Mzbel To Effect Changes In Career And Fashion. She Says ‘I’m Growing. I’m Not A Teenager Any More’!


A lot of water has passed under the bridge for Mzbel but she still remains resolute, growing more as an artiste and probably not looking back at some of the negativity.

Show-business and private life are two different things but people who over the years have not been able to differentiate between the two have always had an issue with Mzbel’s fashion sense.

For their lack of understanding of the industry, others have castigated her for her bad-girl look when on stage. But it’s on record that, she dresses differently when not performing, so it’s still baffling when people think otherwise and call her names.

She has faced the wrath of certain people for many years but like the saying goes, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, Mzbel have hinted that, it’s time for her to rebrand herself, since she is not a teenager any more.

Age is just a number but it is catching up with the hits maker. Speaking to Murtala Muntari, host of Spot Light on TV3, Mzbel said, “I’m growing. I’m not a teenager any more. So the style has to grow”.

Despite the various criticisms, many still love, appreciate and have fallen in love with her because of her fashion sense. How would such fans feel about the re-branding?

She continued that, she will still dress to attract attention like she has always done but, this time around; it will be done in a mature way– not the provocative manner.

Asked if the rebranding will affect her music, she said “No, it’s not going to affect my music”, continuing that, she will still do Hip Life, Ghanaian music, still perform like always.

She stressed that, she is changing how she makes up and her clothing.

Her albums have lots of fast tempo and danceable tunes with features of hot raps from other Hip Life artistes. As part of the rebranding, Mzbel would be moving away from the fast paced songs to rather calm and slow tunes.

Listen to the interview with Murtala Muntari:

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dorcas says:

We all remember yrs back u were on tv3 music music dat ur changing ur style of dressing n went even half n*ked,u started dis again dis yr n few weeks ago der were recent pics on gc showing ur breast n even ass,r u going forward or backward or ur fading out has made u confused n depressed cos u dont know wot re branding is,find urself a husband cos ur old now n da younger artiste hv pushed u out wit good music

Miyagi says:

Mzbel we heard that before yet you do the same old stuff again even if your growing your way of thinking stays the same 

IKE says:


27calibre says:

you are not woman any more or teenager any more 0-o?

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