Dear GC Readers: I Am Pregnant For A Married Man…I Need Urgent Advice15 Comments

GC Staff
Posted on 13 Mar 2012 at 1:39pm

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Dear GC,

I’m really stressed and worried about my current situation. I know it’s all my fault in a way and  I never should have even started dating a married man but when we met he told me he was separated.

I really believed him since he took me to the house and even introduced me to his friends. Now I’m pregnant I don’t know what to do.

I’ve been seeing my boyfriend for two years when we met at an annual work event. For a whole year he just said they were having issues and he’s leaving.

Recently I saw them together (him and his wife) and I knew he had lied. I’m so angry, hurt and betrayed. I am going to have this baby but I don’t think he should know!

He has no right to know and he doesn’t deserve to know but my brother said I’m wrong to keep this from him. Am I wrong? I think I should tell his wife what is going on because I just feel so betrayed.



Dear Anne,

It sounds that you just found out about the pregnancy. It’s never good to make decisions in haste or anger.

What is important now is for you to put your baby and both your welfares before any emotional needs.

You blame yourself but it takes two to make a baby which is why keeping him out of the picture is not the solution long term.

Telling the wife will only cause you unwanted drama which is not what you need at this stage.

Hope this helps

All the best


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  • Akua

    Please don’t blame yourself, and not telling the man about it is wrong. He is a liar, and that is the bottom line. I am dating a man who told me he was facing challenges in his marriage, and eventually separated. He is not divorced. Some men are honest and some are just liars. They just lie to get to you, and that is all. I don’t think many women want to date married men, so they come to you telling you that they are separated or facing challenges, so you can give in. Once you do, they just take advantage and bounce. Have your baby, but let him know about it and keep away from him for good. I hope this helps.


  • tee

    u nu he wz married, yet u opened ur legs 4 him…….go get Cytotec 


  • nani

    madam there is no need of letting da wife know……….cuz if u do they will later on becum one nd u will be da fool…so just let da guy know u preg nd thus it…..he will tell u to go 4 an abortion nd u just tell him no….after he has seen u hav kept the baby,he will try to be passing by to hav sex wit u occasionally but u need to refuse him till yr bby is born….and then he take care of his responsibilities as a father…..guess this helps


  • agbo!

    madam go hang yourself…why you go follow married man…that’s how greedy some of these girls are…they don’t want their own man…always snatching peoples husband…fuck u….


  • BeautiBee

    You want to let the wife now? Go ahead and see the slaps you will get plus the man will never be good to know. You have always been a secret and  i know this is hard, but you will remain so. Think about how you will have to take care of yourself and the baby and let the loser man off your head


  • Frog

    @tee @agbo stop behaving lyk the fucking children u are and offer constructive solutions.She has admitted she made a mistake and besides the man told her he was separated. My dear let him know every man has the right to know if he has a child somewhere


  • linda

    hi dear, u made a big mistake dating a married man and getting pregnant for him. if u want to date a married man, always control yourself not to be pregnant. also, u thinking to tell his wife is to cause u a very serious prob. but u should tell the man about the pregnancy in a calm way. hope it helps.


  • adjoa lily

    my dear this is a very bad advice is to abort d pregnancy.hvn dat baby will be ur worst nitmare and u’ll regret it.this man was in 4 fun and dnt b fooled dat he’l leave his wife 4 u.hvn bitterness in u tru pregnancy will affect u and ur unborn child.should dis man deny u and ur pregnancy,can u takecare of a pregnancy uv not planned for?are u financially sound?my dear, its not easy.just do away with d pregnancy n move on.visit a good specialist doctor b4 its too late.ALL THE BEST!


    NYC Reply:

    @adjoa lily, God forgive us all.


  • Abegail Casidsid

    Honey, don’t blame yourself, it was already there. The action was done. But I suggest that you let that baby see the world and experience to be human. So be careful next time,

    Every time my friend are asking what the best site, i always suggest the May you found the man in your life who will love you for life.


  • Brittany

    I know how you feel im in the same situation… But he lied and told me he wasn’t married…… Now im pregnant and he went back to his wife…… And told me basically its over and he don’t want the baby he moving back home to.Africa…. My heart is so broken cause I really loved this man, and all.I can do is blame myself



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