiiiiiiimu, Black is male but my question about what pants are for has not been answered. most times I think they are useless and only wear them in case i collapse & have to be carried to hospital or sth. Basically i wear them for you. If she dont want it whats the big deal. Har fans have probably quadrippled & I think its intentional. So publish!

Decypha says:

I think she didn’t do well at all, coz as for a muzician alwaiz thnk of ur fanz and carear not ur swag or racks, no!!.
Hmmm!! But any waiz she iz an entertainer so maybe that’s her nu way of entertaining, hrrrrn!! “All Die be Die”.

kobbyy says:

ththis is entertainment remember, who knew Raquel till now, now her fan base might have tripled. wise up people ghcelebrities is paid to write stuff like this, wise up

Miyagi says:

@kobbyy,Your so wrong it was taken from peacefmonline where readers actually attack the writer he just took it and added his own version to it even Accra daily mail stated that it’s was redicilious to make up such story ghana media will do anything just to get attention, you guys need to wise up and question him where he gets his so called stories from while he lives in Luton (village) but writes most of his stories like he was there wise up I don’t believe this nonsense for one bit 

Dela says:

@Miyagi, did you even think before writing your comment? human beings have not been to the sun or anywhere near it but scientists have written several facts about the sun and the universe. never has any comment made by you ever make sense,  like a child writing

Miyagi says:

@Dela,Your very smart  🙁 (lol) i want even waste my energy on you  

Miyagi says:

@Dela,FOOOL read this maybe you will understand if not stay your DUUUUMB AND BELIEVE EVERYTHING HE WRITES 
And tell me why he is not blogging it or updating that topic I guess 3000 pounds a month he is earning from it allows him to put trash all the time 

Ghana’s famous songstress, Eazzy baby of ‘Wengeze’ fame, born Mildred Ashong, is fuming with rage over reports that she intends to quit Lynx reported that the s*xy singer dropped her manager Richie and intended to leave Lynx Entertainment.But Eazzy has debunked the report and insisted she was still with the Lynx Entertainment label.She has also called for a retraction or an apology from the publishers of“I would normally have kept quiet about rumours and false news, but this particular story I find infuriating because it not only tells lies, but attempts to destroy my image and that of my management team. Ghana wrote an article stating that I plan on leaving Lynx Entertainment. This story is completely false, factually inaccurate and unprofessional. I am disappointed that the website can release such a story without any facts,” she said in a press release.“To clear the air, I am still very much on Lynx Entertainment, and contrary to what the article implied, not only does my team remain the same, but an A&R department has been added on, which is making the team even more efficient. Presently I am getting ready to start a lot of projects to continue building myself as an artiste, such as my upcoming ‘Go Go Wind Video Tour’ and I’m upset that such immature journalism may coincide with my plans. I publicly demand a retraction and an apology from Ghana, and I believe they will do so, if they believe themselves to be decent journalists.”However, contrary to what Eazzy stated, reacted, saying, “We did not mention that Eazzy had left, we rather said we were reliably informed by our source from their camp that Eazzy intends to leave as a result of reasons such as the rate at which her young career was falling off the cliff-retrogression.”“Is Lynx Entertainment trying to tell us that all of us cannot easily spot a retrogressive career? How many shows did Eazzy play last year despite the numerous concerts that were staged in Ghana? If a young and new artiste like Tiffany is playing over 22 shows and Eazzy is playing about 5 shows a year, and yet Lynx thinks her career is intact, then we got to leave them to time…” the website added.“Still, whether Richie has been dropped as Eazzy’s manager or not was never addressed in their statement…I guess Lynx Entertainment is doing what they are known for- denying the obvious and fighting to play a finished game…”“If your Mum is dying and you say she is sleeping, then good for you Eazzy! We are merely sympathizers and not beneficiaries…” it concluded.

Sammy says:

How on earth can u forget ur panties!this is incredible and i think she needs some kind of mental assistance.

lesbos says:

rubbish article with no proof.You just like to insult women.Will that make you feel more of a man?.. B*tch ass mf*cker.!.

This ‘far-out’ image is akin to western culture, which some refer to as the ‘New-Era’ of psychedelic art, lmaaaaaaooooo or to simplify it ‘Maame Jo’ calls this a wacky publicity stunt, infact i’m quiet speechless by this news and slightly embarrassed for her, as its remnant to Janet Jacksons failed publicity stunt with Justin Timberlake, if you could remember? Their excuse at the time was also similar and they used every opportunity to blame it on a wardrobe malfunction too lol … Now lets be real, tell me how does one, forget her underwear on a live show?? to be honest, her excuses are both comical & hilarious to say the lest, but i applaud her a bit too, for her gut’s, because as at now, if she wasnt ‘Hot-Gossip’ before, she definitely is now!! I’ve also notice that depending upon the musical genre, there is a weird strategy to this game, if you want to gain instant exposure and fame. Although her tactics were slightly X-RATED and currently being debated, she’ll soon be congratulated, in the very near future, as this stunt was all in the aid of grabbing the audiences attention, which she seems to have succeeded. however bad it may appear…The funny thing is, as the press are having a field day preparing to grill the songstress, i guarantee she’ll be cooking up a feast of new material and collaboration, with some headline acts, sooner than you guys realize, although there maybe a stigma attached to her name, that’s the price/length some choose to go, anyway good post Chris-Vincent Agyapong

jasef says:

Naa T i really do respect you for not jumping into the band wagon of critics who wouldnt take their time to listen from all angles before drawing conclusion.
do ask our ladies they will tell you there are some dresses they deliberately wear without panties not because the wish to but to prevent people from starring at their panty lines.
the widespread publicity is enough to caution her to take her wardrobe seriously. those calling for the pictures to be posted on the web should be empathetic and stop condemning the lady

Semi-Cartermatic says:

@jasef,hahaha r u serious with this..chai “those dresses u talking abt without panties” dont need to make it out to stage where u r performing..ladies no mater wht even us men need to put on underwear on anytime whether dis story true or not sum lessons needs to be take out frm dis!

Naa T says:

Its amazing how we r all quick to judge others without knowing the fact of the matter. This is the first am hearing she forgot her knickers at home. All along the story has been she got called to perform in the middle of fixing a wardrobe malfunction backstage. So she did rush out in the heat of the moment ok. That is the story. I do not vouch for truth in it, but she never said she forgot it at home. Chris do not make this any worse, stop calling her names ok.
I have been following this story closely and so far people backstage are confirming she had to rush unto the stage to perform, so before we angels start bashing out on others who happen to err as if we are perfect, lets try and give them the benefit of the doubt ok! it could have been anything.
Even if she decided bot to, bet she will learn from this! gosh!

Miyagi says:

@Naa T, I salute you for not going with the wind, story is so not true it’s funny how is simple minded people can be whoever is behind this article needs to get a Live People picture does not show anything at all unless you have een using magnify glasses to zoom in 

ticia says:

@Miyagi, why are u talking grap….i tot u will back this story to stop ladies who does this unacceptable act…was she having s*x at the backstage that she couldn’t notice the difference wearing a pant or not …let say she 4got to wear it ..but what abou feeling the winds blowing throu th v……..? it makes u feel n*ked…shame unto her

TiffanyBabe says:

I think most of these women jumping into the ghana entertainment scene first of all have low intellect and therefore have been told that stupid stunts like this will make them popular quick. you know what, yes it does work but it makes you a b*tch. in other words it makes you a dog of today and a laughing fool of tomorrow

look at her face. if you have talent, you can cover yourself in kente and still you will rise high. first of all, why is the front bit of the dress ripped off? this girls have singing as secondary careers, their main careers is whoring. i mean ashawo at night and musician at day. they are the people sleeping with other people’s husbands and boyfriend.

nkwasiasem and a big disgrace to you and your family 

GoldenGurl says:

Well i’ve never heard her sing but she seems gorgeous…why would she honestly need to do that…and you know what…if you’re going to come up with an excuse for why the mysterious disappearing knickers are no where to be found…seriously make up a better excuse than I forgot. How do you forget to wear underwear lol 😀 that such BS. It’s truly unbelievable she came up with such if at all this is true. Ok so the way I see it is she was at a show right? Someone else had to have seen her goodies if others were at the concert. Man ladies plz fix up you may get the fame but the ppl convincing you all these stunts are good ideas are USING you and when all is said and done you are left with nothing but regret…ok lecture over! 


If this is really true then Raquel should bow her head in shame since this is termed as an uncouth behaviour from where i come from (GHANA).

Adjoa Nbaaso) says:

@FINEBOY, I know rite!And am surprised some ppl on here are trying to defend her.Ok, we know is a mistake and can happen to anyone but then its not like you didnt know what performing on stage is like.What was she thinking? That the crowd would be on stage and she will be down there performing or what?First of all, you know you are going to wear a dress , so why would you not wear anything underneath?And what pisses me off is the style of the dress.Why would u rip of the front of a dress and think is nice.I have come to realise this girl has a bad fashion sense and I guess this is a wake up call for her to put herself together.I heard She was from london so how come She cant even dress.Of course, you should bow in shame.U r lady not a man to be exposing urself like this.dumbass!!!

oreolover says:

Okay when yall get the picture showing her coochie on display then we will give our point of view. Like you guys are always trying to find a way to destroy somebody’s name. There’s not much evidence to prove her coochie was displaying. You guys need to stop this oo. You are all part of the reason why SOME untamed and useless nigerians come on here and go back to their websites and insult us calling us uncultured, saying we cant dress and all sort of things.

the truth says:

God have mercy on you! Who is destroying whose name. You will be addressed the way you have dressed. We are Ghanaians and we respect ourselves and God. Don’t compare Ghana and Nigeria at all and we are not ready to learn from their negative ways. You and your lover girl Requel should repent. or If Requel thinks that she has big vagina she should go and act as a p*rnstar in Hollywood. We won’t tolerate this behaviour in Ghana.

Money1 says:

@the truth, I 1001% agree with u and i want to urge every woman who support her that, if ur vagina is big and large for exzibition, then go and be a p*rnstar, i think that will be better for u.

BeautiBee says:

simple and short, a b*tch should be treated as a b*tch. why are all those men begging for her? are they also eating her some? this girl disgraces some of us. she forgot her panties? is that even possible?  eii Ghanaian entertainers are something else. the girls are just selling their pussies so cheap for fame and money. it disgraces some of us as women and that makes some men think they can do that to every woman. not all of us are like that, people like racqual or whatever her name is the problem. if it was in iran, she would  have been stoned to death by now and then she will see

creatin says:

@BeautiBee, y r ur comments so scathing? I dnt thnk u r a saint urself. She did make a mistake, bt shut the f*ck up. U cnt throw stones at some1 jst cos we dnt noe wat u do. U probably cud do worse. Hypocrite!

Blakc says:

@BeautiBee, Your suggestive picture makes you exciting. Perhaps she intentionally did it to get attention like I think your picture does for you. She probably wants it published so more people will come to her shows hoping for a peep.

Abby says:

@BeautiBee,that’s why it’s not iran where the ppl have no rights….i am a woman and an honest one…most woman do not wear panties…saying it’s not comfortable depending on the type of dress they wear at a particular moment……let the girl be….I blame the media who took the pix and instead of pointing it out to Raquel personally, published it here 4 eveyone to see or even write about it…If it happened to their friends or family, they would have gone quiet about it…..

skaf says:

Hmmm! wat iz hapnin 2 de female artiste.. awww..

romeo says:

@skaf, some of them think it’s a freaky fun but some lil things are very unsavoury and disgusting. this aint the people for marriage rather hit and run, some women always b*tches

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