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Adwoa Smart Warns ‘Cheap Producers’ To Stay Away From Her!

Adwoa Smart

With the likes of Kyeiwaa real name Rose Mensah, Ebenezer Donkor, aka Katawere and many others all having a smooth transition from television series to movie stars, one would have thought that Adwoa Smart, real name Belinda Oku for all her talent and versatility would have joined the bandwagon too.

But she has decided to stay away from that for the moment, not because she has not received offers but she’s decided to wage a crusade against low-paying producers by turning down movie roles offered her.

Explaining her absence from the movie scene to Showbiz last Monday, Adwoa Smart said it was not as a result of not being offered roles by producers but because she has decided not to feature in movies literally for free.

“Yes, it’s been a while since I featured in a movie but it’s a personal crusade I’m embarking against cheap labour or low pay,” was the apt response she gave when Showbiz wanted to find out why she had not featured in movies.

According to Adwoa Smart, “ most producers treat some of us actors and actresses as if they were doing us a favour by making some popular in their works. Gone are those days when we wanted to feature in a movie because we understood times were challenging then.

“ Now things have changed for the better, producers still want to take actors and actresses for a ride but it’s about time producers paid actors well to give off their best. I am a versatile actress who fits in any role given to me, but I wouldn’t take just any money knowing how much I’m worth.

“ I’ve gone past that stage of clamouring for popularity. I’ve decided that if the monetary offer that comes with the role is not good, enough then it’s not worth it,” Adwoa Smart who shot to fame through the popular Obra series, said as a matter of fact.
Although she didn’t disclose how much she wants to be paid, Adwoa Smart who has featured in movies like Yaa Asantewaa, Shout at the Devil and Aware So said producers know how much an actor should earn so it’s just unfair when producers pay less than what they know they should pay.

Apart from the pay not being enough, Adwoa Smart added that what has kept her off the screen is the fact that when you are often seen everywhere, people become fed up with you. Although in her 40s and still not married, an issue that is of bother to most women her age, Adwoa Smart said she was the least worried about her marital status as she was still waiting for God’s appointed time.

She insists her single status is not due to want of a partner as she has received a lot of proposals but has had to turn them down because she’s waiting upon God to point out her real soul mate or partner.
“There are a lot of men who actually want to settle down with me, but I am taking my time to choose the best out of them so that I don’t make a mistake” Adwoa told Showbiz.

In her 40’s and though diminutive, Adwoa Smart of Obra, Efiewura and Efi Sem fame, maintains she is a woman of substance who can make a perfect wife for a good man if she finds him. “People have so many misconceptions about some of us in the entertainment industry but we are human beings first and I say that I’ve not lost any of the values I was brought up with – serviceable, respectful and loving. I like to take care of my home and that is the kind of wife I’d be.

Asked who is her ideal man, Adwoa said though she was not fussy, for the sake of her children, she’d love her man to be a tall, handsome man who is willing to be by her side no matter the odds. “I am a short person and so I would want to date preferably, a tall man so that our children would probably not be like me.”

She disclosed to Showbiz that, she has not really been in a serious relationship after separating from her first love whom she got pregnant for 22 years ago.

“After my divorce, I went out with two men but I quit the relationship because I realized the men weren’t serious. No man has dumped me before, normally I am the first to quit the relationship before they even think of doing it.” she said chin high.Wondering what she is doing at the moment? Adwoa says she owns a shop apart from featuring in Obra and Efiewura.

Source: Graphic Showbiz

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