Photos & Video: Eazzy ‘Mildred’ & Keitta Makes Passionate Love In Big Brother Stargame House

GhanaCelebrities.Com has gotten exclusive photos & video of rapper Eazzy ‘Mildred’ and her model boyfriend Keitta; two of the Ghanaian housemates in the Big Brother Stargame making passionate love.

Their passionate s*x happened in the wee hours of  Friday – two days for them to know their fate in the game.

Earlier this week, the two were unlucky drawn from the Random Nomination to face possible eviction from the game.

Joining them were Edith and Eve from Botswana.  As Africa votes to save their favourites from being evicted from the game, results of the votes per countries would be announced on Sunday.

Three out of the four contestants will bid farewell to the show, with the fourth person who most likely obtains the highest individual number of votes upgrading to the Upville, a house until then was a haven for the stars.

The photos and video of the s*x available to us showed the two in the missionary position as they kissed passionately, touched thoroughly with a blanket covered their lover parts.

As Mildred try to use her hands to romance the love of her life, she turned to reveal some part of her body. Still in the missionary position and as they kissed like their life depended on it, she simultaneously pulled Keitta’s blanket away and replace it with hers.

Hmmmm you know what happened after huh? Check the photos & video below. Meanwhile you can still vote to save either of them.

Don’t be fooled, one of them will go to the Upville and whiles the other will be on the next flight to Homeville [Accra].

You can vote via SMS by sending the word VOTE followed by the Housemate’s name to MTN, Vodafone, Espresso, Tigo and Airtel short code 1474.

To vote for any of Ghana’s rep, Type Vote Mildred or Vote Keitta or Vote DBK to the short code 1474. A text cost GHC 0.70pesewas and a number can vote only 100 times by SMS per telephone number during each voting period.

Viewers can also vote via the website by registering on DStv Connect, or using your existing DStv Connect profile details to log in.

Please note that voting on the website or wapsite is free and you are allowed to vote once per hour during the voting period.

Voting begun immediately after the Nomination show at 20:30 CAT on Monday nights or immediately after the live Eviction show at 21:00 CAT on Sunday nights and closes at 06:00 CAT on the following Sunday morning.

Check out the photos & video below

Sorry we cannot upload the video for copyright reasons!

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Ameen says:

This eazy girl is disgrace to society and Africa as whole

boateng says:

this is unbelievable is she still going to sing?

lovelimi says:

Guys y r u b*tching about a couple in love. wat they did, u ALL do! let them be eish! wetin dey damn u if u leave them the hell alone! wat wld u do Abeg if u knwe u would by a stroke of fate get seperated from u boo u hv never seperated with 4 dat long huh? guess u would do worse….Besides Biggie loves Porn! lol!

Even though i havnt watch de video nd lukin @ de pics both of dem er seriusly inlove nd wil be gud couples after bba if dey decide to get married ghanaians shuld stop makin unnecessary comment cos both of dem know wat is rite nd wrong besides is her boyfrend we er talkin abt ooo not ani1else.

Adjoa Nbaaso) says:

@Nana Abena dankwah, If photos could predict how much people are in love then come and let me take you to a renowned photo studio to see for yourself.After watching the pictures, ask the photographer about their whereabouts and you would hear STORIES..Funny u!

Immaculate says:

Disgrace to womanhood. I just hope it does not haunt in future. Guys get away with things like this but ladies dont. Am sure after this bba, this guy will go 4 a younger lady and that is when u are gonna realize how foolish u’ve been.
I don’t get it! Why do u have to go with him in the first place. Geez!!!

mother says:

@Immaculate, hmmmm ,lets hope he stays her with after the show ..

the older woman is to be blame for that …

She even didnt think of her reputation knwing she is a well known ghanian singer ..

would Akosua Agyapomaa do this with her lover just cos of fame and Money??…i belive Never ….

queenie says:

seriously ppl leave them alone!!!! why judge, hypocrites!!! Atleast she’s having s*x with her boyfriend not just any guy adzen!!

kujo says:

@queenie, point of correction gal,her toy boy!

tilla says:

disgrace to ghanaians, just shows you can get any bush girl and turn her into a star, now i know she f*cked her way to the top

mother says:

@tilla, lol ..this soo harsh …

Guys, it was just s*x. Get over it!

Jones says:

Guys they didn’t do it cos of the game, it wasn’t a strategy. They already know that all those nominated leave the house and one is moved to Upville. They were just horney, too many drinks that night.

Miyagi says:

@Jones,Dude if you haven’t seen the video than don’t talk and incase you have get your eyes check if that didn’t do it why was Mildred pulling the duvet back to cover them same and keita winning his waist 

Chris you be foolish boy.  

 Videos are just moving pictures.  So technically you have already posted the video.  Put those images on a timeline sequence and you would achieve the same effect.  

No “kalabule  bofrot ” tricks.

Yawa boy!

B.B says:

@Joseph Midnight,  hahahahahahaha…………i bet u were so much in a hurry to watch it.

Nana says:

big effing deal!She had s*x with her boyfriend;since when did that become a crime ?and look at it this way;Big brother is the Pervert who made a home video outta of it. Leave Keitta and Mildred alone ,after all were you not the ones who said they were boring and weren’t bathing n*ked and not touching each other in the house? hypocrites! You got what you want and now you are all behaving like some saints. Y’all should cut the bull!! and Miyagi stop acting like a saint!

Miyagi says:

@Nana,How is big brother a pervert if they new the term and condition before they went in there do you actually know what your saying?

Ato kwamina says:

Do i hear complains?! What the hell are you complaining about? Arent you the same people who were talking rubbish that they were boring and lacked ‘swag’ cos they werent being immoral like those from other nations?! Now they give you swag and you are making noise- abeg, let them be. Eazzy has been in the mood for quite a while now so i am not surprised.

Miyagi says:

@Ato kwamina,Since when did s*x become swag?

KK says:

They didn’t make love actually from the video. There was a lot of kissing and heavy breathing but no they didn’t make love,not from the lower waist movements at least!

B.B says:

@KK, u need to search for the video again or maybe u need another set of eyes

Adjoa Nbaaso) says:

ahahhaha, BB, another set of eyes paa???u got lol!!

mother says:

Hmm ,Does she value her relationship at all ..if so she wouldnt have gone to the Bb house with camaras everywhere exposing everything u to to the world with her guy anyway real woman would stoop to that level for fame and money ..but unfortunately nowadys many people will do anything for fame and money even in death .. she shouldnt cry foul when other girls want her man …

Adjoa Nbaaso) says:

@mother, True, and as at now, I still do not understand why they went together.hmm, sugar mummy and her little pet.

mother says:

@Adjoa Nbaaso), lmao Adjoa i can see u hate the fact that she got a lilltle guy instead …i thought of it too cos seriously the guy still wanna have fun with girls at his age and wont take Mildred serious .. i think she neither want a serious relationship or else she wouldnt have sell their Worth of their LOVE to the whole world Thru BB House blaming her cos she is older than him and should have know better ..

Fresh says:

The two of them are a disgrace!!!

B.B says:

I just watched the video and YES! they have done it. am asking myself if it is really worth it.

Adjoa Nbaaso) says:

@B.B, hope this thing doesnt haunt her in the future because of the kind of society we live in.If a guy does it:”Its alright”..If its done by a girl then ?????

Miyagi says:

 i have seen the video and i have to say that hmmmm i am speechless and have lost my respect for her you might as well bring a s*x tape out once you get evicted for the love of money you had to go that far foolish girl you better not come out and sing some bull crap about how boys want your body any more 

Opanin says:

@Miyagi, where the video at?????

Miyagi says:

@Opanin,It’s even on YouTube go to search and type in Eazzy and keita banging .flv -- YouTube 

zz says:

ah masa…u fee put screenshots…wat stops u from uploading the video?? or sake of u pay get am so we for pay too??
btw i get am so dawg urslf…….any1 hu won c the video 4 go to, adey go upload am for there….

@zz, It is a pay to watch video so if we upload it, we will be making DSTV lose huge money INTENTIONALLY…We cannot therefore argue fair use under copyright laws…But with screen shots, I am sure I can argue fair use if we are sued or if a take down notice (DMCA Notice) is brought against us.

john says:

bull crap. luke and jess’ video is all over. upload the thing and lets remove our eyes

Stacy says:


jealous one says:

@Stacy, yes THEY are coming home. ghana hardly votes. and @ gc where is the video?

adwoa says:

JONS …..

gina owusu says:

@adwoa, so wait, is she still a singer? i find this so funny, how disgraceful, wow only in ghana, so sad, her music career wasnt paying the bills.. i know a lot of ghanaians so called celebrities lol are under cover prostitutes

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