Mzbel Featured By UK’s Top Newspaper-The Guardian…

If you do not know the UK’s Guardian, then just head to google…Few weeks ago, I had an email from a Guardian journalist who asked if I could help her with high resolution photos of Mzbel…

I wanted to find out what a British journalist wanted with our  Mzbel so I curiously emailed back. She told me they were working on a feature which will look at Showbiz around the world, and they wanted to highlight on Mzbel…

I was happy about this and informed Mzbel about it…I emailed several photos of Mzbel to the Guardian, hoping that our star will get into that feature…

Today,  I decided to check on the publication to see if Mzbel ever made the cut and BINGO, Nana Ekua Amoah aka Mzbel was on there.

I am not very much pleased with the content since it was all about Mzbel’s troubles…( I guess it is so because they were writing about celebrities and their bad behaviour).

All the same, the Guardian is a huge and very well respected international platform so for Mzbel to be on there is a blessing and a BIG deal…

She can add it to her bragging rights…

Check below for what the Guardian wrote about Mzbel…

What to do when you’re a pop star stood accused of running over a traffic cop in your Mitsubishi 4×4, then beating him up for good measure afterward? If you’re Mzbel, Ghana’s answer to Ke$ha, the options seem obvious: sit pretty on The One Show sofa (west Africa edition). Or, alternatively, channel the whole nasty business into a new comeback track and call it (Get Off) My Bonnet. Starring a fake cop being violently thrown off your car. Take that, pigs!

Being a bit image savvy about these things, Mzbel (real name Nana Ekuah Amoah) has decided to do both. According to news reports, the musician and two male pals last summer left a policeman “hooked dangerously on the bonnet” of Mzbel’s car, the man being driven some distance before being thrown off.

The Ghanian press claimed that Mzbel then attempted to slap and strangle the officer. All nonsense, says the Mzbel PR machine this spring; just a traffic violation blown out of proportion. True, the 32-year-old was arrested and held in a cell for a weekend and the case was splashed all over the papers, but why worry over the boring details? After all, “no matter how long we have traveled on the wrong road, we can always turn round”, as Mzbel tweeted (without irony) earlier this month.

To Read the whole article from the Guardian, CLICK HERE

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Editor

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mike says:

U rush aaa see how u crush for police cells,any news about u is negative so dey cldnt get anything positive to write,ashawo role model sit ur ass down cos ur really the biggest disgrace in da music industry.kmt!

Amoah says:

there’s no such thing as bad PR.

rita says:

Mzbel wagyiwaniso,instead of journalist reporting positive things about u that will boost the image of ghana,see the rubbish which is being reported,ur a disgrace to ghanain musicians,ghanacelebrity plsss give us better stories to read not bullshit like dis n try to polish it

Grace says:

@rita, my sister say it again

Opanin says:

is this coming from The Guardian??? i doubt very much cos the english is so bad ma 1year niece wouldn’t even make such mistakes. If indeed theres a feature like that, why didn’t u capture the page for us to see for ourselves instead of this pix.

not true until i see proof…

James says:

@Opanin,  can’t u click on the link n go to the website? Can’t u see the link below or are you blind lol

Opanin says:

@James, masa don’t bring urself wati….wabodam papa……did i address anything to u?

Yea Opanin, the British papers write simple English ( not like our Ghanaians who dwell on jargon and gargantuam brofo)…Educated brits care about reaching the masses so their english is always simple and clear…

You can click on the link I provided to the Guardian website…

Opanin says:

@Posted By: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, yooo mati wai

Lol….hope you’ve checked from the link

Fendi says:

Lies lies lies 

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