Video: Big Brother Stargame: Roki Jumps Into Maneta’s Bed & Who Is The Queen Of Swag?1 Comment

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Posted on 27 May 2012 at 12:47pm
Roki Jumps Into Maneta's Bed

Roki Jumps Into Maneta's Bed

Zimbabwean housemates in the Upville house Roki and Maneta got personal and cuddled in bed.

If our poll and the Housemates’ views are anything to go by, then Zainab has the most flava in StarGame.

According to the Urban Dictionary, flava is “what makes a person different. Personality, style, whatever they’ve got that makes them unique from the next person.”

On Thursday Big Brother asked the Housemates in Upville and Downville to vote for the Housemates with swag and Zainab had the most votes.

The leggy Sierra Leone model didn’t steal all the votes though; Barbz, Eve, Seydou and Keitta were also hot favourites among their Housemates.

So, we decided to throw the same question at you on a poll and Zainab still emerged the most popular choice after getting a whopping 1910 votes out of 5106.

Zainab led by a wide margin, followed by Seydou, Eve, Keitta then Barbz. Isn’t it weird that the Housemates with the most flava don’t really see eye to eye? Could Zainab have been right when she said; “We’re too similar so we can’t get along,” during her transition from Downville to Upville?

Big Brother Stargame

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  • 27calibre (O-o)

    keita and zenaib got the swag !