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Why don’t you spice up your comments with a unique avatar? (Not talking about James Cameron’s movie, lol).  The small picture attached to your name when you comment.  Some regular commentators who have avatars are BB, Opanin, Maame, GoldenGurl, AkosuaGhana, BeautiBee, Ghallday, and Shocker (with a shocking avatar).

To Upload Your Avatar, follow the Guidelines below.

  • Sign up/Register on (takes less than 20 seconds)
  • Log on to sign up. (Note that you have to use the same email address you used to register on GhanaCelebrities.Com or you will use to comment on GhanaCelebrities).
  • Upload your photo/avatar (  Oh excluding mine, lol)
  • Sign in to GC if you are not.
  • Start your comments and you will see your avatar right there.

*If you still have problems, you can hit it down there in the comment box and we’ll help you out.

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  • ok now….it’s galloway, get this queen right…geesh LOL

  • ghallday

    It does work. One nice thing is there’s no limit as to how big the photo being uploaded should be..or is there?

  • GhanaCelebrities Staff

    I dont think the photo upload has a limit in size… Why ? did you face that problem?

  • ghallday

    One image worked fine- the Gh 50 image. But the other I am trying now is not going through.

  • ghallday

    I found a way. It’s all good now.

  • GhanaCelebrities Staff

    Oh I see, then use this link to resize the picture, it reduces the file size

    It should work after the resize

  • Amoah

    ok, done!

    • @Amoah, you look pretty, how can I reach you personally?

      • Opanin

        @fred, are u here to comment or to meet ppl?this is not facebook masa..

      • Amoah

        @fred, hmm… very interesting!!! 😉

  • Eka

    That your Jackie appaiah,  Chris, na only one one hair style

  • jessi

    photo problem

  • Dwomohnanadacosta

    Chris is doing simply well so pay no attention to destructors

  • Nkiruka

    Melo ur jst too much, i hav watched series of ur movie n u ar so well, i fink ur d best so far, so kip it up n God bless!