New Music Video: ‘Kolom’ By Buk Bak + Lyrics!

Buk Bak

After several months of releasing their ‘Kolom’ track, the video is out. Was it leaked? I don’t know about the leakage but below is the video.

Let’s hear your thoughts.

Check out the video below

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Kolom…..Buk Bak baby…..


Osumor ni eha ni e gbeey min Kolom.
Wakoma yi ama ma tor wo dom Kolom >>>(2 X)
Ama ma tor wo dom, Kolom
Eha ni e gbeey min, Kolom. (2x)
Yeeeeeaaaaaah!! Woama makoma mu ay3 me
d3d3d3d3didididi (3x). Yeeeeeeaaaah!!

Bright verse:
Things you dey do dey make I feel some way.
Eni3ma bia wo y3 no na ema me trimu y3 me d3.
Wo ahuof3 nkuto na 3ma me feele wo eeey.
3n3 de3 y3 b3 di dor, I’m falling in love with you girl.
Falling in love with u is like a dream.
Me k3 bo baa sumor wor hey tamor taami.
Norf33nor ni esumor l3 ofeyor haa me.
Honey esumor Bo waa, I’m falling in love with u girl.

Repeat chorus….KOLOM

Bright rap:
Woama me feele wo more, chorke min buey wakoma front door.
Fi mano breake me jaw, dwiri me se gu na min tor bi wor Accra mall.
Me se y3 thirty two a, chew my mof mano nka just 4.
Me whene bor na me di lotto a, 3hor na wo b3 te s3 fourty four portipor.
Pope John Paul, Peter Paul Saul, The Boy K3 Sean John. Wana song no be doll. Buk Bak dey ch33 but they

bog the stage, thema fans no be small.
My padi be Sarkordie but abrofo sem nti me min di bordi3.
Me we plantain chips, you no maintain hips, commotu for there.
Ohemaa, tswin ma me wai, bisa B-Phat New York me fans no y3 more.
Me fa me ho s3 Kenny, me dresse ma wo kong dor.
Me wor goons gu m3tsi V.I.P, 4×4.
I got sons in the game like Castro and Buky Core, X-Ray, Boogie Down, Big Apple, we on tour.
Any yawa go dey pai, in your love I want fall like. KOLOM.

Repeat chorus:


Ronnie ragga.
Woama me feele macho, chorke ma me na me nfeele borl33. (2X)
Odo wo dor a y3 nyunu s3 fridge, na s3 me wura mua I dey freeze.
Odo wo dor ay3 me d3 ama me ho popo popo popo, me ho popo popo popo,
Please….Odo wo dor a y3 nyunu s3 fridge, na s3 me wura mua I dey freeze.
Tutu ntokro bi na fa me sh3 mu, me sh3 mu, me sh3 mu, me sh3 mu. FREEZE. Woama me feele macho, chorke

mama na me nfeele borl33.

Repeat chorus to fade.


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  • `madam social

    not bad. i was expecting crazy azonto moves. i guess i m too obsseses w/azonto

  • jasef

    its great
    like the concept too

  • Samson

    Cant anyone see this is trash, crap not fit for the eyes. Why are you lying to them. Wait a minute are they posting the nice comments themselves. This is a stupid video. They are still leaving in the past.

    • Jsexy

      @Samson, u re right, i expected smthing else. but i LUV d song, any time i listen to it, i fall like KOLOM!!!!!!!!!!