Ghanaian Actresses Using Juju ‘Black Magic’ To Sabotage Colleagues & Gain Movie Roles

Yvonne Okoro And Yvonne Nelson

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It may be superstitious and thick to you, but to the many Ghanaian Actresses visiting the shrines of prominent juju men (native doctors), it works wonders and that is the source of their fame, glory and the ‘goodness’ that follow them.

Few months ago, I was kicked out of my chair when I was informed by certain industry persons about the rapid spread of the use of black magic by some Ghanaian Actors (predominantly the women-Actresses).

The shock and the thought of this primitive practice endured with me for days. I could not believe what I was hearing.

Despite how bemused and bewildered I was, I could not let the issue just pass like the wind. I decided to talk to certain industry persons such as Actors, Actresses and movie makers to ascertain the merits which can be accorded to this evil development.

To be frank, I thought it was a joke. I could not bring myself to understand the connection between black magic and getting a movie role or being famous in a struggling movie industry like ours. I guess I was a little too naive to spot how diluted the over saturated industry has gotten.

During my conversations with several industry persons, 3 names were common on the lips of all. From what I deducted from my conversation with these people, it seemed I was the only one who did not know about the use of ‘juju’ by our movie stars especially the women in the Ghanaian movie industry.

Most of the Actors I spoke with could not believe I did not know such a practice existed in the movie industry.  A popular A-list actress said to me ‘Chris, are you serious you do not know about this juju thing? I thought you had all the exclusive background info on your desk. This has been going on for years now’.

Another actress who wanted to remain anonymous  for fear of being attacked spiritually and physically also mentioned that,  she was terrified once at a movie set when they woke up to see evidence of rituals having been performed.

She explained that ‘we went on set the second day and everyone was terrified by what we saw. The Director was called to come and have a look at a black pot with a red cloth, beads, different colours of feathers and kola packed in there’.

Apart from the various Actors who mentioned that they are aware of the rate at which certain Actresses are visiting Shrines, most of the  movie makers I delved into this conversation with also hinted that, they have heard of this practice which can be confirmed by certain strange ornaments they occasionally find on their sets.

Is this the way forward for a struggling movie industry like ours? I asked an Award winning Ghanaian Actor the same question and his answer was that ‘soon, these women will be killing themselves,  the enmity and jealousy growing within some of these Actresses is beyond imagination. They can do anything to get the other person off their way’.

Have you heard of the use of juju in the Ghanaian movie industry? Is this the way forward? What happened to talent and healthy competition? What happened to genuine hard work, pure heart and education?

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Editor

Chris-Vincent is a Law Graduate, a Human Rights Advocate and a Professional Truth Sayer. He is a Film Critic, the author of the popular eBook 'Success Is A Right, Not A Privilege', a Freelance Blogger/Writer and the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com.

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  • JJ

    Shaking my head…..

  • Miyagi

    Eeeeeish who is this “ATTA SAMAN” God don’t like ugly so you better repent before it backfires on you all this greed want take you nowhere 

  • Didi

    How sad is that. They will never get to Hollywood.Local champion is what they will always be. Instead of these actresses using that time to improve on their acting skills, they are busy wasting time on juju.Ignorant fools. Do you think Hollywood actors and actresses have the time for black magic? They put in hard work and it always pay off. If you want to succed in life you also need God by your side.

    • Stacy

      @Didi, I disagree with the last part of your comment. I think we all know there is NOTHING legit about the entertainment business and that includes Hollywood! They may not call it juju but it’s just as dark as anywhere else maybe worse! 

  • henry

    hhhmmmmm as3m ooo JUJU actors i wounder wat they gt at de end……if u dnt wish anything good for ur fellow woman how do u expect God to help u….God forgive them all…..

  • Sweety

    Someone told me that the actresses go as far as juju their colleagues so that they will get  a lot of pimples and that means no lead role or even roles.  Naa Ashorkor’s name came into mind, i guess she has been jujued then.

    this is a serious matter. why won’t people give their life to God but rather the devil, fame and material things?

    • Rose

      @Sweety, eeeeei people! aaaba! so bcos sum has pimples on the face means u have been jujued? Ah! where 4m all dis nonesense? As a normal woman we all have our cycles. some people break out wen stressed, some are lucky n have smooth faces. the fact that u have some form of rash,pimple or u being sick doesnt mean u have been aattacked spiritually. Pls da ppl u see on ya screens have families as well n they are ppl too. the kinda tins i c ppl writting here abt our celebs is disheartening. i hope they dnt ever visit such websites. if sum ppl think its through juju that they can succeed pls leave them to be judged by God. Dnt mention people’s names and assume anytin 4 them just cos of a natural sign of puberty such as pimples!

  • ato

    hmm i dont want to believe its this shortie woman ,her greediness and the way she creats problems for her other actresses, always wants to be hailed. pray they are expose.

  • sarah

    Dis article is very ridiculous…Always defaming other actresses while hailing Jackie Appiah all the time.

    • @sarah, Did you read the article well? Where in the article did the writer mention Jackie Appiah and co?

  • JOY

    Stupid gossip. Names or shout up. GOSSIP

    • Miyagi

      @JOY,What’s your problem?

  • jenny

    Anything from the devil does not last only God almighty gives the best. God gift always stands out and shines