Jackie Appiah ‘Butchers’ The Twi Language On Radio

Yesterday (6th March, 2012), Jackie Appiah and several Ghanaian celebrities took over the radio waves as they hosted majority of Peacefm’s programmes.

MP for Adenta, Hon. Kojo Adu Asare, Kwaw Kese and Abrantie Amakye Dede hosted the popular morning show Kokrookoo…

Actor & Comedian Koofori, Rapper and MUSIGA Spokesperson Okyeame Kwame and  actress & Comedian Original Afia Schwarzenegger read the Midday Bulletin.

Star Actress Jackie Appiah read the news in TWI and also  hosted the Drive time show…Jackie Appiah ‘butchered’ the Twi like HELL…Geez!

 Click Here To Listen to Jackie Appiah On Radio…

What do you think?


Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Editor

Chris-Vincent is a Law Graduate, a Human Rights Advocate and a Professional Truth Sayer. He is a Film Critic, the author of the popular eBook 'Success Is A Right, Not A Privilege', a Freelance Blogger/Writer and the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com.

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  • Stella

    Oh Jackie so you cant speak twi? what northern Ghana twi is a true Akan like you speaking? Even Nadia Buari’s twi is far better than yours

    • linda

       she was born and raised in Canada 

      • Adjoa Nbaaso)

        @linda, But She can eat Ga kenkey and kyinam.She was kind of shy from the way she was laughing and all the its not easy oo that she said.She is just use to people seeing her speaking english thats why.And I belive the reason why she was speaking that way is cuz She had to read whatever was on the paper.

      • akua

        @linda, that aint a reason. My cousin was born in the Uk and raised there she comes to Ghana once every five year and speaks twi better than Jackie.

      • ato

        @linda,she was born in canada BUT came to ghana at age 5 so whats the big deal about it? pretender 

      • maka aa maka

        @linda, erm she wasnt born and raised in canada all her life..as a matter of fact shes lived in ghana since she was 9or so ..that is like 20yrs now.. puhlease!thats no excuse..

      • NYC

        @linda, let my 9-year old daughter who was conceived, born, and being raised in NYC speak twi and you will realized that what Jackie Appiah is doing is sheer stupidness. If my 9-year old can read twi bible and recite quotations at church in twi, then Jackie Appiah should not represent Ghana in anyway. On the otherhand, twi is not the only dialect in Ghana, so she better be fluent in other dialects like Ga, ewe, hausa, etc.. What a disgraceful woman. Please stop saying she was born and raised in Canada till age 5. I was born and raised in the U.S and have accomplished two masters and a PhD and have never lived and/or worked in Ghana but only for vacation but still twi speak and understand very well.

    • Ken

      @Stella, Jackie did very well on the show in fact she was the best so what is GC and these dumb commenters talking about?

    • Hanna

      @Stella, Jackie was fantastic on the show she spoke and read well I listened to her on my way home from work so what are u guys talking about? Jackie you are blesses every hater here will suffer. You were good

    • Kofi

      @Stella, Jackie spoke so well so I’m quiet confused why GC is complaining or the bush people that are commenting who didn’t even listen to the program well I listened and Jackie nailed it. Becca to came and couldn’t speak the twi so why didn’t you write about becca?

      • Gina

        @Kofi, because Becca is not important 

  • ato

    ese no ara ,which of the whites will abandon their language for others?its a shame.

    • mother

      @ato, exactly ..what a crap coming from her ..as if her mom never taught her how to speak her dialect ..smh

  • `madam social

    wow all this while we’ve been bashing van vicker for not being able to twi

  • inchristalone

    no hating but she seems soo fake to me.from her laughing to her responding to the callers.well thats her palava.

    • ato

      @inchristalone,exactly its annoying.

  • efya

    who told u van vicker cant speak twi? in fact he speak twi and ga

  • mabel

    she has done well. and remember she wasnt born in ghana but in canada. thats one of the reason why her twi is like that. i reckon her twi is good

    • miss dior

      @mabel, Thats right, she did a good job, aint like she was born n bred in ghana, at least she speaks the lang. the best way she can n understands perfectly well, i give her kudos for being able to read the news in twi,

    • Ewur

      @mabel, Sis Mabel, Yes she was born in Canada and she have been leaving in Ghana years now n still her twi is like dis please that very ashame off her.

      • Louisa

        @Ewur, she came to gh at the age of 8 so wat are talking abt, nadia is far better in the local language than her, its the true so pls just let us say it. athough dats her beef

      • Osido

        That’s all Jackie can speak please let her be wai…at least she tried love you Jackie so much

    • ato

      @mabel,she came to ghana at age 5 and never saw the shores of canada until now with the help of her concert ,so she cant pretend.

    • Nana

      @mabel, Dat’s no excuse! My 5yr old son was born here in da states, he’s never been to Gh b4 but he speaks better twi!!

  • B.B

    Y’all should let her be! It’s not compulsory  for everyone to speak Twi, besides Twi is not the only spoken language in Ghana.

    • ato

      @B.B,no its not by the way who is forcing her?

  • Decypha

    Bullsh*t!! She skuled with sarkoie at motown!

  • em

    Huh if she can’t speak Twi, what about we that we based in U.S. Huh she did well lol i can’t read twi but she did. GOOD JOB. hun. lol those callers were funny..

  • queenie

    twi is much easier to speak rather than reading twi…yall should leave her alone

  • Mike

    Girl we are proud of you hosting a show is not eazy since is not your job and in twi.

  • F dem

    Ok fake ass Jackie, u can’t speak English well and u can’t speak twi

  • ama ghana

    she is reading twi bear in mind, and more than 50% of twi speakers cant read & write the language so dont judge

  • Akos

    whats is the meaning of this……….why cant she speak twi.i was also born in Germany but i can speak twi very well

    • Amoah

      @Akos, LOL… it’s call stupidity! I just don’t understand how one can live in a country since age of 5 and not speak any of the local languages?!? Only stupid africans. When do you hear a white, asian, latino, middle-eastern saying …”oh I don’t speak my local or my countries language?!? and for africans it’s like a fashion… Jackie speaks Twi very well. I’ve seen her in movies where she’s speaking Twi, so I don’t get it. But like said it’s stupidity fashion. 🙂

  • mama

    even some whites and half cast can speak twi 

  • Shelry

    Ooh why did i click on this topic! just thrown up my dinner now..another publicity stun, sumbody way ve Ghana ascent way cant speak Twi….Abeg waka pass.

  • Sasha

    sister Jackie adien nkoaa. you don’t speak with a Canadian accent and you can’t or won’t speak your own laguage too hmmmmm………

    • honey

      @Sasha, say it again…her accent is pure ghanaian accent,so i dont kmow why she claim not to speak the twi right.i personally think she’s faking it.

  • lily

    she is good, just the accent.

  • nana kwame lefteye

    i reali think jacky isnt @ fault, so u pple shld stop complainin…

  • honey

    lmaaooooo i swear that ataa voice sounds familiar….i know that girl.

  • honey

    ohhh please,jackie can speak the twi,she’s just faking. are u kidding me,her english accent is not even that of a canadian,so what are we talking about here??? hahahahaha honorable swagger tho,really?? that guy was funny.