Lifestyle: The Beautiful Young Ghanaian Woman And The Old White Lover-A Sickening Trend?

Have you taken a quiet stroll through the priced restaurants in town on a good day or night? Especially the Accramall?

Have you been to the Labadi beach recently with your friends or family ?

Does this sound familiar?

Has anyone noticed the rising sickening trend of Ghanaian women trying to bag a white old man to seal their status’ as societal ‘it women’?

Most of whom are the most gorgeous ladies among their peers. Well I have noticed and wonder how they think low enough to cultivate this sort of idea and subsequently put it into practice.

I remember having a drink with my friend at ‘firefly’ and overhearing two ladies speaking behind me about white men.

One of them was complaining about how uncomfortable she was in the midst of so many white men and her friend replied how happy she was because she liked to be checked out by white men. She said “I like places where there are a lot of white men because they have the money you know !!”

I almost rudely interrupted their conversation to school her. Ghanaian women, who are ignorant enough to think some of these white men actually give a damn about you, let me give you a rude awakening.

Some of the white men around only want one thing from you and that is to use you as s*xual toys. Their opinions about you haven’t changed since slavery days. You are their little slave b*tch they keep in the corner away from the eyes of the world.

Even when they marry you, it’s mostly because they want to make their business dealings easier in Ghana or they keep you here in a 2 bedroom apartment and come visit every now and then for maybe 2 weeks a year.

And send you some petty dollars once in awhile which changes for enough cedis to compensate you while you toil away at the embassy waiting for a visa to his country that will never come.

Why? Have you asked yourself? The answer is simple. You will never be the ‘leading lady’. Ask your husband why you haven’t gotten a visa to even go visit him after you have been trying for 5/6 years?

Get some sense into your heads! You are not a part of his real life! His real life is out there. And you are out here!! It hurts very badly when I hear even educated Ghanaian women set their sights on landing a white man. Wake up! Most don’t care about you at all!

I remember reading somewhere that the owner of Atlantic lobster who made headlines awhile back for refusing to let blacks patronise his business was married to a Ghanaian woman. How does that sound?  I hope you understand the points I am making here.

I need more Ghanaian women to wise up and stop thinking a white man is an end to all their financial woes. Many Ghanaian men are even better off! Fact!!

I know several ladies who have married white men and later regretted it badly.  Who told you there are no good Ghanaian men? The right Ghanaian man will treat you with respect and give you the right status. Why choose to be a holiday toy? This is my observation, what has been your observation or experience?

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E.M.Wilson says:

There are good men and bad men of every color in the rainbow. No doubt the things you say are true about some men and I have no doubt that it seems to you that almost all white men are using black women. However, I can say sincerely that there are also many white men who both find black women attractive and cherish and respect them, as they would any other woman. However, it is almost always a very bad idea to marry or get into a relationship because of money. Men ( of any color or race) who use money to sway women are far less likely in general to treat a woman well over time. Many if not most will go onto the next best thing. However, by no means will they do this just with black women. These are shallow men who have limited substance at best and will do the same to any woman of any race or color of allowed to do so. Any woman who chooses a man solely because of money, and or the presumption that certain societal as well as monetary benefits will accrue to her if he is white, is kidding herself at best. The only good reason for entering into a relationship is because one feels not only attracted to the other person but that they likewise have substance and compatible values that will grow and enhance the relationship. If anything, interracial relationships are harder even when both parties are mutually committed to and respectful of the other, because society at large, for whatever reason, thinks that it has a right to interject their prejudice toward the relationship. Interracial couples of all races, not just black and white, need to be prepared to have it harder socially, even if it is only subtle (far too often there is nothing subtle about it). But by no means should two people, genuinely attracted to and compatible with one another, fail to get together because they are of a different race and or culture. Love happens at all ages in all circumstances. Yes, there are many men and many women as well, looking to take advantage of the other. Perhaps each is even fooling themselves. These type of relationships if one even wants to call them that are by their very nature doomed. However, it is utterly unfair to charactwrize all relations across race, with large age differences in particular, as ones in which the parties intend to use each other. Honesty is the foundation to a successful relationship and if that exists, and sincerity exists, then love can flourish between any two people of any race and or age. What may be bests for that couple, need not be understood by society. However, they in my opinion deserve the respect that one would accord any other couple.

gibson george says:

Forget to mention blacks guys in the West, pregnate white women and immediately abandoning them. Also most of these black girls are borderline prostitutes. They just looking for money and even better a one way ticket to Europe or America for a better life. Don’t forget that black people also have an IQ and stop listening to cultural Marxist rubbish about blacks.

GT50 says:

And what are your words of wisdom to the girls who have enriched their lives because they met a nice older gentlemen? You people make me sick judging people. I would at least prefer you say “to those girls that got a better life congratulations”. And boo to the bad guys who don’t treat them right. Many do treat them nicely.

6728 says:

One more thing.
Many Europeans are falsely under the impression that African culture is open for polygamy, harems and prostitution.
And this is not getting better of the facts that;
there are so many thousands young African ladies searching for Caucasian men on Internet.
Since the 90’s has every European city of some size been flooded by African prostitutes.
And when you see the tragical wave of migrants (many African) over the Mediterranean.
So this is not only a Ghanian problem, it is also a European problem.
But much would be better if you could get rid of corruption and get social welfare in your countries.

6728 says:

Hey Chris.
If a person compromise her or himself for money, will it be wrong no matter of the color of the skin.
On this planet there are just one race, and that is the human race.
We have different ethnicities, that’s all.
Stop seeing people as black or white, we are all first and foremost individuals.
And we need to be seen as and take responsibility as individuals.

Shane says:

Wow, I’ve been working in ghana for 3 years now and met my now Ghanaian girlfriend 2 years ago on an international flight. I’m 15 years older than her but so what. When we met she had her own house in Accra, car and business. We have been on overseas vacations and soon will meet my family in Australia. Oh yeah I’m white, what is the big deal. There are many Africans in Australia who marry whites, this is 2013. I plan to marry my girlfriend and have a good life together. I can’t help it if I’m white and she is black, it’s just how it is. Some of you need to get a life.

Abi gabby says:

Don’t you dare send for Ghanaians again with your passive aggressive bullshit, just because you’re married to one. We don’t actually care or are bothered by interracial relationships. Nor do we care that you managed to infiltrate your dirty sperm in your childlike bride. The British have been in Ghana for centuries and you’ll continue to be there.

Abi gabby says:

Most of them want papers to move abroad. Simon you sound like the exact pig who fetishes Black women. It doesn’t sound like you ”love” your wife. It sounds like she’s a trophy of how culturally open you are and culturally accepting. Bet you love your little medal and love flaunting her everywhere because women of your own country would never like you. These men prey on vulnerable Black girls because these girls have so little self-worth, these White men know what they’re doing. Why do you think they pick on these little women in the developing world.

chris says:

Funny reading this and scary too. People are saying the same thing in the philippines. I am not married to a black women from ghana, but a woman from the philippines I am white we meet 15 years ago. love each other and 1 lovely kid. She is 10 years younger than me. We now live in europe after 10 years in the philippines. DO YOU THINK it is nice when people are thinking that my asian wife must be a mail order bride or what not! YOU know STOP judging people you dont know! (you wanted to school the girls talking) maybe you need to be schooled ? think about it. People should mind their own business, dont try to control other peopels lifes or judge what is best for them. If you dont like a white person….no problem, dont be with one. But keep your business to yourself. Why create a world of hatred ? it serves no one…except the devil inside. BTW. I think black women are beautifull, and most black dudes are more cool than white. But thats just my opinion. People are free to choose what they want…also uncool old white guys (except fro myself ofcause 🙂 but then again I am not too old (44). Have a nice day.

hugh3s says:

@chris,well said -- i think its a matter of choice -- after all don’t black men do the same in europe in order to get a green card -- --  In as much as we know that most is for financial gains and a chance for a better life --  some actually really love themselves.
I once dated a white lady and most people without  knowing nothing about me, about the relationship  -- just think i must be leaching off her --  There was an incident that really ticked me off -- we just finished eating at a restaurant and the waiter came back with the bill, he didn’t even glance at me -- he just presented the bill to my white girlfriend!! now this happened on more than one occasion- we eventually turned this into a betting game -- can you believe out of 10 restaurants we visited for a period of time only one actually presented the bill to me -- and i gave him a very big tip! the young man didn’t know what  hit him because he was actually a very bad waiter. lol

Christiana Quarshie pickens says:

@jessi, thanks for your rebuttal. I didn’t think to look at it that way. I really appreciate that eye opener. To pick up from your last statement in your rebuttal, the government needs to do more in providing opportunities in the country for young girls like the 16year old. Because I believe just like you if that 16year old had an opportunity from the start, life would be a little easier on her. I do give her credit for not sitting on her behind and feeling sorry for herself but rather taking some actions for a better tomorrow. Again, the government, the country needs to do better in providing resources and opportunities for the young girls of Ghana. It’s all about starting sooner rather than later.

jessi says:

@Christiana Quarshie pickens, you are absolutely right.

GT50 says:

The government the government the government….. The government in NO country is worth very much these days. How about the parents, even if poor, can teach what is right. The government if they help anyone should be to educate the parents so they can educate their kids growing up.

Miyagi says:

Why is it that some people think they are better than others,when in reality we all bleed red and everyone,s shit stinks!! If that’s what they want allow them we are here commenting and all living the better life than what others are living back home so you can’t really blame some of them 

Metaphor says:

I don’t mind seeing Ghanaian women with white men.It helps boost tourism in the country.
My main problem is seeing beautiful gh women with lebanese men.These men do not respect black women.When i came back to Ghana last yr.I noticed many Ghanaian women always surrounding Lebanese men in night clubs.I feel so disgusted by it.Since when did refugees start getting more respect than the citizens of the country.

ThinkinB4Speakin says:

@Metaphor, Seriously? That is what you are upset over? The author of this article aims to discuss the white sugar daddy and you are flipping it to a discriminatory theme? She isn’t writing of the several Lebanese who came to our homeland so long ago that they themselves now call it their home. Surely if you live or lived In Ghana, you would see that a lot of them have married Ghanaian women, had children and are still successfully wed. Some of these people speak the local language (fluently) and eat our local foods with a lot more zeal enthusiasm than their hereditary ones! The emphasis is on the ‘old’ obrinis roaming around with these girls who in my opinion are more or less selling their bodies for frankies and Irish cream. Plz Metaphor, don’t bring your racism here, stick to the subject matter outlined…

ThinkinB4Speakin says:

@Metaphor, Also, to term the Lebanese in ghana refugees, they must have entered the country without a visa, you cannot apply for a resident visa if your aim of entering that country is to seek asylum. The older families own businesses that increase the employment rate of our people, several of which you yourself must have shopped at numerous times. These are ‘immigrants’ since they rarely ever return to their home countries. The young Lebanese men you see nowadays are a result of our university educated people leaving to the US and the UK for jobs, leaving these job vacancies to be filled; in other words, the same way your friend Kojo graduated Legon and went to work for IBM in the States, this Lebanese Ahmed also graduated uni in his hometown and sought work overseas , in Ghana. These are ‘expats’ as they most likely will return to their home countries to settle after saving some money. Whoa, I feel like I’m giving a school lesson! Lastly, we have these ‘akokra boni obronis’ who from setting foot in KIA have one mission and one mission only; s*x! These are called ‘s*xual tourists’. Hope this straightens things out…

Metaphor says:

@ThinkinB4Speakin,Are you lebanese? Or are you their official spokesperson?You should know that these same lebanese you call our siblings will fist fight with you when they see their own girls with a black man.Why shouldn’t i get pissed at them for using black girls when they get angry when their girls hang with black men.The old white men atleast give money to the girls,the girls need it to feed their families.Lebanese don’t give anything to the girls.They just use them for s*x and later go to marry their own girls.I am speaking for what majority of them do.

Christiana Quarshie pickens says:

@Metaphor, do me a favor and picture your friend, sister, daughter, auntie, cousin, or better yet your mother as one of these degrading Ghanaian women with these “Caucasian old good for nothing men” parading around town. There is no excuse for such behavior, no whatsoever .

jessi says:

@Christiana Quarshie pickens, oh my dear there are excuses oh soo many of them,and reasonable ones too,i will give you one. A girl walks to my gate the last time i was home,asked what she wanted, she want to wash our dirty clothes to get money,asked her age,she is 16 with a 8 months old baby girl at her back,if she goes to school,she said no,who is the father of the child?he refused the pregnancy,what about her parents?both dead,who does she live with now?grandmother,what does the grandmother do?a petty farmer,now if this girl,at 16 through whatever way get to meet a 60 year old white man who offers her financial help like money for her child,some apartment and good things of life and even to fly her abroad with her child,do you think she will refuse?the moral thing will be to refuse but what other choice does she have,do our system have any real genue opportunities for cases like hers?thats the point.

CJ SAINI says:

So much Wahala in this f*cking life, white n black it doesn’t matter. love, care, relationship, truth and money matters, Iam happy I have a caring Ghana girl, becoz she didn’t hideaanything from me about her past life, she been thru a lot, by God grace I will do every possible thing for my love.

em says:

Hahaha we in the state here don’t even care about white men. my goodness the got some weirdo smell…

Metaphor says:

How is it sickening?If she cannot afford food to eat in a day.Do you expect them to hang around accra market as not condemn someone’s way of making money and earning their daily bread.
Heck if shes with an old white man.What will you say if they are with old blk men.
White men coming to ghana for s*x mongering is doing good to our economy so shut it.

jessi says:

@Metaphor, you have a point there,i mean are our black men any better?i have seen alot of our women here married to old whites guys and they are living quite well,a good home and very comfortable,some have gone home,built houses and doing 1 or 2 busineses here and there and they are happy,i has become a common knowlege that 85 to 90 percent of our black men cheats,some are even worse when they get married making their wives miserable,well the women do cheat too but its most common with the men,the stories are many and divorces everywhere but with the whites,even if its does not work the lady will not loose out completely,personaly i dont know what i will do with a white man,i mean i dont like the d*ck,i prefere the real cut long black d*ck but they are defnately a better choice than all these chewing gum boyfriends we have at home and i love the mix colour kids i think they are soo beautiful expecially as babies.

CJ SAINI says:

Madam iam a Indian fell in love with a chui girl, can u help me in this? The girl too loves me a lot, nd I don’t want to break her heart, what should I do my no. Is 0506757825 plz suggest me something, I want to give her a good loving life, becoz she is beautiful, nd she is not rich

GCStaff says:


GCStaff says:

Thank you Christiana Quarshie and Oforiwa. I am glad you understand my point of view. It takes education. It is a matter of ignorance so work on the minds of every such woman you meet and we will get somewhere. At the end of the day the bad name goes for all Ghanaian women.

Christiana Quarshie pickens says:

Thank you so much for bringing this matter to light. I was just in Accra less than 3weeks ago. And I did witness exactly what you are talking about  and I was extremely sickened to witness what Ghanaian women have become. I can count the numerouse of times I saw beautiful Ghanaian ladies with these old and retched Caucasian men. I have to say I was very disappointed in my fellow Ghanaian sisters.  Open your eyes Ghanaian women, these men are they to USE you and the sad thing is you are making it very easy for them buy stooping so low. Whatever happened to the women of Ghana with pride, respect, dignity? What happened? Ask yourself, why is this “obroni interested in me? He has an agenda, and guess what his future does not include you. WAKE THE F**K UP!!
While we are on this subject, another thing that pissed me off is the fact that the foreigners are literally taking over Ghana. what’s up? Ghanaians and Ghanaians abroad guess what the FOREIGNERS ARE TAKING OVER. This is the most upsetting part, how is it that a Chinese man is able to leave his country, come to my country of Ghana and try to sell me a land in Ghana? HELLO!!! What has become of Ghana? 
Please my fellow Ghanaians let stand up and do something before its too late. I love my country far too much to sit and watch this continue. Who’s with me?

gibson george says:

Now you know how whites feel when they see their beautiful women with black guys.

Akua says:

Hmmm Chris, I am with you on this one. Most Ghanaian women believe hanging out with an old white guy will give them societal status, yak!! Just as you said, many Ghanaian men are better off than these white old folks. Frankly, I have never been attracted to them, and I thank God for that. I love my strong Ghanaian man. I respect everyone and like everyone else I like money too, but I will not stoop low because of money. I respect, love, and treasure myself too much to allow that to happen. Good article and a great point made, Chris.

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