Meet GC’s New Team Member-Edith Nuong Faalong

Edith Nuong Faalong

Edith Nuong Faalong

Hey GC Family,

As you may be aware, GC is growing extremely fast…it is almost 4 years since I launched this blog… Growth is always good but then the workload becomes unbearable for one or two persons to carry…

Currently we are running on 8 Member team- Ebenezer Anangfio, Gossip Mama, Sassy Chic, Obour Amankwa, Regina Sackey, Nana Ama Baffour, Comfort Adjaka (new member, will introduce her soon )  and myself…Even though we have several Guest Contributors chipping in help here and there, our growth means we have to add more reliable hands to the job…

I am excited to say we have had two beautiful, young, entertaining and educated women (in Ghana and Denmark) joining the GC bloggers family…

Below is a bit of info and photos of one of them… This is to officially introduce her to you guys…She is fun and exciting so show her the love and hate you have shown me and the rest of the team…. 🙂

If you think you got what it takes to join our team, click here for more info


Dear Readers!

After doing my bits and pieces of writing here and there, I decided to join the GC team and take my writing up a few notches. Although I am not an all out person, I still will appreciate your criticism or appreciation of my work. Be quick to point out and state what you think of my work and your opinions will be taken in good faith.

I am however a very objective person and you may find me not towing the general line but the ‘true and right path’. I stand by what I believe in always.

My name is Edith Nuong Faalong, Nuong is my local more affectionate name which I happen to love. So feel free to show me some love! Whoops!.

I am a pure product of Aburi Girls’ Secondary School and the University of Ghana (Legon). I love writing, you can read a million things I have written simply by googling (Edith Faalong).

I intend to approach my tasks at GhanaCelebrities.Com with the utmost commitment. The satisfaction of my audience is my absolute pleasure. So let’s get this going shall we?

I live right here in Accra so feel free to send me local referrals and leads that will enhance the reading experience on this blog. 😉

My first article has already been published-Ghanaian Housemates, Attitude And The Big Brother Game. How Are These Candidates Selected?

My email is

So hello Family !


Edith Faalong

Edith Nuong Faalong

Edith Nuong Faalong

Edith Nuong Faalong

Edith Nuong Faalong

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