Who Are The Unnecessary Attention Seeking Ghanaian Celebrities? Name Them All…

They all want fame but some will go whatever extent, including lying or exposing their assets to grab the fame they want…

After years of writing and dealing with Ghanaian celebrities, what I can you is that, they are all attention seekers…You may not see it being in front of things, but for those of us behind the doors, we know it and we understand it.

Seeking for ‘more’ fame as a celebrity is not bad. After all, is that not what they are supposed to be fighting for day in and out?

However, what is unpleasant is when some desperate celebrities ignore classical decency and engage in unnecessary attention seeking tactics…All in the name of showbiz.

From your front view, which Ghanaian celebrities do you think are desperately looking for attention and will/are employing unnecessary attention seeking tactics? Who do you think are the attention whores?

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