Did Eazzy Leave Lynx Entertainment For Big Brother Stargame? + Why BBA Is Not A Good Move For Her!

Last week was a packed week for Eazzy who until she left was called ‘the first lady of Lynx Entertainment’–she was the first female artiste to be signed onto the youngest and award winning label.

The ‘Wengeze’ hit maker was planning fervently for the release of her new music video ‘Go Go Wind’ which took place at Rockstone’s Office on Friday.

Few days to the event and what seems like low publicity for the video premiere, her label, Lynx Entertainment released a press statement stating categorically clear that, they are handing over the artiste to broadcaster KOD for a new management deal.

General Manager of Lynx Ghana, Mother Company of Lynx Entertainment, Albert Mensah who signed the release said the decision to transfer/hand Eazzy to KOD was after a series of meeting and mutual agreement.

According to sources, the release by Lynx Entertainment affected the already-not-impressive publicity for the video premiere. Sources said that, KOD had planned series of interviews on radio and television for Eazzy to beef up the publicity for the event “but Lynx Entertainment’s press statement killed the plan” said the source.

This was several months after GhanaCelebrities.Com had reported that, all is not well with the artiste and the label and that there are plans for her exit. A report that was vehemently denied by Lynx and Eazzy.

Before the video premiere, unconfirmed news of her selection as one of Ghana’s representative to the upcoming Big Brother Africa (BBA) reality show, the ‘Stargame’ edition popped up on the internet.

The news has not been confirmed due to the fact that M-Net and the series producers Endemol do not allow contestants to speak on their selection prior to the commencing date.

According to the news, Eazzy is set to represent Ghana alongside her boyfriend Keita Osei, a younger brother of Hip Life grandpapa, Reggie Rockstone. Also joining them is PY Addo, co-host of Viasat1’s ‘One Show’.The show is scheduled to start on Sunday May 6, 2012.

Could it be that Eazzy does not want her dying label to pull her down with this new opportunity and as such decided to distance herself before the light goes green?

On the issue of Eazzy representing Ghana at Big Brother Africa, many individuals including Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Editor of  GhanaCelebrities.Com believe it is a wrong move for her and her career.

Chris explains that, “even though Big Brother Africa is a huge platform which one can use to sell a brand or products to millions of Africans, many have gone on there and have not been able to sell anything”.

“The platform is big but you must have a perfectly packaged brand or product to sell before you step on it. What will Eazzy be selling? She has to focus on her career, build a strong brand and make songs that can cut across, and then she can proceed to seek such platforms to market these things” he added.

He continued that “until there is something to sell, it is useless to go there. Ras Wayo, Confidence Haugen and others have been on there. What did the publicity bring them? It all died with the end of the show. This is because they did not have anything well prepared or branded to sell. I am discounting the probability of her winning the money because it is highly infinitesimal”.

On the other side of things, flyers and posters are being distributed in London by Akwaaba UK which states that, Eazzy will be performing at their ‘Azonto Party’ on May 5, 2012, a day after Big Brother Africa will kick off.

Where will Eazzy be? Let’s wait to see. Anyway, what do you think about Eazzy going to represent Ghana at BBA?

GC Staff

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doggie says:

Wengeze is a hit in southafrica! Go eazzy!

alice says:

Herr kod kwawkesse efya tiffany trigmatic phamous people and plenty other stars were shortlisted for this year big brother.if eazzy was chosen over all of them then it means africa thinks she has a better brand waii!allow her to go and make herself opportunities that ghana music doesn’t give and also make ghana proud.as for ghanacelebrities, this is what ghanaians writters are good at!always jugding and bringing people down!tchew

roger says:

I think whoever that chris guy is doesn’t know the benefits of repping ghana for bba.he’s chatting shit as usual.I think its d best opportunity for eazzy.if the others didnot make something good out of theirs doesn’t mean eazzy will favor the same!plus eazzy is going there as an already established artiste not a discovery like the names you mentioned.with a good plan after the show she will be the bigggest star from ghana

Opanin says:

question is, wht is pushin all these “celebs” to the BigBrother game???? is it the money? the fame? the publicity????? i think we’re or rather dey are getting it all wrong. our celebs feel that BB is the way to outdoor themselves to africa. wht dey fail to note is that BB brings u to the ppl yes, but it also shows ur flaws are negatives.

i agree with Chris, the things that dey should ask themselves before getting or jumpin on the BigBrother bandwagon is, “What am i goin to sell”????? u can’t go there with nadda and expect that u’ll come out and sell something. we’ve had if i’m right 6 editions of BBA alreadi, how many of the participants have made it after the show??? those we occasionally hear from are those who were alreadi sellin something before coming on…

i don’t know who is advising Eazzy but if it’s realli true that she’s goin den i’m sorry for her. this is suicidal. Confidence went there and after everybody said she was a prostitute, a stripper, a flirt and a promiscuous married woman. has Aphro grown any bigger than it was?? did she bring any money home?????think again Eazzy.

Adjoa Nbaaso) says:

Opanin, you said it all.I never saw someone like eazzy being a part of this program.I see her to be a shy and not the outspoken type.And to top it off with her bf?where would the focus be?How can 2 love birds play this kind of game?I dont know if its just me but I think someone like Afia Schwarzenegger could probably be the right person.She almost has the same personality as Karen.loud, funny and all that..Anyway, if its true ,then we wish u luck madam eazzyy..

Adwoa says:

@Opanin, I agree with you and i don’t think Eazzy and her boifriend are regular viewers of BB cos if they are won’t agree to go there as couples

`madam social says:

i also heard of wanlov as a nominee. i think he is a much betta rep

Miss Chanel says:

Who’s the b*tch being discussed here? I don’t think I know her… Who gives a shit anyway. She’s probably going to lose

cici says:

@Miss Chanel,ur a foooool papa….if u dont know the fine girl,just move to the next story than to be cursing n making unnecessary noise..useless being like u oo..kapuepue like u

Miss Chanel says:

@cici, wait. I don’t recall asking for your feedback cici the clit. So do it like you always do and hide yourself between the lips of my vagina. It’s the best place in the whole wide world! Or you can alternatively stick your head up your shit filled ass and get poop all over your face!

Semi-Cartermatic says:

Yawa show.

endowed says:

I don’t think it is a good idea and if she’s really going to be GH rep for BBA why is she going with her boyfriend….these shows break relationships, she should focus more on her career and getting across the continent and not reality shows

melody says:

BB shouldnt have chosen her. she is not popular outside Ghana and the Nigerians who usually vote probably never heard of her. they should have chosen Van Vicker

Linda says:

@melody,And do you think van Vick has got time for that nonsense he is a family man and adores his family 
Besides he ain’t greedy for the loot

Snooki says:

@Linda, Everyone knows
Van Vicker went for the auditions. So what are you talking about???

Sheree says:

Eazy is the one going, you people better understand ans stop all this negetivity. Who ever thought Wendal would have ever won, cos he was the most boring person ever. I think we have to support her, lets wait and see.

Sheree says:

why all this negetivity. who ever though Wendal would have won?
He was the most boring person. Lets wait and see.

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