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Posted on 04 Jun 2012 at 8:50am
DKB Up For Eviction

DKB Up For Eviction

Ghanaian comedian DKB on Monday received the highest number of nominations from fellow housemates in the Upville.

He topped the nominations with 5 votes from Zainab, Roki, Prezzo, Maneta and Lady May.

Zainab received three votes with Goldie and Roki settling with for two votes each. The rest of the housemates got a vote each.

Keitta wasn’t nominated because he’s new in the house. However, he will be nominated next week.

Barbs – the Head of the house will have the power to save one person and replace with another. Since she didn’t nominate DKB, perhaps she might save and replace him with Prezzo.

Here are Upville’s nominations:
DKB – 5
Zainab – 3
Goldie – 2
Roki – 2
Maneta – 1
Barbz – 1
Lady May – 1
Prezzo – 1

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