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The Nuna Coins Bag Collections!

Coins Bag Collection

Nuna couture is a Ghanaian fashion label. The name “NUNA” is an acronym of name starting with the last name, (“NU” Nunoo- “NA” Nathaniel). The company made its first debut 2010 BO-16 and MWK fashion night for the Miss Ghana contestants.

The label designed 10 cocktail, 10 navy costumes on the Grand finally and from that has ever stopped bringing the best for its label.

Coins Bag Collection

Then came up with its first collection “Dagomba” a project from the workshop of The Young Fashion Designer Hub (THE WEB). The collection was influence by the Northern part of Ghana.

The line was finally established in 2011 in a local private house in Accra, Ghana. Nuna Couture is well known for its classic ready-to-wear, mens-wear, womens-wear and accessories.

Coins Bag Collection

The “Coins Bag Collection” is the second collection from the label. The collection was inspired by the old money bag from my grandfather.

It was dominated by black cotton, silk and mesh because of the nature of the bag and an addition of African print (Davi-va) cotton, represented in yellow, red, grey and white to think outside the box what the bag contains!

Coins Bag Collection

It was designed in couture and flawless ready to wear.  The collection is aimed to bring out the inner beauty of every one.

Coins Bag Collection

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Twitter: @nunacouture


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  • Fii

    ….forget about the dress. who is that model? 🙂 just her name will do, wae!

    • Posted By: GC Staff

      @Fii, Focus on the dress lol

  • sexy hoods

    cool. really love the 1st and last.