Video: Big Brother Stargame: Eazzy ‘Mildred’ & Keitta Gossip About Esperanca!

Eazzy ‘Mildred’ & Keitta Gossip About Esperanca

Eazzy ‘Mildred’ & Keitta Gossip About Esperanca

Nominated for possible eviction next Sunday, Ghanaian housemates in the Downville house, Mildred and her boyfriend Keitta have complained bitterly or gossiped to Big Brother about what they call  ‘unfair treatment’ being meted out to Esperanca by her pair in the house Seydou.

The Angolan housemates coming into the game as pairs, housemates are expected do to things in pairs but Seydou appears to have left Esperanca and doing his own things in the house.

The Ghanaian housemates are obviously not happy with the development. It appears they want to use themselves as example for the other housemates.

Sharing your opinion about others is fine but I think they should concentrate on themselves and leave those two alone – after all each person for himself, God for us all.

Do you think they should be complaining about other housemates or concentrate on themselves?

Watch the video below:

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