Vote Now: Azonto Killed Ghana Music-Yes Or No!

2011 was an ‘Azonto’ year. Hate it or love it, it has become a global phenomenon. Its introduction and immediate success opened the floodgate for the rest to follow.

There are many who thinks the introduction of ‘Azonto’ in Ghana has killed good music. I readily concur with them. But I belong to the group of people who thinks that the introduction of ‘Azonto’ has helped in the promotion of Ghana music over the world.

Unlike other form of dances, ‘Azonto’ has become contagious and caught up with everyone, even the white man on the streets of London to the old woman in Chorkor to the Pastor in my church to my little nephew.

Several years ago, Nigerian songs were the toast of Ghanaians. Songs from the most populous nation in Africa were preferred to songs produced in Ghana. For whatever reasons, some Ghanaian musicians started copying blindly the Nigerian accent.

But the introduction of ‘Azonto’ made sure artistes with creativity imbibed in them made hits. No need to sing or rap like a Nigerian to make it. An ‘Azonto’ song was the easiest of all compositions; just get a nice beat, meaningless lyrics with a catchy hook and you are there.

Some of the Azonto songs on the system are from Sarkodie’s ‘You Go Kill Me’ featuring EL to Keche’s ‘Sokode’ to Castro’s ‘Do The Do’ featuring Asamoah Gyan to Guru’s ‘Lapaz Toyota’ to Gasmilla’s ‘Aboodatoi’ to R2Bees’ ‘Agyeiii featuring Sarkodie & Nana Boroo to Stay Jay’s ‘Sha She Wowo’ to Eduworji’s ‘Yenko Nkoaa’ featuring Stay Jay to EL’s ‘Obuu Mo’ to 4X4’s ‘Yesi Yesi’ to Buk Bak’s ‘Kolom’

Azonto’s era will pass but do you think it has killed Ghana music? VOTE NOW!

Listen to my all time favourite Azonto below…(Listen to the lyrics)

[audio:|titles=15 Track 15]


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Reiny says:

Azonto is now recognised in foreign countries why then do we hav to discourage it? We should rather push it and let the whole world know that we are proud of what we do here in GHANA. Azonto movement all the way!!!

GoldenGurl says:

Ah come on it’s fun and it’s catching on…so long as they don’t over do it and ppl become annoyed by it. At least Ghana be original for their own ish…saying that I am sooo rubbish at it. Imma go watch the white boi he seems to know what he doing! 😀

karlos says:

How can azonto kill Ghana music? Whats Ghana music in the first place? Azonto is just a category of hiplife, so if anything, it will rather help to boost the music industry. I’m really feeling the hype. oh, and i learnt a few azonto dance moves too …lol

naa asheley says:

Azonto has helped the music industry very very well. If an artist is making a music with an azonto beat, they’re forced to be extra creative to get the attention of music fans.Yenko Nkoa is one of my favorites, like really, what tops S) mi ha. I’m so loving GH. music now, we’re beginning to show to our artists the  love and support they need from us. Azonto hasn’t killed the industry,azonto can do no harm to our music, I listen to Efya, Samini, Kaaki, Chemphe and the others almost everyday,….I bet if any of the flag bearers in the upcoming elections dance azonto at their campaigns, that excitement alone can make a voter change his mind ooo.. Azonto is like a special music doctor/nurse. I rest my case.

Semi-Cartermatic says:

@naa asheley,lol u r rite 

Festus Bonsi says:

Azonto…lol….I love it and almost all my friends…both old and young enjoy it…more so at our usual joint….u get what i mean….wope no yenko nkoaa…..Kpolom…

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