Which Ghanaian Actress Is The Queen Of Raw/Pure Talent?

Nadia Buari & Jackie Appiah At 2011 Face List Awards In New York

Nadia Buari & Jackie Appiah At 2011 Face List Awards In New York

It will do as good if start by clearly defining what talent is and then proceed to find raw/pure talent.

According to my Cambridge Advance Leaner’s Dictionary (3rd Edition), talent is define as; NATURAL ABILITY-someone who has the NATURAL ability at something, especially without being taught.

With the above in mind, the phrase ‘raw/pure talent’ Actress will refer to an Actress whose talent is absolutely natural, undiluted by exaggeration or not enhanced by the prowess of a director.

An Actress can be said to have raw talent when she is equally good no matter what role she is given, or which director she works with…

People who have raw talents do not care much about where they find themselves; they shine and stand out in all circumstances.

Now that we seem to have a vivid understanding of what raw talent means, which Ghanaian Actress do you think is the Queen of raw/pure talent? And Why?


Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Editor

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri is the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com , a Film Critic and a Human Rights Advocate; holds a masters degree in International Human Rights Law (LL.M), holds a degree in Law (LL.B), and he’s currently at Nottingham Law School, studying for his Legal Practice Course (with a second masters degree in Law) to practise as a UK Solicitor--he's a Professional Truth Sayer. He is also the author of the popular eBook “Success is a Right, Not A Privilege.” Contact: Vincent@topvincent.com

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Sakyibea says:

If u have studied theatre then u will know who is real and fake. Drama is the imitation of life. Things we do in our everyday life. Some people know how to imitate others whiles others find it difficult to do. In our Ghanaian society, we will always have majority of our actors and actresses not being talented. What the Ghanaian film industry looks for is beauty and not talent. In the performing arts school, we have a course called voice and speech. U are trained on how to get the right voice for drama/theatre be it stage or screen. To come down to the main topic; Nadia Buari, Roselyn Ngiza, are the best so far. The are natural in so many things they do when acting. Followed by the likes of Yvonne Okoro, Naa Ashokor and some others but for our dear sister Jackie, she is plainly fake. Look at her when she is crying in a movie, look at the way she walks, look at the way she talks. It all shows that she just has no talent. Ghanaians simply like her because they feel she has a pretty face. That is not all there is to acting. Yvonne Nelson is just not an actress. She’s not got the voice for acting. It is too raw and not polished. Why is the Nigerian movie industry growing? Because they seek for pure talent and not beauty first. Anyways you may never understand these things if you ve not studied theatre/Drama or acting in a nut shell. It takes an artistic eye and mind to see the mistakes and pick out the talented and non-talented.

lily says:

jackie appiah is the best, and she keeps on improving.

ajoa says:

naa ashorkor and jackie appiah are the best

Concerned Deaf says:

The issue of Deaf Education in Ghana needs to be looked at carefully. As far as am concerned, Deaf Education in Ghana needs a total revolution and transformation…not merely ”inputs”. African countries like South Africa, Uganda, Kenya and a few others have put the right foot forward. It appears that those charged with the responsibility to get the wheel going, manage and deliver the right kind of services that will create the needed atmosphere for the implementation of most of the solutions articulated and drawn either lack the will power or are being frustrated. There is also lack of unity and uniformity of purpose. Indeed, a lot have been said, a lot have been discussed and several programs drawn, nevertheless we are yet to see the full effect of all that have been done. One need to talk to a few deaf students and well-informed individuals to be abreast with the real issue on the ground…and usually the conclusions one arrives at are mis-management, gargantuan impediments and wrong kind administrative human resource. The problem of Deaf Education actually needs a total transformation and this requires that the right thing is done and the right kind of personnel are brought on board…otherwise a word to the wise, they say… Thank you (By Concerned Deaf)

maame says:

There’s something about Nana Ama Mcbrown  she’s just so natural and real.i just love that gurl. . always get a good laugh when she’s in a movie . Emelia  and Bill Asamoah are  good too.  when it comes to english i like pusher, Roslyn, Akofa Asiedu, Fifi coleman they all good actress n actors  makes acting natural. Some people have  gotten their names by featuring in so many movies ya they r good to some standards, but the real people with the real talents are there

She is indeed a talented actress nanaama mcbrown kip de faya blaznz? amoooore faya!

Suallah says:

Hey pple try to be reasonable. Put agya koo roman fada and samwhere in africa down analyz and ask ur heart and mind which iz talent and which is stupidity?

Daniel wdge Carter says:


Rocklyn Love says:

Nana Ama… Jacky n Yvonne Nelson

henry says:

nana ama all de way……yvone okoro sucks not to think of nadia n jackie……joyclyn ok

Matilda says:

I just love Nana ama mcbrown,emelia brobbey n vivian jill they are simply the best

emelia brobbey has raw talent,emelia all the way

Afia says:

Lydia Forson n Waayoosi( in twi movie)

derek says:

Roselyn Ngissah all the way. Very natural actress. Luved her in kiss me if u can, 4play. U rock girl

Lazy dick says:

I don’t know if any of you figure out the main purpose of this article yet. In my observation, this is just another trashy article to slander Nadia buari. Few days ago, we all read a story about Nadia Buari taking classes in Hollywood. so what does that tell you? it tells you that, the write of this story is trying to portray Nadia Buari as someone who doesn’t have any talent but trying so hard to fit in. Mr. writer your aspersion to defame Nadia Buari’s character has been exposed. However, if i have to choose a real talented actress it has to be Roselyn Ngissah, Pascaline Edwards, Lydia Forson, Naa Ashorkor Doku, Emelia Brobbey and Martha Ankomah.

Andreanna says:

Nana ama is the best,roselyn and yvonne nelson.

`madam social says:

the best actresses r all in the local movies; nana ama, emelia, kyeiwaa, mercy aseidu

cici says:

simply Nana Ama Mcbrown..born to act

naa asheley says:

McBrown hands down ( plus most of the local actresses too) . Joselyn Dumas is also very good…

GHBABE says:


ato says:

Martha Ankoma and Lydia Forson.

maka says:

Natural for the actresses will be Nana Ama McBrown and Emelia Brobbey.  Nadia nor Jackie cannot hold a candle to them. Nana Ama and Emelia are excellent -- even better than Genevieve Nnaji. Nadia and her nonsense bri-american accent and Jackie does not have screen presence. I would have to see Rosselyn and Martha in a local movie to see if they can hold a candle to nana ama and emelia. Yvonne Okoro is good but not great

jessi says:

@maka, yeah you just reminded me of Emelia,yeah she is good,much better than Nadia,jackie,and y.nelson put together.Its funny all these old actresses have been missing in action.

miss dior says:

@maka, i agree 120%, i have seen with my own two eyes Emelia Brobbey act, cos they rented my boos place just a wk ago n shes fantastic, she can speak the english better than nadia with her fake accent, shes raw talented n very good with the cameras cos they based in ksi they dont get much attention

sweetness says:

I wonder why people think Martha has raw talent, Her acting is just one way…..quite monotonous and she exaggerates too much, She is naturally pretty though but i think Nana Ama McBrown, Roselyn, Adjetey Annan, Fiifi Coleman are good

Kwaku says:

Yvonne Okoro and Roselyn Nssigah!  #nuffsaid

osefa says:

Please educate the public well because there is no Raw/Pure talent,Whilst,i was@Atlantic,we were told that,acting is living truthfully under the imaginary given circumstances and the two types are Talent Agent and Talent Manger.so let give credit to all our local actress but Yvonne nelson is ignominy

EBO says:

impressive no insults wow! I am proud to be a Ghanaian. I seriously don’t know who to choose but there is this old guy who does local movies but useless as I am can’t remember his name. Someone help me

Adjoa Nbaaso) says:

Nana Ama McBrown/Rosselyn Ngissah

boss says:

@ gc u guy keeps asking the same questions . are u guys running out of storieS? i got a story for u, its upcoming event bow wow and keri hilson live in ghana

Miyagi says:

I will go for Nana mcbrown and Martha Ankomah let’s not forget Yvonne okokro but as for Nadia and jackie they are just fake 

EBO says:

@Miyagi, pass by the mortuary @ your leisure time and see why u should humble yourself as a human being and respect everybody , lyf is short lets love one another……. GOD BLESS U.

Miyagi says:

@EBO,What planet do you live in 

EBO says:

@Miyagi, Peace brother, I live on this planet where we are taught to love our neighbor as ourselves.

jessi says:

@EBO, kwabena EBO hmmmm i think i now know why my little brother was named EBO,a little temprimental but very intellegent and thats what you are,keep it up.

mother says:

@EBO, lol ..

27calibre says:

Jackie  is the most talented actress …

Amoah says:

I’ll def have to say Kyeiwaa and agya Koo. When they act it seems so natural. you can always identify real life persona & they entertain you in any ways! That’s raw talent!

Esi says:

For me, I think Martha Ankomah has the raw talent.

Ceci enima says:

yet Another article to set the insult competition rolling. i bet my bottom knickers.

Amoah says:

@Ceci enima, LOL… God your comment just make my day!!!! Oh God… 😀

TiffanyBabe says:

@Amoah, some of the readers are just too stupid. can’t people say their opinion when asked without having to insult each other?

it is not intellectual and civil. 

EBO says:

@TiffanyBabe, we should be civil at all times, spot on.

Miyagi says:

@TiffanyBabe,Yet your calling others stupid hmmm we all se where it starts from 

jessi says:

@Miyagi, ofcause we know where it start from and you are no.1 on the list infact the chaiman of insults is you.you are one of those that planted the seed of insults on the site,my opinion.

Miyagi says:

@jessi,Before you open your mouth to point out someone else’s flaws, take a quick look at yourself and make sure you’re perfect first! Stop following me with that nonsense just behave yourself and drop your comment 
I have told you that before do you see me attacking anybody here on a serious note I don’t need your attitude I have one of my own and trust me mine is MUCH worse…keep pissing me off and you WILL see it!

jessi says:

@jessi, oh please dont piss yeah?

BIZ says:


TiffanyBabe says:

the only actress who to me has raw talent is Martha Ankomah. when she is acting, you can see she is not even forcing, it flows naturally and that is what talent does. Sandra Adu of Kumasi Yonko fame too has that raw talent

Ajoa says:

Nana Ama mcbrown for local movies

Stacy says:

@Ajoa, great minds think a like. LOL. When it comes to the local movies; Nana Ama Mcbrown has real pure talent. Kyeiwaa and Agya Koo to have raw talent.

In the English acting scene, it is difficult to find such pure talents but I think Jackie Appiah and Pascaline Edwards have it

Ajoa says:

@Stacy, yeah very true!

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