Who Rocked It Worse At VGMA: Becca, Juliet Ibrahim, Eazzy, Ama K.,Lydia Forson, Mzbel & Others!



The Vodafone Ghana Music Awards 2012 was not all about music, fashion and glamour also took a substantial part of the event with several celebrities making stunning red carpet appearances last night.

As usual, some celebrities failed miserably to impress, others shocked me and some even broke my heart with their poor fashion judgement.

Ama K. Abebrese went for a simple chic mini appeal, paired with purple & gold heels. She kept the accessories to a minimum…I like simple things and therefore love her appearance. However, I think the dress could have been a bit longer…

Actress Juliet Ibrahim rocked a midi black lace dress with peep toe heels. She also added glam to her appearance by adding a heavy gold necklace. She looks neat but nothing stunning…

Eazzy at VGMA

Eazzy nailed it with a classy and well presented hair-do, a micro fitted mini dress with mesh detailing. She kept her bangles to a limited quantity alongside a black clutch bag. A great appearance out there!

I am not so much impressed with Sala’s outfit. It simply could not hold her magnificent boobs. She looks very uncomfortable. A light gold necklace would have added some glamour to her appearance…That black neck scarf or whatever she got on there makes her appearance excessively dull.

The person who broke my heart is Sandra Ankobiah of fashion101 fame. I do not care about what designer or name she is rocking, the gown looks wacky and suffocating from where I am sitting. Sandra has a good take on fashion so I can’t get what went wrong last night. I think she was being over ambitious. I find her outfit extremely ‘huhudious’…It doesn’t push!

For the rest, check the photos out and let’s hear what you think. Who do you think ‘rocked’ it worse on the red carpet?


Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Editor

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri is the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com , a Film Critic and a Human Rights Advocate; holds a masters degree in International Human Rights Law (LL.M), holds a degree in Law (LL.B), and he’s currently at Nottingham Law School, studying for his Legal Practice Course (with a second masters degree in Law) to practise as a UK Solicitor--he's a Professional Truth Sayer. He is also the author of the popular eBook “Success is a Right, Not A Privilege.” Contact: Vincent@topvincent.com

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pauline says:

i’m a critic and honestly NONE f these celebs have impressed me AT ALL.i honestly do not care how many 1000’s of gh cedis or $$$ or pounds they spent on the clothes.everybody seems overdressed, underdressed or like they are having a MAJOR wardrobe malfunction! Yvonne Nelson was cool nd the girl wid they gold/blonde wannabe weave also looked cool. i think wid all the money they making these celebs could hire a personal stylist for at least a month so they could pick up some tips on how to dress for different occasions, bcos in their business, image is everything!

tonita Assabill says:

One will think that with all the Money,fame n prestige they ve acquired…these celebs will know better than wear the first thing that comes to mind.the should know better….the fact that it worked for beyonce doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for u…my advise???….they should ve personal stylist for such occasions…n should look for what works for them…what compliments them…big ups to eazzy,mzbel…debbie….becca..joselyn….they proved how classy they re….


Yvonne Nelson and becca looks great and astonishing….They re d best of all….Kip up gals..u da bomb

gifty says:

its a big lie that confidence looks beautiful.

MAK says:


TruthBe Told says:

Seriously, the first time i saw Sala she was at the Music awards.. well actually on youtube…. but then tought, she got a nice body and i was looking forward to how she rocked the carpet.. she got something about her that was very appealing… OOOps, then she started showing her true colors..n they were not flying ones. She is getting wayyyy into her head.. this girl can just calm down a rock the boat very nicely. u can do it girl…… Btw, talk to ur seamstress/designer to make sure the wires in ur dress r tough enuf to hold ur boobs UP!!!!!!!

mary says:

am in love with nana ama dress

Afia K. says:

Nana ama Mcbrown and Eazzy just killed it simple and BEAUTIFUL ,got to love Nana ama wu ye too much !

kwabena kodom says:

hmmmmm.! some ghanaiain celebs are having wardrobe dysfunctioning. its soo boring watching fotoz with no zwagg and attitude. big ups to venessa, kubolor’s sis, she is beautiful in anything

Marian says:

Love that Ama K kept it simple and sophisticated. The short length of the dress is balanced out by the high neck. It is simple but classy. I like that she contrasts it with the short cropped hair as long hair with a short hemline could have been too obvious and over the top. She looked fantastic without trying too hard.

Loving some of these looks.

Glam kisses

nana says:

Oh Ghanaians try tooooo hard! Red Carpet paaaa! u people are not serious,Joselyn,Naa Ashiokor,and Becca u tried Joselyn u luk flawless all the rest are dressed in rags!! If You people want to copy the outside world that much PLEASE” open ur eyes wai cos this aint no red carpet!

TRUTH says:


gosh says:

u guys are forgetting someone, yvonne nelson looks superb

doris says:

digg rima’s peachy purr on becca.go grl

sitcho says:

eazzy really looks good lately!i like that new single of hers.shes spending her rmoney well.lol i think eazzy and menaye rocked for me

maka aa maka says:

worse dressed is Sala!!obaa, the crown is urs! followed by nikki samosa, martha ankoma, lady in white, ama k as usual,.not really feeling naa ashorkor and with Lydia i think im use to seeing her like this..
also for the fashion 101 chick, im not sure of her dress as well..i dun think she looked great in that outfit for such an occasion.

best dressed for me is muntari’s wife, followed by jocelyn, then eazzy.. i kinda like juliet ibrahim’s look too..

moaa moaka no de33 menni hwee ka.

kizzy says:

My vote goes for Becca for looking stunning as always, Jocelyn for looking beautiful, Lydia for looking gorgorous for all the big ppl. she looks very stunning. Mzbel pls go have a seat. and who the hell is that SALA girl? she need to go back and look for the piece of her dress. and who the hell is that girl in white dress? is that Martha Ankomah?

suspect says:

Eazzy 100,becca 100 ,joycelyn100,muntari 100,the rest..!below 80

Dionne says:

At least she’s brave enough to put her self out there, what about you ? Hiding behind a website,voicing out silly opinions and talking smack about an industry that is struggling to exist, it’s amazing how ghanaians bash other ghanaians who have taken a bold step to do something .. .
Sandra looks good if you don’t like it dig a hole and bury yourself in it
Oh and I just found out the designer of that outfit is duaba serwa.. ..
Seems personal to me.. You might as well attack the designer, so we all know what you’re really about ..

Shaolin says:

hmmmmm. is there no picture of Efya? or was she not there?

nana says:

i almost forgot . Fasion 101 girl i am so tempted to say something mean to you but i am going to let you of the hook this time not because i like you but because i am hoping that next time on your show, just before you criticise how someone is dressed, you pause, flash back at how you were looking at the GMA’s and reconsider what you are going to say.

nana says:

Becca-10/10. Joselyn-10/10. Mrs Muntari-10/10. Juliet Ibrahim 10/10. Naa Ashorko 10/10. Confidence- wow i must say i am impressed. Lydia Forson- Not bad at all. Raquel- honestly sweety you need a new wardob, and fast. Ama k- havent i seen that dress before? Sala- Next time do your home work. and lady in white- Every girl has the right to be ugly, but you abused the privilege!

TruthBe Told says:

How could i forget how simply gorgeous Eazzy Looks!!!

TruthBe Told says:

Joselyn, Becca, Confidence are the best. Vanessa is cute. Only if Naa Ashorkor would keep that dress for the Movie Awards. She looked nice but not for VGMA. I will say MzBel looked nice , comparing to what she has been wearing in recents times.. i guess its becuz she is not with Diamond this time!!

KikuyuChic says:

And as for Juliet Ibrahim’s dress… Once again ladies. One must’nt ever wear that length of dress, it makes your legs look like they have vanishing points. Then she needs to learn how to pose. She has a killer bod but has no clue how to work the red carpet in terms of posing.  

KikuyuChic says:

Where did Martha Ankomah and Dede shop for their outfits? SLUTS ‘R’ US? WTF?!

nana says:


Lilian says:

Martha Ankomah dresses like an Ashanti… too much blinks. Eassy is just classy..

lilyy says:

wow…ppl have def. stepped their game up…confy u look very beautiful and mature, congrats….jocelyn, love love love…mzbel and ama k looks nice too…menaye’s dress is very nice too…nana ama mcbrown, u look really cute…becca’s dress is def. best dress…she killed that dress with her hips…then comes jocelyn in my opinion….as for martha ankomah die3, the least said the better LOL 

Ako says:

That sandra Ankobiah girl who is always critisizing people together with her fagot oh sorry gay friend Chester,see how she messed up? she looks horrible.someone tell her not to part her hair at the center again,it not for girls with broad faces. plus with all her knowledge in fashion,didn’t she know that when u wear a dress that covers u up like that,ur hair shld be tied up?

nana says:


Eaglebabe says:

hmmmmmm to those who wore it best kudos!!! those who wore it worst, they better have good reasons…bcos the least said abt them, the better!!

Akata says:

Joyclyn and Becca rock it….they rest tried!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Opanin says:

the worse for me is Dede….come on girl…having money doesn’t mean when u go to a store and buy stuff,put them all on at the same time…..she looks like halloween came early……
i’m not feeling Lydia Forsons shoes, dey don’t match her total outlook. Sala the least said abt her the better. that dress looks like it was sown by senior high fashion students as practicals..dunno where she got it from.
Naa Ashorkor doesn’t look too bad except that there seems to be too much goin on in terms of colours, fabric, design etc….
Who is the lady in the black “car wash like” outfit with orange shirt??????? she should jst be killed. dunno if she knew where she was coming…total chaos

I like Becca, Eazzy, Stephanie Benson, Confidence doesn’t look too bad too. the one who crowns it for me is Joselyn Dumas. jst stunning.

Rocklyn Love says:

Love becca, confidence, mzbel n de other gurl with yellow… wowww

Shaolin says:

Naa Ashorko rocked it for me, followed by jocelyn then Lydia Forson. Thats my top three. some did good and then you also have the handfull of people who just disgraced the and degraded the meaning of the word fashion. seriously that woman in white looks like a character from a cartoon who just got transported into a planet that she is yet to figure out. seriously, is she ghanaian?

ato says:

mz bel stop bleaching.

KikuyuChic says:

@ato, is it just me or y’all are so into the whole bleaching thing? It’s her skin and if she feels like the GH sun is darkening it too much let her get it lighter. 

Dionne says:

Sandra looks beautiful she chose to rock  a masculine look that was edgy and well tailored … Period !Haters will hate but it’s a beautiful dress .. if you don’t get the concept of it say nothing at all..

nana says:

@Dionne, Concept? theres no concept here. just a girl who got it all wrong.

GieGie says:

@Dionne, dont ur lips stink from kissing all of sandra’s a s s? that’s an U G LY dress and you know it!

Dionne says:

@GieGie, One of the bitter, hateful, unintelligent over opinionated followers .. Don’t get me started .. When we are having constructive conversations you’re talking about ass kissing … Wipe your butt and shut up!

Dionne says:

Sandra looks beautiful she chose to rock  a masculine look that was edgy and well tailored … Period !
Haters will hate but it’s a beautiful dress .. if you don’t get the concept of it say nothing at all..

Bianka says:

I think i like mcbrown,eazzy,errm martha ankomah wasnt bad

Amoah says:

who is the lady in white shorts? what dose she do?

maame gyesiwa says:

@Amoah, am not sure but i think she dede or so,she used to be a presenter of some show some few years back,she has been off the cameras in Ghana for sometime now.

maame gyesiwa says:

good dreses,but i think the most important thing is to fell good in what you wear and as a woman,not to show too much, and i must recommend confidence´s dress even though she is not a fun and mzbel stop bleaching,be comfortable in your natural skin.you and yvonne nelson.

Barry says:

@Amoah, Dede. She was dressed like a hooker come back from Europe.

james says:

I do not like Lydia’s outfit as it does not fit the stomach. Her stomach is getting outer and outer of shape so she needs to check out things. Sandra or whatever is a big joke. She talks about people fashion and is that what she wore? disgrace. Ama Abebrese need to realize she is over 30 yrs and that short dress is a hell no no for her legs. Juliet is not that bad. Becca is same all the time

Val says:

Joselyn looks amazing! Lydia looks like a hot mess

Val says:

Joselyn looks amazing! 

Adjoa Nbaaso) says:

Joyceln Dumas and Ms. Muntari wins, you look gorgeous.Martha Ankomah, you have too much going on with you .I dont know what to say cuz most of these ladies have dressed like they are going to cinderella’s wedding.Naa Ashorkor, ur dress is pretty..luv it.Lydia, u look good but u always look the same in a black dress.Madam in black doing the interview or whatever u failed.Your dress is very classy but there is something wrong about it.figure it out urself because I know u will be criticing others soon.

naa asheley says:

WOW* Confidence looks sooo beautiful, so is Joselyn. Menaye is also looking great. Nikka Somonas hmmm, more room for improvement on the red carpet..looks like she was going for a barbecue LOL..Thumbs up to Becca and Naa Ashorkor..

akosua Baah says:

I think these celebs have been reading your blog. I remba u writing abt no big bags, blackberry, car keys on the red carpet n most of them except martha took ur advice n didnt do that..Good job ghanacelebrities.com for teaching our celebs. Also, from ur unethical or rude bashing of raquel, most of these celebs didnot go holding their long flowery dresses but allowed the dress to also walk the carpet..u shd keep educating them on the red carpets dos and donts.

maame says:

well miss ghana i perfectly agree with you and second the motion but please your words are too harsh please tone it down some of them may be older than you so please try to be more nice next time. but good job anyway you said it like it is thanks.

miss ghana says:

@maame, My dear, I understand you. But imagine the lady in white. If she is older than me shouldn’t she know better than to dress like that? if she dresses ;like this on e red carpet i wonder what she will do in e club. some women re just disgracing ghana. we need to set them straight. u know other countries will see thse pictures and insult all ghanaian women. not good.

X says:

Confidence looked like a bridesmaid but all the same pretty,Jocelyn Dumas, Eazzy, Menaye and Stephanie Benson rocked it. The looked Classy. Mzbel looked fine and Becca looked fine too,not crazy about her dress though,i mean it fits her figure but not sure about it. She looks pretty all the same.Nana Ama Mcrown looked ok but looks more dressed for a party not a red carpet event. Same with Nikki Samonas. I guess Sala was trying to go for a vampire look with the Adams Family lady’s dress lol… Juliet Ibrahim i guess tried to pull an “Adele oscar dress move” but didn’t quite get it but looked ok all the same. I do not like Martha Ankomah’s short white dress and not impressed by Ama K’s fashion. Lydia’s Forson i think could look better and The girl in white shorts and geek glasses looks like a man or a transgender…I have mixed feelings about Debbie-Vannessa’s look…Not crazy about the blond hair but her dress looks good on her

X says:

** Meant Sala looked like the lady from the cartoon “Adams Family cartoon i.e. “Morticia Adams” ….:)

Becca looking hot hot like fiya. AmaK that dress makes your boobs vanish. I hate the style

Semi-Cartermatic says:

GC can u pls abort the women red carpet fashion next time and show something else.I get nightmares every time i see sum of this celebrities on red carpet.

endowed says:

Martha have too much going on she would’ve rocked it if her hair was straight and that thing on her shoulder was off

nancy says:

worst dressed goes to sala, martha ,dede,nana  ama mcbrown,fashion 101 madam,and the orange lady.the rest are looking great.becca exaggerats too much with her poses and facial gestures 

deladem duvi says:

@nancy, if u wer as beautiful as becca won’t u tnk GOD

Reena says:

I was going crazy about Becca’s outfit, then I scrolled down to see that most of our ladies shown here looked good too.

celina says:

oh no no no sala n dede were the worst dresed!not good for red carpet kraa! the lady in orange n black shorts too was not appropiate for the carpet.i love eazy'”s dress ,and lydia knows how to manage her body well.stephanie joycelyn and menaye too were nice.

Shelry says:

Sorry i mean AKOSUAGHANA..

danso says:

ah who is that gurlin white ?did she know she was coming on a red carpet?smh. i think everyone else was kool but i think joycelyn,eazzy and menaye dressed very well

Shelry says:

What a mess! Must you comments on every topic???? polish ur english and don’t get me wrong..

Stacy says:

Joselyn Dumas rock it best for me followed by Ama K and then Eazzy, I dont like Martha Ankomah’s outfit

kocol says:

some were outstanding .stephanie benson,eazzy,joycelyn,and menaye looked great. sala and ama k did not take the carpet seriously.

Adjoa Nbaaso) says:

@kocol, I think Stephanie Benson looks too much.She looks like a bride except the color.

angela says:

lol some of these stars dont understan stardom.EAZZY Looked AMAZING.very simply classy and s*xy.she has radiant skin too.

Miss Ghana says:

As for Sala, somebody really told her wrong. Thats the result of I too dey sabi attitude. 
Joselyn looked stunning. She displayed proper class. As well as mrs muntari, too fine. becca , too fine. and akosua adjapongs sister rocked too. Lydia makes big women proud . she carries  herself so well. 
Confidence dressed her age and class. even miss bel surprised me by looking very good. she could have showed less of her boobs though. Nikki looked cute and different but inappropriate for red carpet. Julliet looked like a good wife . Sandra tried to go high fashion but looked a bit out of place. she tried though. 

eassy was classy . v classy. and Ama k is an over-hyped b*tch ass who needed some attention i guess so she decided to go short. That didnt make her look too good though. She seriously needs to define her fashion sense. 
I have said the truth. Y’all take it or leave it

Shelry says:

Ei Mzbel’ stop bleaching ooo…hmmm

akosuaghana says:

What the heck is SALA wearing? the girl have issues right? and i dn’t  like what Sandra is wearing too. like some girl from korea and is she not hot? Ghana weather in this shit?

Amoah says:

@akosuaghana, GH weather in this shit!! LOL… I don’t know how they do it! I can’t even wear skinny jeans or anything fitted when I’m in GH, … way too hot! 🙂

miss dior says:

@Amoah, The only celeb in ghana who i give my approval of stamp on is Vanessa, she always looks put together, well coordinated with the right amount of accessories, mix n match the right colors, she always looks on point not like Nadia who most of the time looks like a pimp is rushing her. Menaye dress is nice minus the shoes n hair, she shd have put the hair up

ato says:

@miss dior, wode woye kwasia paa ,your idol married whoer juju jackie appiah is the worst dress actress if yopu care to know ,you can hate nadia butyou can never bring her down.you are cleaning the whitesman toilet not having a life and you always thinking about nadia aboa ba yopu and your entire family. STUPID FOOL.

pokuaa says:

the girl in the all white looked a hot ass mess!

Linda says:

Omg what is salsa wearing eeeeeuw I guess my vote goes to eazzy nice and simple 

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