GC Life 101: I Stripped Naked…

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I saw the way he looked at me from the bed, half naked. He was clearly ready to devour. He had paid to eat the food he did not know how it was prepared.

Couldn’t he see the look in my eyes?

Couldn’t he see I was different from the others?

“I am one of the richest men in this city. You have met your luck. Just do me good. You know your pay is what some people work their butts off to earn.” He winked at me

Couldn’t he see…

“Am I going to get serviced for this pay or not?” He gave a piercing look at me.

I nodded and the tears fell alongside. I slowly unzipped the gown and it slid to the floor. I shook where I stood in just the underwear covering the bareness.

I watched him come towards me…he stood behind me and wrapped his hands around my waist.

“What a wonderful body you’ve got.” He whisphered in my ear. I could hear his heavy breathing on my neck, his hands slowly reaching for the hooker of my brazier.

“Please…” I held his hands, crying.

“Please what?” He turned me around to face him.

He noticed the tears for the first time.

“Is this your first time?” He held my shoulders.

I burst into tears.

“Don’t worry…I would be a gentle guy”

It was so painful, so disgusting.

Approaching the room I and my sister managed in an uncompleted building the next morning…

“Sister!” Andrea, my younger sister ran into my arms.

“Sister where have you been! I thought you left me alone!…I thought you left me to suffer just like mama and papa” she vibrated with tears in my arms.

“Is it because I asked you for money for the WAEC examinations?” She looked into my eyes now.

“The school offered to sponsor my examinations yesterday!” Her eyes glowed.

“W…what?” My lips began to quiver, my heart racing, my eyes clouded with tears.

I burst into tears.

“But…I’ve got the money…” I cried

Andrea hugged me again, “Thank you sister. I know you will never let me suffer. We can use this money to get a better apartment.”

“Yes we can…” I tried to control the tears as images of the violation I had experienced last night flashed through my head.

“I love you sister. You are my role model.” Andrea hugged me even more tightly.

That felt a little soothing…she never has to know I took my clothes off to give her a future.

Symbolically, This is what several mothers or parents have done for us. They give up their lives and dreams to make sure that we have a future. We never know what they might have sacrificed and yet some of us toy with with our lives and cause them pain. What a shame. May God bless the few that make their parents proud!

Let’s take the time to appreciate the parents/family members that you know have contributed to your today.


Guest Post By Lowla Dee,  a Nigerian blogger, Senior Editor of Lifestyle website LOWLADEE.COM. Her short fiction stories have been enjoyed, referenced and used by many. Check out Lowla Dee’s Blog via http://lowladee.com

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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Founding Editor
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