Nadia Buari Breaks Silence On Why She Doesn’t Attend Her Movie Premieres!

Nadia Buari after the press preview
Nadia Buari after the press preview

MULTIPLE award winning actress, Nadia Buari has given the chance for all sorts of things to be speculated about her private and public lives due to her inability to open up to the media when called upon for interviews or to react to stories, GhanaCelebrities.Com has observed.

When a fast growing and an established actress like herself decide to shun interviews totally or choose to speak to ‘particular’ media practitioners is a major concern and gives the rest the opportunity to be speculative about her.

Twice Ghana Movie Awards Best Supporting Actress is touted as not media friendly and rightly so, over the years, her actions and inactions has vindicated the people who share such sentiments.

Aside not being in love with the media, like some people would want to call it, Nadia has always been absent at her movie premieres. For someone who has fewer friends in the make-believe industry, attending premieres of movies she did not feature in, is perhaps a no go area for her. Other actors/actresses always attend premieres to give moral support to their friends in the movie.

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Though she has been spotted at some premieres, the general perception about her is that, she always absents herself from movie premieres.

Speaking to journalists yesterday at Silverbird Cinemas in Accra, after the press preview of her latest movie titled ‘Heroes and Zeros’, Nadia set the records straight concerning her perceive ignoring of premieres.

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“Don’t get it twisted and don’t tell people that I don’t show up at my own premieres” said Nadia when asked if she will be around on the day of the premiere on June 8.

With a straight face, Nadia lamented that, a lot of time, she is not told of when and where the movie is going to be premiered. She said, they only call her sometimes, two or three days to the premiere hence turning them down, since according to her, she needs enough time.

She said if the premiere schedule is communicated to her on time, there is no way she will not be there.

‘Heroes & Zeros’ is the story of the destructive pursuance of Tonia (Nadia Buari) by Amos Fele (Bimbo Manuel). Ten years ago, Amos Fele was a wealthy Celebrity Director in the Nigerian Film Industry. Now he lives in a ramshackle flat, doing occasional low-paying TV Commercials for nameless products. He’s a daily comic relief on the local soccer practice pitch: because though he’s already 45 years old, he nurses a new, insane dream of making it into the dollar-soaked world of international soccer!

‘Heroes & Zeros’ stars Olu Jacobs, Tina Mba, Akin Lewis, Funsho Adeolu, Norbert Young, Linda Ejiofor, Gabriel Afolayan, Jude Urhorra, Brigette Cherile and others.

Listen to the audio below

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Nadia Buari after the press preview
Nadia Buari after the press preview
Nadia Buari after the press preview
Nadia Buari after the press preview


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What the hell is she wearing? this is the worst wardrobe malfunction of the decade. For a ‘celebrity’ this is a not not not not….

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Ok so wait if ur the main actress in a movie ur telling me the director would not phone you
To tell you to go to the movie priemier what a damn lie, what it is she thinks she is better than everybody else the real reason why she thinks she is to important with her shitty dressing mean really who wears that to a movie priemier

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@dimples, the dress is nice,simple and decent,i dont see anything with it,but for lies i agree with you she and Y. nelson can lie through their teeth.The only thing that can make a girl like Nadia open up,as in be real to her self is MONEY. Those that know the real Nadia are the men she has been with and if she has made any big money to be able to buy a house in Hollywood which i dought,then is must have come from these rich men she moves around with not from acting..

@dimples, you are right. i am the party kind so i go to a lot of events here in Accra where i get the opportunity to see a lot of celebrities in Ghana and i can boldly tell you that Nadia Buari has an attitude problem. she doesnt attend movie premier because she feels the whole ghanaian movie industry that made her who she is today and the other actresses is beneath her. this girl hardly give any attention to fans who approaches her at shows here in Ghana like the yvonne nelson, jackie appiah, juliet ibrahim and lotta ghanaian celebrities do. Juliet Ibrahim is not a great actress but i tell you meet this woman at an event and you will love her. her personality is just awesome. if you meet Nadia Buari in person, she is not all that good looking yet she has a stinking attitude for whatever reason nobody knows.

Hmmmm this girl is so fine Sweet and clean, whoever came up with her taking acting classing is a damn ass liar than 

@Miyagi,Nadia’s publicist did. she called GC to tell them about Nadia’s hollywood classes and also Nadia buying a house in hollywood story.

@Spicy,I don’t no if your a girl or boy but did you read your own comment before posting it you stated that “Nadia publicist called GC and GC blogged it” my question to you is where is the evidence that there was a call made, was there any kind of recording while having that conversation, where you there to witness te whole phone communication took place don’t believe everything you read cause your making a huge mistake 

Seriously…sum of u r so dumb..she’s taking classes in the US so wat she can’t go on a break n come to GH? Or she attends d damn classes 24/7…no vac? Common sense! Jx lyk deodorant, d pple who need it most don’t use it…idiots!

nice dress code but i thaught you are in the USA..”cox of ur lies essien left u….

@tosefa, no she returned to ghna last week and has started shooting already so whats the lie in this ..besides she doesnt live in the USA she went there to work is now back to ghana where she stays ..period .

@mother, she doesn’t live there? thought GC said she bought a new house there so as to move there?

@akua, dont trust the media and gossip sites as long is not confirmed by the celebrity or by their publicist ..Nadia still lives in ghana …

Wait !!!!! I’m confused here. Isn’t Nadia Buari supposed to be taking acting classes in Hollywood. What is she doing in Ghana?

@Spicy, Oh yeah, the same thing when the “fake” p*rn video story came out. One website told she was shooting a movie in the Caribbean, but her father was on saying she was in Nija shooting a movie! So all this fake stories. She’s just creating her own mass with the media, if you ask me. Oh well is her life & that’s the way she like to play! 🙂

@Amoah,I like your comments but one thing I don’t understand about you is why do you keep blaming her for creating all that stories have you ever thought about media trying to mislead there readers as well 

@Miyagi, I know, but why is it that it’s taking her long time to clear the air! You know, I mean isn’t she tired with all these stories around her! & for her fans too, Girlfriend clear the air! She needs to on the Oprah show! 🙂

@Amoah,You do make a point but something you have to ignore things because the more you go into what the media writes 
The more you will give them the opertunity to continue and it seems like sometimes she don’t care about wht the write 

@Amoah, did you heard the hollywoods stuffs from her own mouth,?i think GC makes a lot from her negavities thats why those many stories about her, i strongly believe they GC fabricates the stories themselves.

@ato, Nadia’s publicist called GC to tell Chris about the all the Hollywood stuff. Chris did not make it up so y’all stop blaming Chris. i also know for certain that the Publicist will not do anything without consulting Nadia. Remember her image is at stake here. .

just do what you think is best for you, everyone has their BUT in their hidings. HYPORICY at its best.

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