*UPDATED*: Star Actress Jackie Appiah’s Glamorous Appearance On 2012 Cannes Film Festival’s Red Carpet Alongside Top World Movie Super Stars!

Jackie Appiah At 2012 Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet

Jackie Appiah At 2012 Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet

The prestigious 65th annual Cannes Film Festival opened today in France with a grand red carpet appearance by top world movie stars and makers.

Invited among the special guests to grace the all important opening red carpet is multiple award winning Ghanaian Star Actress-Jackie Appiah.

The glamorous dress she rocked flawlessly complemented her natural beauty on the  red carpet, shinning like the true star that she is…And who will not stand to look and admire her innocent pretty smile?. If you care to know, the beautiful kente beaded dress she is rocking in the photos was made by JIL, from all the way Dubai…She killed it with the whole Kente flava.

Among some of the top actresses that make appearances at the opening alongside Jackie Appiah were Berenice Bejo, Eva Longoria, Jessica Chastain, Freida Pinto, Jane Fonda, Diane Kruger, and Tilda Swinton were all gussied up and camera-ready as they walked around the arrivals area. Singer Lana Del Rey and supermodel Eva Herzigova .

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Representing the guys were Alec Baldwin (with fiance Hilaria Thomas), Chris Pine, Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, Ewan McGregor and Bill Murray.

Splendid right?

Check out the photos below (More photos are being uploaded…)



Jackie Appiah At 2012 Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet



Jackie Appiah Being Interviewed Later On In The Day At Cannes

Jackie Appiah Being Interviewed Later On In The Day At Cannes

Jackie Appiah Being Interviewed Later On In The Day At Cannes

Jackie Appiah Being Interviewed Later On In The Day At Cannes





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  • Sarah

    Jackie looks so glamorous. I’m happy she represented ghana with her attire .

    • @Sarah, am also proud of her attire,she is not like Nadia ,the false attention seeker..

      • Bin

        Jackie is the bomb

        • miss dior

          @Bin, what can i say, shes the bomb diggity, am so happy they chose her to represent ghana.

          • ato

            @miss dior, you are comfortable with this same old ,no taste, kapuepue ,doll shit huh?

            • miss dior

              @ato, I see u back on ur daily grind shit huh, ur taste no be my taste nigg

      • @tosefa, nadia would have wore some ugly booths with her usless china blazers… plsss we are blessed to have this beauty in our industry.

    • Kifii

      You be my taste Jackie Appiah 

    • Micheal

      I swear Jackie you are wife material. Would u dump who ever your with and come marry me

      • Victorbb

        Why this girl fine like this.? You are a decent girl let the ashawo actresses take u as an example.

        • ato

          @Victorbb, you are calling for insults ,some also know jackie is a married whore.

          • jessi

            @ato, married whore?well the husband love am so,let the others too go marry and stop all this waka waka about.this girl even though not a good actress in my opinion,she has earned her respect as a Ghanaian.

            • ato

              @jessi, you need your head examined ,go and tell them to get married yourself.

  • Derrick

    This girl is blessed. So she was on the red carpet. This is great for ghana

    • Miyagi

      @Derrick,dude really Hahahaha 

      • Guy

        I will sell all my property for this girl. I just love her. She is wife material.

        • Miyagi

          @Guy,Make sure you do anothe thinking before you sell that property of yours 

    • Frank

      I’m just crazy about Jackie , she is do fine

      • Hank

        @Frank,  I think you meant to say so fine

  • Karen

    Jackie you are truly a star. So you are the only Ghana person on the red carpet. This is amazing.

  • Henry

    Im proud of you girl you have made us happy. You are looking so charming. I love your look.1

  • Deede

    Jackie you look stunning

  • eii madam only your make-up

    • mother

      @revivedafrikana, yea her make up is not on point …lol the dress is ok though ….

      • Myladymo

        @mother, Bravo girl well done…but what happened with the make up??her arms dont look like they belong to the same body though.

    • Carlos

      @revivedafrikana, it’s the flash of the camera can’t you see, check out amedebrah pictures on his site she looks better. It has to do with the flash. It’s not her make up

      • Miyagi

        @Carlos, flash or not flash even those pictures are on peacefm website and you can still see the bad make up 
        Visit a eye specialist or so 

        • @Miyagi, why do you hate jackie so much?? dont u wish the women in u’r family were on her standard?? please try n understand shes the best we ever had.

      • ato

        @Carlos, the pictures are the same there, stop lying.

  • Sena

    You are a big star. You are ghanas number 1 star

  • akua

    she should have left the necklace, the dress and the hair are all very busy already. she would’ve looked much better without it.

    • Miyagi

      @akua,I totally agree with you bad bad bad bad combination hahaha no one should insult me I’m just speaking my mind Hahahahahaha 

      • Myladymo

        @Miyagi, i saw that too,she seems to make that mistake over and over but i still love a good actress

    • Bin

      @akua,Jackie you looked so beautiful you represented ghana well

      • Bin

        You are ghanas queen.  Pretty girl

    • Jade

      @akua, i agree with you. de dress is full of blings, the shoe is full of blings, the necklace is blings, the purse is blings and even the phone’s cover is full of blings!! the hair looks synthetic too! anyway, i love the way she represented gh

      • @Jade, shame on you lol blingness shows how blessed jackie is lol damn ey3 wo ya di3h lol hahahaha

    • Akata

      @akua, That is true she should have left the necklace out……

  • Miyagi

    Chubby girl someone please give me a handkerchief and let me wipe all that make up off hahahahahaha 

    • B.B

      @Miyagi, just hold on for a min…. will get u a handkerchief. she will thank u afterwards. 

      • Miyagi

        @B.B,Hahahahahaha Lmao 

  • Lady Adwoa Adwubi

    why wear that ugly necklace? come one jackie…please find the right foundation because your makeup looks too white. TERRIBLE makeup damn…lmao!!!!!!

    • miyagi

      @Lady Adwoa Adwubi,LMAO 

    • Jade

      @Lady Adwoa Adwubi, that is so true!! lol

    • ato

      @Lady Adwoa Adwubi, i wonder.

    • Myladymo

      @Lady Adwoa Adwubi, tha necklace looks cheap too…plus the synthetic hair for a star like jackie?come people stop being CHEAP.

      • ato

        @Myladymo, and her ass lickers henry and miss dior dot see any shit of it.what madeness and hypocricy.

  • Teefah

    Her hair is nice
    Dress is nice
    The necklace she could have done without
    And can we talk bout that crappy makeup…it’s way too much and the foundation is all wrong
    She looks like an embalmed corpse
    **ok I’m outta here before all the Javkie fans here attack me**


    • jsexy

      @Teefah, u took the words out of my mouth!! her face realy looks
      like a corpse, the make up is sooooooooooo bad!!!!!!!!! we all know u guys like her, but say the truth. well, 4 once!

    • Jade

      @Teefah, she didn’t force with the hair and makeup!!

  • Adjoa Nbaaso)

    Congrats Jackie! u keep advertising for hair relaxing companies yet you never show ur real hair..Be proud of ur own cuz you are naturally pretty..And next time try on foundation before buying.

  • Amoah

    Hey, where are all the others!!! and what GH film did they promo? & Guys this is her first time, so let’s give her a chance. 🙂 at least she wore african print to say something!!

  • can we pls see more pics. it looks like  she took her own pic on the red carpet like omotola did at the grammys. the paparazzi is standing behind her. anyway  nadia will cry in her bedroom  when she sees this. love her dress.

    • ato

      @gege, are they competing ?its her turn ,what is the big deal about it ?

  • Chelry

    @Akua she has no style or taste at all…what a mess!

    • mother

      @Chelry, lol ..she is trying at least ..lol

    • ato

      @Chelry, exactly ,the same old looks nothing new ..Chris, they are giving it to you at peace fm

      • Miyagi

        @ato,Hahahah Ato I have seen the comments on peacefm yeah they really giving it to jackie down there

  • akosuaghana



    • @akosuaghana, yup she made us proud and all her stuffs are on point lol unlike nadia and yvonne’s China LV stuffs

  • B.B

    ……….nothing new! just the same old sparkling (shiny, shiny) style. 

    • Adjoa Nbaaso)

      @B.B, Havent seen u here for a while now, hope u gud?

      • B.B

        @Adjoa Nbaaso), obaa am good. it’s really been a while, i hope all is well with u. 

  • sarah

    too much make up!!!! Self Papparazi…..
    she took her own photos!!!

  • dashinglystunning

    Oh come on like seriously! Jackie’s fans are the most kiss ass fans have ever met. So are u telling me she looks very much okay on the red carpet? Horrible make-up and chuby as usual. *Singing* Surpriiiise, Can you feel me, my hair, my style!!!. No as for this one di3 am not feelin you.

    • Miyagi

      @dashinglystunning,Your so damn right 

    • ato

      @dashinglystunning, THEY WILL START CALLING YOU A HATER.

  • sarah

    fashion flaw : strapless dress/ low neck dresses are not to be worn wif necklaces.. dey overdraw attention.
    she shud change her stylist as soon as possible!!!!

    • Miyagi

      @sarah,Lol go easy  on her 

    • Victorbb

      @sarah, fashion is in the mind there is no format for fashion. Jackie I’m digging you

  • Akua

    It is obvious that you all are fans of Jackie, so you have purposely failed to give her constructive critisism. I live Jackie too. I think she is a great person and actress, but the truth be told regardless. Yes, her dress is beautiful and she is beautiful, but can’t you all see her makeup was just too much?? She had on too much makeup. I think she should tone down on the makeup next time.

    • Miyagi

      @Akua,At least one fan who is honest nice one akua

  • em

    Pretty one.

  • sweetness

    I am happy for Jackie that she gets to walk the red carpet but I don’t think she did us proud. Seriously she needs urgent help in the style department. The dress would have been cool without so many glitters, the necklace is not suitable for her dress, her glittery shoes are just not right and worst of all HER MAKE just doesn’t add up. I genuinely wish i could help her cos Im a professional stylist…….She is pretty and doesnt need too much makeup but the right one. I am really saddened that it had to turn out this way, She really has to learn a thing or two from Deborah Venessa and Yvonne Nelson and Genevieve Nnanji

    • Miyagi

      @sweetness,Best  comment so far 

    • Ben

      @sweetness, the most beautiful thing about fashion is that you can creat your own style. Please Yvonne Nelson is even worse she useless when it comes to dresses I can’t stand Yvonne Nelson and her wardrobe she sucks. She needs to learn from Jackie 

    • @sweetness, dont ever mention nelson’s name on here okay? Genevive is the one here

  • akua

    Jackie the bling bling lady. Tone it down girl

  • Jackie you are a beuatiful lady. but honey you need to lose weight, and who does your make up?

  • cici

    heeeeer…what is this im seeing?make up b3n nono…omg this is not good..Jackie fans its abt time u guys start bn honest..u guys r wicked papa..calling these pix nice???i doubt it..makeup na horrible so it spoils eveeything from head to toe..

    • champion

      @cici, I agree with you. the least said the better. Instead of you guys to be truthful to her
      and tell her how bad she looks and tell her what to do next, you are here commenting as if
      you have never seen anything bad about how she looks.

      • cici

        @champion,they r just fake people including their so called star..hypocrites..

  • Semi-Cartermatic

    Lol all you women are really funny creatures.Always quick to pick out or criticize someone forgetting you;ll are the same thing.And as for some men on this board,the little said about ull the better!bunch of Jokers!

    • champion

      @Semi-Cartermatic, You are the joker here, just admit it, Jackie looks Horrible. Since she is a
      celebrity and we must spend money to see/buy her movies and also read about her, she should do herself and us all justice by dressing properly. All we ask for, is for her to dress right
      and not stuffing herself into just anything and flashing that horrible smile.

  • JJ

    I think Jackie is naturally beautiful and shouldn’t even use make ups. the dress is nice but the make ups was toooo bad and the necklace was out of line. As for the shoes and the bag, they were too blinky. I want to ask a question. Did she go with her personal photographer?

  • champion

    who cares.I don’t think Jackie is really that pretty, so pls pretenders, stop all this false comments on her beauty and all that. She has money, but take a look at how she looks. Can’t she afford a personal trainer
    to help her tone up her arms, tummy and chest and maybe her behind. Seriously, Jackie’s behind is disgusting.

    Talking about clothes, most of the things Jackie wears, never fits her properly. And her smile is fake. I wonder how many times she practice the way to smile that way anytime she is going to be photographed.

    Her dress looks good but not on her. Besides it does not even look like Kente. Her make up is Horrible with capital H.

    • Gabriel

      @champion, i dont see anything wrong with her smile. its vibrant. you can talk about her bad fashion and make up which i agree but definitely not her smile. if you wanna know who puts up a fake smile in her pictures then maybe you should take a look at Nadia’s pictures. she always smile to the left side of her mouth.

      • champion

        @Gabriel, who is talking about Nadia and her smile. I don’t blame you, its typical of we Ghanians to not look at how best to solve our problems, we would rather look for the next
        person whom we think is worst than we are, to push the blame or faults on.

        • Gabriel

          @champion, since you were so concerned with her smile which i dont see anything wrong with, i thought i shd let you know that there are others who put up fake smiles than Jackie does.unless probably you dont know how a fake smile look like. i am not a fan of jackie but you seem to me as someone who personally have something against this girl. you could have talked about her fashion and make up which a lotta of people here agree including me, but to talk about her smile is quiet funny. much like you are condemning everything about her. come on now! thats a beautiful smile right there and it doesnt seem fake or forced to me so i dont know what you are talking about. IMO Jackie and Yvonne Nelson put up the best smile in their pictures than many of ur stars.

      • ato


  • boss

    is it me or is jackie looking really big in the pictures especially her arms? and the makeup is too much

  • Jackie you need to lose the weight. I mean seriously I am sure you can afford a persnal trainer.

  • endowed

    good for her

  • Big Arms, Too much make up. But nice set of teeth

  • Nobody

    well…she needs to change her hairstyle….always long hair movies and real life. It is true that life imitate art. In this case which is it? Art imitating life or?….the makeup is too much..did she forget her mirror or there were not mirrors in her dressing room. maybe the whole of South France does not have any. 

  • lily

    she needs to change her hair style, and also drop some pounds. she is too big to be an actress. she is still my number one star.

  • lily

    she is too big and needs to drop some pounds. she also needs to change her hair style. she is still my favourite actress.

  • lee

    she could have done away with the necklace since her hair is long and flowing almost covering it. Her cloth was already blinking so did she need those blinking shoes and necklace? I dont think so. Stylist needed please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • sugar

    just look @ her sheeee iiiss aaa staarrrrr!!!!!!!

  • Johjoh