Big Brother Stargame Update: Guys Banned From Girls’ Room!

This morning, Lady May banned the boys from the ‘girls’ bedroom and promised to never enter the ‘boys’ room either.

Lady May told Roki, who was watching Maneta brush her teeth, that he shouldn’t have entered their room earlier in the morning. Roki had gone into their room to check on Maneta.

“It can’t be a boys chilling room,” Lady May insisted. Maneta couldn’t help laughing at Lady May’s sudden assertion. “But there’s Zainab and Goldie,” Maneta queried. However, Lady May had made up her mind and concluded; “No boys allowed.”

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Could Lady May be getting a big head after surviving Eviction last night?

Meanwhile, in Downville the Namibian buddies were joined by Wati and Lee in a dress up and dance session around 05:00 am. The foursome was playing around with the Western outfits that Biggie brought in for the Saturday night Party with DJ Umculo, which they snubbed due to lack of alcohol and cigarettes.

Clearly these four were in a good mood in the morning which we suppose is the case when you dodge the Nomination bullet. Last night, Botswana and Ghana became the fifth and sixth countries respectively to be nominated using the Random Nomination Mechanism during the Live Eviction Show.

Big Brother Stargame

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