Nana Akua Addo Wants To Kiss Chris Attoh!

In recent times, kissing in movies has been a big deal that actors/actresses are coming out to comment on it. Recently when actor Majid Michel was asked which actress he has enjoyed most kissing in a movie, he mentioned Nollywood actress Genevieve Nnaji.

Martha Ankomah also came out to say she doesn’t have a problem kissing Katawire or Agya Koo. Yet again Chris Attoh has also said he wouldn’t mind kissing Kyeiwaa if the need be.

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Today on TV3 Sunshine, actress Nana Akua Addo when asked who she would want to kiss in a movie, she mentioned Chris Attoh.

Do these people have any hidden agenda? Must celebrities/stars gladly answer when asked who they want to bonk or kiss in a movie?

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  • This girl must not know Chris has a lady in his life, ah well he aint married so guess this is ok hm….somethings just shouldnt be voiced outloud

  • lilly

    Nana akua so u don’t want to kiss me!

  • dashinlystunning

    eiiiii! Ahoshish3 be what. masa if u lyk him just say it.

  • mic

    Nana just watch on sun ries u luk stunning but why was ur phone ringing all the same love u. but pls aftre u kiss chris will need one.

  • andani

    Yea!  nana u luk shy on tv plu ur phone was on pls next tym off it u are our star love ur shoes n ur hair.

  • winfred

    I  really think u n chris cul make beautiful kids black + back kiss him for us to prove others wrong! he’s not gay! but ur ringing tone is too loud. keep it up.

    • naakaa

      @winfred, i bi china phone wai lol

  • winfred

    Yesssss! 4 shizzle they will luk good if they have babys : if only he can do it

  • kafui

    Nana u miss one question u were asked! were u running 4m it? chris is a gay so u c save ur kiss 4 me kk 4 get him nor thing give am.

  • mic

    Nana that boi be gay!

    • Stacy

      @mic, really chris is gay? eii 

  • Stacy

    I find this disrespect as she knows the guy is got  a woman. this is an attempt to say, i will get to kiss your man in your face all in the name of acting. calculated attempt for attention from chris and others

  • naa asheley

    I think the presenters have to stop asking this kind of questions because it is putting the actors and actresses in a place where whatever answer they give wouldn’t go down well with majority of the public.When Martha said Katawere, people said she was looking down on the local actors.Now Nana Akua too has mentioned Chris and there’s a problem because Chris has a girlfriend…I think we should leave her alone, it’s not like none of us haven’t dreamed of kissing this fine Brother -Chris… I know I have..Boy, I swear you too fine eh!

  • Lilly

    @asheley you so right guys live the gal alone who would not love to kiss chris anytime of the day? Nana u looked super good on tv

  • B.B

    I cant even be mad at you for mentioning a name, that Chris Attoh guy is FINE! Nana if you ever get the chance remember to make good use of it 😉

    • Adjoa Nbaaso)

      BB, even if She gets the chance kwraa, it aint hers so whats the point LOL!Am sure She has dated guys who are more cuter than Chris so why would she want to kiss him.Chris’s head is going to get swollen.SHe shouldnt over hype him like that.

  • Salam

    Chris na be gay l f*ck am b4 he is bottom