Opened Gossip: Which Ghanaian Celebrity Is Using A FAKE Photo On A Dating Site?

She has starred in several movies but has had problems with relationships. She seems tired with the high class dating and for that matter she has resulted to online dating…

But for probably shame and fear of being busted or maybe to help her find true love, she created her online dating profile with a fake name and that of her not so known but pretty friend.

This star drinks a lot so if you know her secret drinking habit, it may help you with the guess…

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  • Pampro

    So we’ve now turn to riddle riddle.nice one

    • Adjoa Nbaaso)

      @Pampro, hahaha, u r right thou..

  • TiffanyBabe

    it is no other person than Yvonne Nelson or Nadia Buari because I know both of them are heavy drinkers plus they they have been played by dozens of those famous  men in Africa

    • ato

      @TiffanyBabe, your useless and senseless parents are the heavy drinkers ,stupid fool,

  • Amoah

    which dating site is it and GC are you gonna post who this person is?

  • I think it Chris in the picture wearing a wig.

    • @Joseph Midnight, hahahhahahahahahhaha that was funny

      • Adjoa Nbaaso)

        @Posted By: Ebenezer Anangfio Jnr., omg!hahah u soo crazyy..

    • `madam social

      @Joseph Midnight, haaahaa lmao…thats was a good

      • `madam social

        @`madam social, *one*

    • endowed

      @Joseph Midnight, lol lmao hahahahahaha

  • `madam social

    we don’t know so tell us

  • Eva

    Lets watch n see