Edem Is The Best Artiste In Ghana Right Now!

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Who or what determines the best artiste in Ghana? Is it the person’s rap ability or singing prowess? Can anybody just get up and say this or that artiste is the best in Ghana?

When a man like Hammer, who is well versed and knowledgeable in his chosen field speaks, he is listened to with rapt attention.

Hammer of the Last 2 is arguably the best Hip Hop Producer/Sound Engineer in Ghana right now and he has helped lots of artistes build a career in music.

Even though he has worked with several artistes with many doing mainstream music now, Hammer feels Edem is the best in the country right now.

Edem hails from Volta Region and prefers to rap in his native language, a language that is less popular in Ghana and doing well. Due to that, Hammer, “feels he is the best artiste in this country right now because unlike most of the artistes, he is really handicapped by an unpopular language musically.”

For someone who helped in shaping Edem’s musical career, such words are always expected and not taken serious. Even with the Ewe language, Edem’s rap and singing abilities is still being appreciated – something Hammer thinks is the unique thing about him.

Hammer said this in Absolut Vodka Ghana’s documentary on Edem. What do you think as a Ghanaian music lover?

Watch the full documentary below.


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