Why Most Africa Celebrities/Entertainers Are BROKE

John Dumelo, Deborah Vanessa, Rukky Sanda & Jackie Appiah

John Dumelo, Deborah Vanessa, Rukky Sanda & Jackie Appiah

A celebrity is an individual with popular appeal, prominence in a particular field, and is easily recognized by the general public within a particular society. The term celebrity is synonymous to wealth and mostly used within the fields of sports and entertainment.

However, when it comes to most of our Africa celebrities (Entertainers), the term ‘celebrity’ is identical to purely being ‘famous’ and substantially broke.

The reasons why most of our Africa celebrity entertainers fail to achieve the all important aspect of being a celebrity (wealth) will be considered in this piece. What are our celebrities doing wrong compared to western celebrities?

Becoming famous which is the first aspect of being a celebrity is not very difficult, the real work is being able to make a living or create some sort of wealth from the fame (popularity).

For a person to be able to create wealth within any society, such a person must perfectly understand the market structures and the principles that control the market-forces and consumers.

Most of our Africa celebrity entertainers remain broke because they do not understand the market they find themselves within; they are buying into concepts and practices which make money in western markets but do not make anything in their own markets.

After years of following and extensively writing about both Africa and Western celebrities (If you care to know, I write on western celebrities at www.BeyondGossip.Com), it has become clear that, there are two main means by which celebrities obtain or create wealth.

The first model by which celebrity entertainers make sizeable financial gains is through branding. This money making model works perfectly well in both Western and African markets.

Celebrity entertainers all over the world are able to make returns by building a strong brand around themselves (personality branding) or make branded products to sell within their markets.

Personality branding brings in the various endorsement deals and corporate interests. Branded products like music, movies, etc can be sold for capital gains.

The second model by which celebrity entertainers make money is by using their fame. As I pointed out earlier, fame can be easily achieved-positively or negatively.

This is where Africa celebrity entertainers are getting it wrong. In the West, you can make money by simply being famous without any brand attachment.

Have you wondered how celebrities/socialites like Amber Rose and Jordan-Katie Price are able to make huge annual income just from being famous?

Fame or popularity sells in the West. In fact, it sells equally as brands do. It doesn’t matter how the fame is gained (negatively or positively), it sells out there.

By simply being famous in the West, a celebrity entertainer can secure paid interviews and appearances. I am talking about being paid thousands and millions of dollars for these interviews and appearances, simply because the person is famous.

When it comes to our Africa entertainment market, fame does not sell and it makes no or little money. How many people would be ready to pay any Africa celebrity entertainer thousands or millions of dollars for a TV, Magazine or Radio interview or an hour appearance at their daughters’ birthday gig?

Despite the fact that ‘fame or popularity’ does not sell within the Africa entertainment market, our celebrities spend almost all their time chasing fame, forgoing ‘Branding’ which rather sells.

Building a strong brand or branded products is difficult everywhere but it is the key to breaking away from being broke.

You can be the most famous African entertainer but our entertainment market does not have structures to allow any huge profits from being made out of ‘pure fame’ so you will remain broke.

This is why I laugh out loud anytime I hear people say ‘there is nothing like bad publicity’. That is a huge misconception.

In the West, there is nothing like bad publicity because both good and bad publicity bring fame (popularity) and you can cash in on being famous. But when it comes to Africa, since an entertainer cannot make earns meet solely from popularity, there is bad publicity.

As an entertainer, you need to have a brand to enjoy huge financial returns within the Africa market and bad publicity opposes that (branding).

The ordinary consumer and corporate bodies in the Africa entertainment market have little or no interest in mere popularity, they go for brands. It must be acknowledged that, there is a big disparity between fans and consumers. Whiles an entertainer can pull cash from the latter in the Africa market; it is not the same when it comes to the former.

So, until Africa celebrity entertainers begin to gravitate towards branding and give less relevance to gratuitous popularity, many will continue to be broke.

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Editor

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri is the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com , a Film Critic and a Human Rights Advocate; holds a masters degree in International Human Rights Law (LL.M), holds a degree in Law (LL.B), and he’s currently at Nottingham Law School, studying for his Legal Practice Course (with a second masters degree in Law) to practise as a UK Solicitor--he's a Professional Truth Sayer. He is also the author of the popular eBook “Success is a Right, Not A Privilege.” Contact: Vincent@topvincent.com

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@Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri ,@Miyagi: The truth of the matter is that your article and comments ought to be directed strictly to Ghanaian celebrities,leave Nigerian or even South African celebrities out of this ‘poverty equation’. I do know for a fact that 95% of Ghanaian so-called celebrities are not making ends meet,’at all’…the few young Ghanaian movie celebrities who are doing financially OK at the moment have their affiliation with Nigeria to thank for their success. Or are u disputing this?
Indigenous African Celebrities CANNOT be bigger than the economies of their respective countries. Nigeria and South Africa are host to very large indigenous and foreign business entities who can PAY competitive fees to gain access to the services of local celebrities. There’s also the issue of market size; Nigerians consume their own local entertainment in its entirety. Nigerian celebrities are always in high demand nationwide,continental and other parts of the world,with new celebrities emerging every year.
I bet this time last year u didnt know who DAVIDO was,today,go to Nairobi,Accra,Gaborone or Lusaka and mention ‘Dami duro’.  Ghana DOES NOT HAVE REAL CONTINENTAL CELEBRITIES,most of Ghanaian celebrities are at best ‘local champions.’
  In Eastern and Southern Africa,Nigerian artistes SELL OUT concerts (go to youtube and watch ‘iceprince in Malawi’),notice i did not mention Flavour,Psquare,2face.Wizkid or Dbanj. Ghana’s biggest indigenous act Sarkodie is NOBODY outside the shores of Ghana,except among the Ghanaian diaspora.
Finally,Nigeria’s official statistics does say that about 62% of Nigerians live below the poverty line; from an estimated population of 160million people that’s like 93million poor people. Hence, you (Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri) were quite right and can be excused for approximating that 100million Nigerians are poor.
But remember that the other 38% of Nigerians who are considered NOT POOR amounts to about 67million people; that’s about 3 times the population of Ghana. Even larger than South Africa’s population. I’ve not even added Nigerians in diaspora; now you can see why most Nigerian celebrities of the last decade are living very large: Nigerian celebrities have a fan base consisting of a middle to higher class of 67 million people, a poor but very appreciative mass of 100 million people  coupled with solid continental and diaspora support.
What do Ghanaian celebrities have Charlay?

Winston says:

@Black Nigerian, Thank u sir. I am ghanaian and i tell u people are so lame out here all they talk about is , ” this building in accra is the tallest in west africa” ” this area is the most populous residential area in west africa” ‘ fastest rapper sarkodie’ and a host of other useless buuuulllllsssshhitttt! and when i tell them that there is no ghanaian that is known throughout africa like p square, 2face. ice prince, wiz kid etc they argue with me that sarkodie is international. Thats when i realized i was dealing with a bunch of idiots. I came from america to make music in ghana thinking it would somehow spread through the continent. BIG mistake. These guys are so clueless it makes u wanna vomit. some said Samini was international. I said, go to Kampala and ask who p square is. Ask who 2 face is, then ask who samini is. They honestly dont get it. they said sarkodie is signed to Konvict music so he is international. oooooooook, and my mother will replace asamoah gyan as striker in 2014 brazil. Get real. 

akos says:

@Winston, yea blame the ghanaian promoters who do not know squat about promoting…also our politicians refuse to support anything ghana people do..so it start from the top!!

flint says:

i forgot to add one thing, the most honest nigerian actor i know is ramsey nouah, prior to the time he got his endorsements from different companies, ramsey will tell u straight that he is not rich and not living the life of a celebrity, but on one of the interviews he did after getting the endorsements he has now, i was suprised ramsey actually said he was rich, now thats what ramsey had never admitted to before.

flint says:

@Miyagi, excuse me what has nierian celebrity dying got to do with their wealth status, you really lost my intrigue on this when u deared to ask how much does a mansion cost, if it was that cheap how come everyone in africa isn’t living in one, africa of all places is one place where owning a mansion is a very big deal, now let me break it down for u, in nigeria the costliest place u can ever live in is lagos and that is where p square built their twin villa mansion, it is really expensive to rent just one small sized room let alone build a house and not just a house but a twin villa mansion like p square did, please point to me how many people with a cleaning job in africa own at least a well furnished bungalow of teaste talk more of a mansion, do u know how much land cost in lagos, i don’t think u do because if u did u wouldn’t say what u just said. and to metaphor the jet owned by p square might be brand new or used but the bottome line is that the got one, now let me break it down for u also, p square are graduates and the studied business in the university, that gives them an edge over their colleagues on how to manage their wealth, the fact that they are graduates in business does not automatically mean that they are rich but believe me when i say these boys have a lot of investments particularly in jos and portharcourt states in nigeria, the have really invested a lot which is why them buying a jet is no suprise to me, u are giving the net worth of dbanj and p square like u are in their pockets, am guessing u game up with ur figure based on the amount kanye signed dbanj onto his label, its funny because u seem to have neglected what he made even before the signing, do u know how much endorsements dbanj has, am not talking about those peanut endorsement deals ghanaian celebrities get, i mean big time huge endorsement deals and not just one but several, this guy has a lot of investment aswell, with regards to p square i guess u really don’t know how big those twins have scored, i wouldn’t say dbanj is richer or p square is richer, all i can say is that they have really scored big time. the bottom line is that not all african celebrities are broke and not all are wealthy besides i hate when africans think the west have got it all figured out, if the writer of this article was able to read between the lines and stop the notion that with every case africa always got a problem and the west doesn’t, chris i don’t know much about how celebrities are in london where u are based but here in america,american celebrities are known to get paid well but most end up being broke, even the world’s greatest entertainer of all time michael jackson got broke, most american celebrities mismanage their wealth, this article shouldn’t even be focused on african celebrites because compared to western celebrites they are being paid peanuts, for example how would u compare a majid michel that is being paid about $3000(just a guess, i stand to be corrected, i got this figure from an article where david dontoh was complaining about the fact that he has never been paid i think $1000 before) to a will smith that gets paid about $36000000(his pay for men in black 3) and that is besides the percentage cut he will get from the movie’s total gross, please in all honestly is this a fair comparison at all, how do u expect majid to live up to the wealthy celebrity status with that kind of pay. i keep telling people this, rome wasn’t built in a day, when u start a business u don’t start reaping the benefits until years later as long as u put in hardwork, with regards to our celebrities and movie industries it is just a matter of time before things get into place, it might not even be in our generation, reason being that in our continent things like this tend to movie a lot slower.

@flint, thanks for your comment Flint. But you must have failed to read the article…the article is not about comparison …and I did not compare western celebrities to African celebs. The article is about how our African entertainers can make enough money by focusing on branding instead of chasing uncessary fame or popularity which do not make any money in Africa, unlike the west where fame makes huge money as well as branding. 

flint says:

@Posted By: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, oh please don’t give that i didn’t do any comparisons here, i read the article perfectly well and i think u need to check the definition of what comparison is( i know u really know what it is but have decided to keep a blind eye on it in this particular instance), with regards to ur point that our celebrities should be focusing on branding instead of chasing fame and popularity, i can comfortably tell u that all the wealth that p square has acquired over the years came from their p suare brand, the only endorsement p square has is the one from globacom and that is it, everything the make comes from their music, the perform alot, not too long ago they had a sold out concert in paris this year, i once took a music class and the teacher was telling(well particularly to the african americans because as an african american himself, he was so pissed up about how unserious most of them where with their academics)us that everyone won’t become a jay z or a beyonce or a p diddy, he went on to explain that the music industry here in america is so saturated that not everyone that goes into it comes out successful, only a few succeed, i brought this up because u seem to be selling the idea that most musicians in the west are wealthy and successful, let me tell u now, the reality is that only a few make it, some can’t get record deals so the resort to personally selling it to people in stores, gas stations, schools etc, don’t make ur conclusions based on the fact that u have seen how successful the likes of jay z, beyonce, p diddy, kanye, rihanna are, just know this for every beyonce there are thousands who have tried and when i say tried, i mean they have got the talent recorded songs but aren’t lucky enough to get deals or have actually gotten a deal but didn’t excell.

flint says:

@Posted By: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, i did read the whole artilce and i read very well, if u couldn’t figure out u were doing some comparions then i think u should revisit what the meaning of comparison really is,i get what ur article is all about and i can comfortably tell u that p square is a very good example of an african artist that made there wealth through there brand, the only endorsement deal p square has gotten so far is the one from globacom and that is it, besides that all there wealth comes from performing their music, not long ago this year the had a sold out concert in paris, don’t be fooled by the success of the likes of beyonce, rihanna, jay z, p diddy etc just know that for every beyonce there are thousands more who have tried, when i say tried i mean these artists have talent and have recorded songs but couldn’t get any record deal or did get a deal but didn’t excell, my point here is that just because u see some successful wealthy western celebrities doesn’t mean that all the others are too, some resort to personally selling there cd records on the streets, in schools, malls etc.

miyagi says:

@Flint how come everybody in africa is not owning a mansion? Is that what your asking me was I talking about those who live in africa in the first place please ask next time before you write a anything or explain something to me and about nigeria Celebs dying was a a feedback on Amoah’s comment 

flint says:

@miyagi, if u are not talking about those who live in africa, then that comment is totally out of place and contributes nothing to this particular discussion, please why would i ask u before i give my opinion, is it my fault that u didn’t properly present ur opinion. and i ask u again what has nigeria’s celebrities deaths got to do with the point of this discusion.

Metaphor says:

@flint,I don’t wanna respond to everything you said since you still wouldn’t agree with me,seeiing how much of  what you wrote,I know you can write more and i am not ready to read more Essays.I did some research on that jet you talking about.They acquired it,they hired it for a period of time,they did not buy it.Buying it will be bad business decision,don’t lemme explain.You should be smart enough to know why.
Btw,Majeed gets paid 10,000 a movie in Ghana and 20,000 outside,not 3000.

Metaphor says:

@flint,Excuse me,are you their spokesperson,your essay is longer than the article itself.I don’t know if they really bought a private jet or not.But if they did,that will show how dumb and bad businessmen they are.How often do they travel to want to buy a private jet.Unless they fly every 2 hours.Parking your jet in the airport for 24 hrs can cost you up to $100,000.Do the math pls.Let me help you a bit if you are bad at math.
$20m for plane,$100,000 a day for parking,$5000 monthly pay to the pilot and other staff,luxurious life in plane,taxes…bla bla so on.Even big millionaires like Jay Z always hire a jet instead of buying because they know how costly it is to maintain one,you remember back in february,Jay Z was sued for inability to pay for his hiring services.It is rather easier to build a mansion in Africa than in America where the taxes alone imposed on it can cost higher than the mansion itself…The enormous tax system in America is one big reason why most american celebrities go broke.I don’t think taxes are paid that much on mansions in Africa,on what i know.Btw Majeed Michael gets paid 10,000 a movie for gh and 20,000 outside,not 3000.

flint says:

@Metaphor, oh please don’t play mr. smart guy here, ur little calculations here is of no use to me for 2 reasons, firstly i never brought up the jet topic, secondly i don’t own a private jet so spare me those figures u are putting up there, as of right now it hasn’t been confirmed that they indeed hired the jet so the rumour that the just hired it like u just rumoured is baseless untill is confirmed that the did hire it, don’t be mistaken here i am not of the opinion that they didn’t hire the jet, all am saying is that there is a possibility that they hired or actually bought it, now u asking how often do p square travel just explains why i shouldn’t be having this discussion with u, p square is the busiest nigerian musician, the are more popular outside nigeria than in nigeria, their schedule from year to year is always tight and that is besides their schedule in nigeria where they travel from state to state, so yes my dear they travel very often. one thing i dislike is when people refuse to see the truth in other to make a point that leads nowhere, ok i will ask again if it were easier to build mansions here in africa then every tom and d*ck in africa should be living in a mansion or at least a good number of them, how come there are more of these mansion in america and less of them in africa, lets come home to reality now, what is the ratio of people living in a decent home compared to those living in a cubicle, i know we all get upset when foreign media depicts the african continent in such a provocating manner, but that is the truth, u know what, truth the say is bitter,and that is the hard truth, my only problem with these foreign media reports about africa is that the focus much more on the bad and trash down the good, there is good in africa but alas! such good news from africa wouldn’t sell much so they focus more on the bad. with regards to majids pay, the few actors that have been opportuned to work in nollywood like van were paid at most $4000, so when u say outside i wonder where u mean because the only outside i know majid has worked in so far is nollywood and he definitely wasn’t paid that much, even top nollywood stars(with the exception of a very select few)never gets paid that much, van confirmed it himself that he gets paid more in nollywood, lydia forson even before working in nollywood confirmed that there is more pay in nollywood, now u saying majid makes $10,000 in ghana will as of now till it is confirmed be a mere speculation, that goes to say i wouldn’t call david dontoh who actually works in the industry a liar with regards to what he said about there earnings in ghana neither will i call u a liar with regards to ur speculations about majids pay.

Metaphor says:

@flint,Just because its easier to build mansions in Africa does not mean there should be more mansions in Africa than America.You should know better that People working in America averagely earn more than those in Africa because there is more money flowing in the system.If American celebrities were using the same tax system as our fellow brothers in Africa,My friend,you will see more than what you see them buying.
About Majid,i am just talking based on his interview he had on TV.

flint says:

@Metaphor, oh no u got it wrong, just because is easier to build mansions in africa is the more reason that there should be more mansions in africa, that is just common sense, and don’t u think the fact that we don’t have a well defined tax system here in africa is the more reason there should be more mansions in africa, here in africa if u have money to build a house all u have to do is just go ahead and do so unlike here in the west were u have to go through all sorts of tax systems and procedures all of which cost money, and this is before u even start building the house itself. about the majid stuff, i have practically watched and read all of majid’s interview and nowhere did he say what u just said, i think u misinterpreated what he said because i think i know(though not really sure on the particular one) the interview u are talking about, he was only trying to paint a better picture for the interviewer on a certain question.

Winston says:

@flint,  The issue here is that the writer  blogger london guy  does not know jack about branding and  all that kim kardashian bs he is talking about.  He is just another ghanaian who wants to act like he know something about something he knows nothing about. U can brand yourself all you want. There is no money to be made in ghanaian entertainment.  the type of money needed to circulate around for entertainers to get the huge sums does not exist in ghana. A rich man in nigeria could easily invite P square to his wife’s 50 th birthday and pay them 200k  or whatever and not blink.  In ghana, chances are the guy isnt that rich and even if he wants to spend 200k it wont be on the ghanaian dbanji. No one here is that loved as a musician.  You have 1 or 2 guys but the bottom line is Nigeria is a whole different beast and the blogger need to be specific cos he was coming from a condescending angle like, ” iam smart, i am a lawyer, i know what ia m saying ” and you are dumb in africa and dont know what you are doing. Trust me. If P square used the same exact tactics and music in ghana, they would not be anywhere like the rest of the musicians here. To be honest, the nigerian guys are more talented and their people hate on them less.  ghana is full of haters. Player haters with phds, playe rhating degrees. Biaaaaatch!!!!!!

Misa says:

Dani go mug yourself. Ghanaians, Togolese, and Beninoise are much poorer, lived in all those countries.

dani says:

infact 99% of Nigerians are living in poverty they are the poorest in africa

Goldengurl says:

 I get what ya saying and we all know that such shinanigans also happen in US and UK industry! Plus its not just women, men will also get jiggy with their bosses to find fame so I’m so sure what u say is true however. The fact still remains that these women/men in the industry wouldn’t NEED to stoop so damn low if they had their ish together! I totally get the points the writer is making. Even if they started out pimping themselves, is that the way to continue in their carrer. They need to get a clue! 

G says:

Well aside from all of what was said in this article, there r some other reasons y they r struggling. Regulation of their products is one of them, in the western countries, there r things like red box, blockbuster, iTunes, and other online download sites where these producers receive some percentage of the sales n hence can afford to pay enough to make these celebrities rich. Africans r greedy n selfish, how r these celebrities gon make any money when u have African shop owners who buy one disc n make many copies to sell or rent out for their own gain. Also, we all dance to their songs at parties n watch their movies at home but we don’t want to chip out a few bucks to c them when they have concerts n appearances, but we’ll pay big bucks to c someone like bow wow, who in America even cares about bow wow? The western cultures support n make their celebrities rich, while we jus help make western celebrities richer instead of supporting our own local artists, huge problem……

Amoah says:

# Interesting! Like in the West we all know more or less how much the celebs make. I’ll like to see a list like such with our GH local celebs. 🙂

# I think more of these local celebs just don’t understand or get the meaning of being a celebrity!!!
i wish the best for them though

ato says:

hmm ,they need to live  moderate lives and get God into their lives instead of the juju which earn them more roles and endorsements.

Amoah says:

@ato, The same juju thing is said to be going on among the black stars plays to. This info I got from a Western sports news website where the former BS coach was interviewed. It was embarrassing.

Miyagi says:

@Amoah,Point of correction it was only 1 or 2  players not the whole team Ato does make sense how come Less than a year do many Nigerian celebrities passed away starting from Ashley Nwosu who went into coma after slumping at a movie location and later died at a Military hospital Yoruba actor,  Ishola Durojaiye alias Alaasari died  of the injuries he sustained on his way to promote his new movie titled ‘omo night club” Popular Nigerian / Gospel Comedian Cee Dee John met with his untimely death on his way back from an album launch. He died of the severe injuries he sustained in a fatal car accident. Koko Mansion star, Chidinma Mbalaso met with her death on the way back from Kaduna where she had purchased her first car, before being hit by a Motor Cycle, and then rushed to  a nearby hospital where she later died and the list goes on and on including one of the girls that played in blackberry babes forget her name but her sister died as well 

Winston says:

@ato,JUJU. Dude we are talking about  entertainment. Get lost with this 16 century talk. See this is what irritates me about our primitive African minds. A man get rich = Juju.
Musician broke , now some says they should stop doing juju. I thought juju should make them rich. I have news for u homie, they are broke because they are not paid a lot of money, not because they do Juju.

Nick says:

Then Eazzy shd be the brand ambassador for Brazilian Hair, LMAO

Lizzy says:

@Nick, Yes oo they will bring her some cash instead of looking for mere fame with brazillian hair lol

Kevin E says:

Am Nigerian and live in Lagos. Trust me, a lot of the Nigerian artists and many of the actors aren’t broke…Dbanj and Don Jazzy made over $10m in 2 years. Dbanj has luxury cars for days. P-square charge $100,000 per performance outside Nigeria and do atleast 20 gigs a year. Many Nigerian comedians like Ali Baba, Basket mouth and AY have a net worth of over atleast $2m! Many 9ja artists drive Range rovers, Bentleys etc. Ramsey Noah, and a host of others have endorsement deals with GLO,DSTV,Samsung etc and make well over $1m a year. Even Banky W clocked a $400k deal with Etisalat a while back. I don’t know about Ghana, but in 9ja, the artists are living large! I don’t know what that Miyagi is on about people dying? Only Miyagi I know was in Karate Kid, and he’s dead as well.

@Kevin E, Thanks for your comment. Some few African entertainers are making a lot of money as you have noted but they are only a fraction. You have mentioned D’banj, P.Sqaure and the others, these people are less than 10 percent of the total Nigerian entertainers.

It’s like someone saying majority of Sub-Saharan Africans are hungry… You and I may eat and throw rich food away but the fact is, 50.9 percent of South-Saharan Africans are dead hungry according to FAO.

It is also like you saying because some few Nigerians have big cars, mansions and even private jets, Nigerians are not poor or BROKE when 71.5% of Nigerians (almost 100 million of the population) are living below poverty line (2012 Statistics).

Don’t you find it wrong that the great majority are not making enough money as entertainers? Do not take the BROKE for its literal meaning in the article…If you read it well, you will know that I simply used it as a hyperbole…(meant they are not making enough money).

The few making huge money are cashing in on branding, the model I outlined as working in Africa and not FAME. They are perfectly selling a branded product which is music or movie…That is where the money is coming from and not from the mere fact that they famous. If they are making any money at all from purely fame, it is highly infinitesimal in comparison to what they are making from their brands.

It lands us on what the theme of the article is; that the Africa entertainment structures support branding and not fame, therefore entertainers should strive to achieve the former and not the latter or else they will continue not to make enough money (BROKE).

nonhle says:

@Posted By: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri,

71% of Nigerians live in poverty???? my guy u are dreaming you listen to too much IMF stats go to Nigeria and find out urself…..while there are huge number of Nigerians that are poor which am not disputing…for you a supposedly seasoned journalist who should know his facts to come here and tell us 100 million Nigerians live in poverty u must be dreaming…..there are over 100 million registered lines in Nigeria alone how those 100 million acquire their phones and maintain it while living in poverty must be a miracle KMT….please stick to what you know which is ur country and don’t go about saying stuff that you don’t know about another country just to make urself feel good and like Kevin E said…..most Nigerian celebrities live like one here in Nigeria because we support them and patronise their services if thats not the case in ur country which am guessing its probably not just say so and don’t go about proving ur nonsense by qouting rubbish facts about other countries.

No need to go on with this because that is post hijacking…However, that is what statistics says, both international and local. it may sound mischeavious to you but that is the fact…Check out the same stats in esteemed Nigerian publications…’POVERTY in Nigeria is rising with almost 100 million people living on less than $1 a day despite strong growth, data showed”
There are more out there for you to find out about your own country. I even think it is more than 70 percent…Probably into 80 percent…You think because you operate a phone does not mean you are not poor? WOW!

Anyway, let’s stick to the issue on here for discussion!

Metaphor says:

@nonhle,lol go to Ghana,trotro(BUS) mates,street hawkers and shoe shine boys all use phones.

Winston says:

@Kevin E, yes u are 1005 right. the blogger must have said  ghana. Even in uganda, some guys are getting paid. The problem is there are only 25 million people in ghana and 20 million of us are what we call ” too known “. Meaning they hate  on everything from ghana and only want foreign shit. compound that with the fact that  there are about 180 mollion people in nigeria. I wont even talk about south africa because thats a different level. I have known P square to charge 80 k dollars back in 2007. the highes paid artist in ghana makes $4000 per show. This is not a joke. I know it cos i am a musician in ghana. I came from america with some dope shit , just like banky W, uknow american style music. they hated on it. Majorly. Haaaated on me. Djays, hated on it. So my nest shot is Naija, Sa. f*ck all u lil wanna bees in ghana. You guys a mostly clowns.

nonhle says:

which african celebrities are you talking about i think you should be more specific and direct because last time i checked South African and naigarian celebrities/entertainers are definitely not broke. They make enough money hence ppl like HHP, LIRA, JOZI have mansions here in Jo’burg and people like D’banj and P’square from naigaria buy private jets and have mansions in their country thanks to channel O so be specific

Miyagi says:

@nonhle,Thanks to channel 0 and you actually believe everything you see on it let me ask you this why is it that most celebrities from Nigeria are dying recently can you feel me in with that and how much is a mansion nowadays in Africa depending on the currency even someone who does a cleaning job and use his money well can have a mansion so be specific about it 

Miyagi says:

@Miyagi,Hahahahahaha lol she must be out of her mind lmao 

Metaphor says:

@nonhle,You are a big FOOL. A private jet costs about 27 million dollars,the cheapest you can get (used one)will be about 5 million and how are they going to pay for maintenance.Which african celebrity has money to pay for that not even adding the cost of maintenance,parking fees.I should think Dbanj has a net worth of about 3 million dollars and P’square less.LOL.

Stacy says:

good one there Chris, all the celebrities must read this especially their so called managers who do not know anything. i have also learnt something from it 🙂

Metaphor says:

lol@their broke ass faces.look at ruky sanda.hahaha.Do your research well.The female African celebrities make thousands of dollars comforting old men and producers in their beds.Ask Mzbel how she earned money to buy that jaguar and how jocelyn dumas became face of range rover evoque gh and getting one of their cars.lol.I can go on and on.Maybe you should write an article on how female african celebrities give their bodies out to sugar daddies to support their lifestyle.

Miyagi says:

@Metaphor,Why are you trying to box everyone into the same corner, do you think they all like that I demand 
An explanation cause your making me really curious 

Metaphor says:

@Miyagi,no woman likes sleeping with dirty old men but what choice do these broke ass celebrities have.Mind you i used to work for an entertainment company and many of these cheap celebrities offer themselves to the producers so that they can be lavished with expensive gifts and money.A big actress  in gh makes an average of 5000 gh a movie,Do you think that is enough to support the kind of lives they are living.Most of them like to earn extra cash by sleeping with the sugar daddies and sometimes the producers.Its a very common thing in gh entertainment.

Miyagi says:

@Metaphor,That’s really interesting to know are you based in Ghana or abroad and what Entertainment company did 
You work for and how did you cope with all that If I may ask 

Metaphor says:

@Miyagi,lol i’ll keep the name for privacy preferences.
How did i cope with all that?lol.It is not hidden at all.What comes into your mind when you see a hot actress going on a date walking hand in hand with some pot bellied producer after set.

Miyagi says:

@Metaphor,Lmao Hahahaha they must be desperate to do that than all because of fame and money yet 
They don’t do anything good with what they earn so while you where working there did you see any positive things apart fro
They sleeping with those sugar daddies and why is that men don’t really have to suffer to achieve their acting career and the woman do was there any type of discrimination between the men or woman 

Winston says:

@Metaphor,@Metaphor,Dude u took the words out of my mouth. all these chicks singing and doing movies out here in Ghana,are simply advertizing themselves to sugar daddies. Since pusssiiiieee is so easy to come by in this country,  the only challenge left for a rich old man is to bang some nadia kubuari type chick, uknow the news reader, singer , presenter type b*tches. They make no money.  and yet they drive around in range  rovers. Jackie appiah is married to a very old very rich guy and she has multiply cars each worth over 100 thousand dollars. So yes this article must be re titled dont get into entertainment if u are an ugly b*tch. As for the guys, even sarkodie, the so called fastest rapper makes 7000 ghc per show in ghana. Not sure  what he makes over seas. At that rate he would have to play a show every week to afford one of Jackie appiahs cars.That is assuming he eats indomie and drinks pure water and uses news paper for toilet paper. I guarantee u there isnt a show every week for musicians in ghana, not even for the fastest rapper. BIAAAAATCCCHHHH!!!!!!!!

Winston says:

@Miyagi, yes. If u make 4000 ghc per show aka $2000 and u play 10 shows a year yet drive a car that costs  4 times your annual earning, where else are u getting it from. there is this” dont ask dont tell ” thing with women i encounter in ghana. They always claim they dont sleep around, yet the things they have dont match their salaries, thats if the have a job to begin with. Yet these girls want you to pretend like it all makes sense. I know several girls who are from poor homes,  dont have jobs but yet always borrowing money to their mother, brother. when u with them they pretend like u are the only one who gives them money. Transactional s*x is rife in Ghana. BIG TIME.. These acting and singing biaaatches aint exempt. they just screw old men with money.

Winston says:

The blogger does not know what he is talking about. what he is doing is called hypothesizing. Truth is there is no money in entertainment no matter how you brand yourself in most African countries. You will make some money, but barely enough for you to retire on unless you are in South Africa  or nigeria. The guys in nigeria make money because there are 180 million people in nigerian. guys in ghana dont make money because there are only 25 million ghanaians, 20 million of whom are ” to known ‘ think they know everything  and would never go see a show unless there was a foreign artist on the bill.  Nigerians have always patronized their artists and generally speaking are proud of their culture. I remember seeing this bleached faced bubu wearing nigerian woman at marshalls in atlanta, screams at her child. ” Chidi come he now, gbeku chuku blah blahj blah, load as hell”. I was like whoa! this woman doesnt give a fff*ck! A ghanaian woman would first of all make sure no one can tell she is ghanaain from the way she is dressed, next, she wont shout for anyone to notice that she is not america through her accent. she would have wisppered at chidi. thats the difference. Ghana is small, lame. Ghanaian movies are boring, filled with people trying to sound america. its a joke. Nigerians talk like nigerians and its funny cos the way they talk is funny but they dont care cos thats why whole selling point.  Van dyke or whatever the hell his name is, nadia kubuari, majid, they all full of shiiiit pretentious fake twang slang accent. Oh yea, and why do u have to be mostly half caste to be in movies here when 99% of the people are dark.  

sweetness says:


Miyagi says:

I love this topic great piece I will surely come back to this you make allot if sense 

akos says:

@Miyagi, on a different note i think the local ghanaian actors have a more firmer foundation and are more succesful than the wanna be english actors!!

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