Luckie Lawson’s ‘Familiar Stranger’ Finally Released On The Market!

Familiar Stangers

Familiar Strangers

Luckie Lawson’s movie, ‘Familiar Strangers’, starring top stars John Dumelo, Nana Ama McBrown, Roselyn Ngissah, and Prince David was released for the market last Monday, March 19.

The movie made the headlines months ago after a successful executive premiere on December 17 at new Maya Cova Restaurant, behind Manye Home Art Gallery in La. The event brought together the corporate world and kings and queens of Ghana and Nigeria’s movie industries.

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Visible among them were Yvonne Nelson, Juliet Ibrahim, Nikki Samonas, Zynnell Lydia Zuh, Kobi Rana and Nollywood’s Halima Abubakar and the cast of the movie.

The movie is Luckie’s second after a successful ‘Silence Is Golden’ which starred Nollywood top acts Ramsey Nouah and Chika Ike.

‘Familiar Strangers’ is expected to be more successful than ‘Silence Is Golden’.

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‘Familiar Strangers’ was directed by Pascal Amanfo and was shot on locations in Spintex, a suburb of Accra. It is about the unusual tale of three sisters (Luckie, Nana Ama and Roslyn) who are caught in a world of deceit, strange living and betrayal.

Luckie Lawson played ‘Wande’, a doctor with no child, even though she loved kids. On other hand, her sister (Nana Ama McBrown) who prioritizes s*x over her kid has no time for her own child. Wande takes up the responsibility of taking care of her sister’s child and that of Roslyn’s.

One of the two irresponsible mothers decides to kill one of the kids and it was at this same time that Wande finds out that her sisters’ kids are rather her step-children. There, the thrills set in and movie fans can find out the whole story when the movie is released on Monday.

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odonkorthomas says:

nana ama great! nva tot she cud act dat wae she lukd very serious dere n
luv her eloquence.

dolly says:

How this movie  just released when i already have a very nice move..

aisha411 says:

how terrible!! how can lukcie make her money? someone take down that website. we must all support the fight against piracy

Amoah says:

this movie has been online for free for a long time now.
how are the film makers making money when the movies are online for free to watch?


@Amoah, Can you give me the link?

Amoah says:

@Posted By: GC Staff,
check it out, isn’t this the movie you’re talking about or is it a replica?

goodies says:

@Posted By: GC Staff, so u can mess it up huh??? Amoah babes pls dont give to him, GC is a very sinister blog.

Amoah says:

@goodies, Ooop!

ticia says:

i have watch it …nice film and nice story..but i cant’t stand Nana Ama Mcbrown acting….it looks like she bein forcing her self to act….

@ticia, Oh really? I will check it then.

inchristalone says:

@ticia, tank God i wasnt da onli one hu noticed dat..she is good but she is tryin to put up some english accent nd da way she acts in english movies aint real…she does very good in twi movies.pls nana u re a good actress, speak ya local ghanaian english nd u will be good to go.

goodies says:

@ticia, i have seen this movie b4 but upon ur comment i went to watch it  again and girlfriend, its called versatility, and that is  what nana ama give us in this movie, i think ur issue is bcos u dont normally see her in this kind of role so this one look weird for u so dont worry , nana ama did a fantastice job on this one !

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