Photos: Nadia Buari At Miss World Charity Ball/Miss Ghana 2012 Launch

On Tuesday in Accra during Miss World 2011-Ivian Sarcos’ visit, a Charity Ball/Miss Ghana 2012 Launch was held. In Attendance were several high profile entertainers and politicians.

Ghanaian Actress Nadia Buari was there with her sweet supporting mother. Nadia Buari wore a strapless floor length fitted satin dress,looking s*xy as usual. With a little of weight loss, her arms were perfect for that strapless dress…For the hair, I have seen the same several times! 🙂

Check out the photos below…What do you think?

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Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Editor

Chris-Vincent is a Law Graduate, a Human Rights Advocate and a Professional Truth Sayer. He is a Film Critic, the author of the popular eBook 'Success Is A Right, Not A Privilege', a Freelance Blogger/Writer and the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com. Contact:

my NADI is always on point….keep doing u…if u dnt hve anything positive to say, go and sit down peacefully

@miss dior, you , so you are back again? go and say this about your goddess , no taste ,greedy , twisted duck feet ,shortie jackie appiah on her red carpert ,cos she looks like a risen corpse ,ogyimifo ,

@ato, wait a minute,so people cant have their opinions on anything huh?? whenever sumbody says sumthing,there has to be an insult against it huh. its a shame people,grow the f*ck up. every celebrity/star has their fans u know…u may like nadia,she may not like nadia. now is she entitled to her own freaking opinion?? yes she is!! daaamn,grooooow up maaaaaan.

lol i thought nadia is supposed to be in US for her acting classes and oh,in her hollywood mansion. eeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiii these people and their news lol

@honey, hahahahaha say tht again….only if she can afford de tuition in oder to enrol…..hollywood ma ass

hhhmmmm beyounce wana be…we beta watch out b4 she say ma mom made her dress…..her dad is italian…..nice make-up unlike sumbody on red-carpet

@henry,you need to shut it who says beyonce is not copying anybody huh drama queen

@miyagi, hello its obvious…not bad atleast she got it right this time.I dont get when this girl will stop with all the posing,just be yourself already.Even her role model boyonce is more chilled cos people are over the im trying to hard all the damn time. .By the way is she is dating the married nigerian man?get ur own man sweetie

@miyagi, who de f**k do u think u r i said beyounce wana be……n wat are u anyways her laywer?….ibeg mak u park urself….let de real ones tlk….

very elegant n just so beautiful…this is what i call beauty…Nadia ur just beautiful

@miyagi, Mr chris i keep saying how many of the same freaking pic do we have to see??can two not be enuff.Js..i think you like nadia cos she is always on ur site even tho u want us to believe u dont.All the promo

@Miyagi, ofcause you are,ooops i forgot you are the propaganda secretary for chris with a fake name.

@jessi,Look at this monkey coming from nowhere again secretary jump back in your tree 

Pleas can someone tell if nadia is halfcaste or what? because readt she is half lebanese somewhere and that her real dad is lebanese, apparently sidik buari is her stepdad. but then i also readt that is actually her mom who is halfcaste but looking at her mum in the picture,she doesnt look halfcast 2 me. she is just fair

@obaa yaa,what has her colour got to do here? indeed, women are their own enemies ,how many blacks in the whites man´s land have to change their skin colour before qualifying to be nationals?

Nadia your a wonderful young woman with a amazing career your smart, beautiful, and talented and I respect you very very much your such a beautiful friendly and gentle lady very attractive, amazing legs