Video: “I’m In Love With Bomaye” House

I’m In Love With Bomaye

I’m In Love With Bomaye house

Get to know how life in the “I’m In Love With Bomaye” house with 12 maidens and one King.

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GC Staff

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Morris says:

Bomaye Please try and go for PRINCY, Because she is the best of all the maidens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE BOMAYE GO FOR MISS PRINCY SHE IS THE BEST MARITAL MATERIAL IN THE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

melodygirl says:

i will really miss d show,oh i pray 4 chi chi cos i want her to be the u all

Judith Nwaora says:

I’ve been watchin dis pro but stil don’t understand.if bomaye chooses some one, wil she bomaye’s wife 4 real? Or just 4 d pro. Is he realy a king? Pls i need ans in order to enjoy dis program to d fulest.

vivian says:

jay causes al d fightin in d house since she wants to spend more time with d king despite her outtin. she shouid stop the gossip as wel as pretending. princy go high matter wat they do to look for problems 4 u

Ayandokun Ayanwale says:

King i will not stop praying 4 u,may God will not step back 4rm u,pls follow ur mind,but i vote 4 Chichi she is best 4 u among them.



Nigel Saana says:

i luv de way the program is running, dis is to teach the maidens dat home is a learning environment and, they shld feel like been at home.

Ela says:

I heard there was a fight in d houz today. Please who fought abeg? I missed it. Bomaye, chichi is d real stuff anytime. Please give her attention so as to know her better. I think she is reserved and has proper home training. Please send princy home.

Mercy says:

Mr Alex pls jst focuse on sylvia n Chichi,pls mek ur celection between d two.tanx

TheTttttThe show is getting more and more interesting, although there are some unfotunate things that have happenned in the house of Bomaye of recent. The sending away of Jane which I think was the handiwork of Princy> Princy is out there to destroy others becuase she is nursing the ambision of becoming Bomaye’s wife but I pray that she will not succeed cos that will be the end of that guy. In that house now I can only pinpoint two people that their hearts are open to Bomaye, they are Promxy and Gifty. Silvia, Becky,Blay, also like Bomaye but they feel thay can not win him so they are trying to guard their hearts. Chichi, Favour, are in that house to win the price and not actually Bomaye. Miss G is out of it totally cos she has gone to the house to play Mother in which she is of course. I am praying seriously for Alex because he is in a very difficult situation and if care is not taken, the girls that are already fallen in love with him are becoming tired of being in the house. I just pray God will help him.

Helen Irene says:

King Bomaye,listen to the gospel truth;if you want a wife as in a life parter then go for CHICHI,but if you want a lady just for the fun of a lady go for Promzy

Faiza says:

@Ela,yah those 3 ar the ryt choice 4 him,must expecialy “chichi” dat gal is just ok 4 him d rest ar just pies of decorations.

Ela says:

I think princy should go home, she is jealous and annoying. Chichi, Harriet, sylvia u girls are d real stuff. Please nominate princy and promzy for eviction.

Ayanwale says:

I love the show, but I must not stop saying u should be praying before u take any one has ur wife,bcs most girls now depend on money than anything else.I pray may God choose for u.

Bomaye is very emotional, I hope he does not end up with a wrong choice. Though he is a very intelligent and cool guy, he should be very careful. There are some cool girls in that house, he only need to open his eyes wide and ask for God’s leading. I wish him good luck!!

Faiza says:

@Busayo Obisakin,u hav say it all i wish him luck too.

Faiza says:

Hmmm,dat very intresting.and if i may ask pls who ar u?

Faiza says:

Hmmm,pls can someone tell me who realy is alex bomaye?

@Faiza, Alex was one of Ghana’s housemate to the Big Brother Amplified last year. Bomaye is his alias

aletso michael says:

@Posted By: GC Staff, saaaaaaaaaaa, oooo ok

solomon says:

what really is the rational behind this show? is there a price to be won?

Faiza says:

Wow! What a lovely show, i realy like it cos is very intertaining. Alex Boma ye, keep it up cos you are realy trying wit those pretty gorgeous twelve maidens. Buh 4real i realy do hv a choice 4 you, which is “chichi” i will appreciate it if you chose “chichi” as your life partner. You might not know me buh i knew you. Chau

@Faiza, You appear like a family member of Chichi. hmmmmm

Faiza says:

I just like her thats why.

aletso michael says:

@Posted By: GC Staff, infact i also like chichi cos she is hardworking girl , u always see her cleaning the house

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