Miss Ghana 1997 Benita Golomeke On Her Way To Ghana’s Parliament!

Former Miss Ghana Benita Sena Golomeke who won the crown in 1997 last Saturday defeated the Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports to pick the ticket to represent the ruling National Democratic Congress [NDC] at the Parliamentary Elections in the 2012 General Elections for Ledzokuku Constituency in the Greater Accra Region.

People in the showbiz industry are considered as not too serious. When professionals in the entertainment industry try to veer off to politics, they are mocked because politics is believe to be for ‘serious’ people.

It is good to know that at least some Ghanaian voters are wise and of age when it comes to voting for people to represent them in Ghana’s parliament.

Now known as Benita Okity-Duah, she also defeated Nii Sowah Boye Sekan, the junior brother of the late Nii Adjei Boye-Sekan, the first MP in the Fourth Republic in the Ledzokuku Constituency.

The Ledzokuku Constituency has been one of the swing constituencies in the Greater Accra Region. The NDC won and maintain the seat with the Late Nii Adjei Boye-Sekan in 1992 and 1996. The NPP also won the seat in the 2000 Parliamentary Elections with Mr. Edward Akita and managed to keep it in 2004 with Dr. Gladys Norley Ashitey. The current MP, Nii Nortey Dua regained the seat for the NDC in 2008.

In other related news, Actor Wakefield Ackuaku lost his bid to unseat incumbent and Greater Accra Region Minister Nii

Wakefield Wisdom Ackuaku

Wakefield Wisdom Ackuaku

Armah Ashietey to represent the NDC at the Klottey Korle Constituency as he managed to pull only 24 votes.

The incumbent retain his seat with 277 votes, two others Leeford Kpakpo Quarshie and Frank Edmund Awuku obtained 27 and 54 votes respectively.

In the same elections, comedian cum actor Fredric Fritz Baffour retained his Ablekuma South Constituency by defeating two others.


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Kwame says:

Ghanaian celebrities please correct your CAPTION HEADLINE.Shes not on her way .SHE WANTS TO?
Not even being a Teshiean has already disqualified her.All the NDC wanted was their old Mp out of  office because he was not helping.Ledzokuku Constituency seat is not for beauty pageants but it is for politicians, people with knowledge, capacity and ability to role, someone who can listen to the people of Ledzokuku Constituency. 

naadu says:

Well done! some followers of Nii Nortey Duah and their families are gona starve lol… poor guyz, never have to work meaningfully. Benita, even though not a Ga, knows the needs of Teshieans. Pls lose some wait we don wonn hear you can’t fight the men, and BP, Diabetics and Kindney etc.. is keeping u away from active duty.

Amoah says:

she still got the fashion, though!!!

Lamar says:

Wow, she really let herself go…. Sorry to sound harsh but she doesn’t look like she takes good care of her self, as in exercising…. Imagine what she’ll turn into after she gets into Parliament and starts ‘chopping our money’ WOW again! lol

@Lamar, hahahahahahhahahahah

ama ghana says:

@Posted By: GC Staff,
lol, funny, but at this stage i dont think beauty matters any more, she is now heading to parliament so we need brains & hardworks. Congrats girl

Fii says:

@Lamar, Yeah, true. She’s just gone way off. Nothing on her to show that she was a beauty queen. If you look at Manuela Medie, Matilda Alomatu or even Brigitte Dzogbenuku (way back in 1991) you can see still the style and gait in them. Trim, and hot even after 40 years. As for this one….. daabi daabi daabi, and she’s not even 40! fufuo ne banku ash3 ne mma. You all remember the controversy that surrounded her winning the crown?

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