Praye Tiatia At War With Selorm Galley, Winner Of ‘Miss Goldenwood’ 2011 & Talent Hunt!

Praye Tiatia and Selorm Gallery

Praye Tiatia, the shortest member of the Praye group also known as Steven Fiawoo a.k.a. BIG J has turned a new leaf and changed overnight to spend enough quality time with his girlfriend for the fear of losing her to a rich man.

What triggered such a decision?

Many musicians don’t share the idea of revealing who they are dating to the general public. Though the public is aware who some of them are dating, many believe due to the womanizing attitude of some male musicians, it would be unreasonable for any of them to publicly name who he’s dating.Praye started their musical journey as a trio. Now they are a duo as one member according to report was ‘forcefully’ pushed out of the group. The group is left with Eugene Baah [Praye Ho Ne Ho] and Steven Fiawoo [Praye tiatia].

The former is dating Ghanaian actress Beverly Afaglo whiles the latter is kicking it with the newly crowned queen Miss Selorm Galley according to GhanaCelebrities.Com investigations.

According to our investigations, ever seen Selorm Galley beat nine others to win the maiden edition of the ‘Miss Goldenwood Beauty Pageant & Talent Hunt’ organised by West Coast Entertainment Ghana Limited, life has been tough for her.

After winning the pageant put together to scout for young ladies with the passion for acting and nurture them for the fame and glitz, Selorm’s independent and privacy has been curtailed. Winning the crown has not only brought happiness to her life, it has also increased her fiancée’s jealously and suspicion about her.

According to GhanaCelebrities.Com’s investigations, for the fear of losing his girlfriend because of the attention she is gaining, Praye Titia has been putting excessive pressure on Selorm to have and spend quality time with him.

Before she became ‘Miss Goldenwood’, people hardly knew who she is dating because they were never seen together but it appears her current status has changed everything.

“Now they are always together. They spend more time together as well as see each other every day. Something which was not on their cards before then. It is also interesting to note that, her whereabouts must be communicated to him” GhanaCelebrities.Com was told.

As part of her prize for winning the competition, she received a brand new Kia Picanto car. A trip to Nigeria for a Film Festival, modelling jobs, managing contracts, one year bragging right and lead roles in movies.

Our investigations reveal that, recently Praye Tiatia travelled, upon returning from their trip, his girlfriend was nowhere to be found.

Praye Tiatia was set to have gone to the offices of the organisers, for which he was told the girl has travelled to Nigeria for a discussion with a movie producing company. He nearly created a scene when he was refused details of the deal and venue of the meeting in Lagos.

A worker at the company who pleaded anonymity said the turns of events are frustrating the girl as well as the company in executing the plans the company has for her. Asked if the company will go the way of TV3 by taking the crown from the winner and hand it over to the first-runner up as was done in Ghana’s Most Beautiful when Lamisi was given the crown in the midst of Nasara’s phone theft allegations.

The source was tight-lipped. However, her demeanour suggests that, the company will not to go that road. When Selorm eventually returned to Ghana, Praye Tiatia was said to have picked a quarrel with her for not alerting him when travelling to Nigeria.

Selorm will be going to South Africa few weeks time and Praye Tiatia has promised to do everything possible to be included on the trip. He was quoted as saying that, if the organisers refuse to put him on, he will be obliged to acquire a visa for himself and join the trip by force.

All attempts to get Big J and Selorm to confirm or deny the above has proved unsuccessful. The organisers however have promised to release statement soon.

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