Nadia Buari At Heroes & Zeros Premiere…What Is On Her Lips?

OMG! I thought Nadia Buari was getting things right with her appearances but it seems things can’t get worst than what I am seeing in the photos below.

With what she is wearing, I will leave it for those who want to talk about it but for the lip stick, I can’t escape it. Geez! What is that? It ‘demeans’  her whole appearance!

Nadia, I am saying it for the last time, please hire a stylist…I can recommend one if you want me to! Bad hair day too?

Other people showed up at the premiere, so check out the photos below.

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Editor

Chris-Vincent is a Law Graduate, a Human Rights Advocate and a Professional Truth Sayer. He is a Film Critic, the author of the popular eBook 'Success Is A Right, Not A Privilege', a Freelance Blogger/Writer and the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com.

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  • 27calibre (O-o)

    always cute ! any way what on her lips again ???

  • Miyagi

    Looking good always on point 

  • ato

    Chris ,its night so i think its ok.

    • Miyagi

      @ato,Bros has nothing to do with being night time, red lips are a classic making any face look instantly elegant with a matching white, Creme or beige dress makes you look classic you know the marilyn monroe kind of style to me she nailed it all the way 

      • Adjoa Nbaaso)

        @Miyagi, Umm, I dnt think red lipstick is for everyone..It knows its people..I think She should have held her hair in a bun or a ponytail to give her a more flattering look.But that outfit stand out thou..

        • Miyagi

          @Adjoa Nbaaso),Trust me red is for everyone depending on color of close you where and type of fabric as well 

  • mother

    geogeous dress it

    • mother

      gorgeous …

  • nanya martinson

    nadia looos beautiful theres nothing wrong with her appearance. please stop talking about nadia like that. chris why do u hate nadia so much. i think shes the best dressed actress in gh

  • TheChuckylee

    Ah wat a beauty.Nadia is just so gorgeous.Ders nothing wrong with wats on her lips.She’s splendid!

  • jeff

    Thers nothing wrong with this look @all, neither the hair nor lips

  • em

    She looks pretty.. love her outfit.

  • nadia look good i love what she is wearing and there is nothing wrong with it.

  • E.knock

    Shiiit, this’ll make a 9ce wallpaper on ma fon. Goin 2 download it str8 away

  • salky

    Nothing wrong with the shade of lipstick!she needed a pop of colour and the lipstick did just that!

  • lee

    I think this Chris guy has a crush on Nadia and she is not giving him any attention. So the only to get back at her is to always finds something wrong (where there is one) about what she does or wears. The lipstick color is just perfect for the color of her skin and the outfit too. I think Chris rather needs a stylist not Nadia. 

  • Elizabeth Maassen

    I just don’t know why you are always picking up on Nadia Buari,there is nothing wrong with her hair neither her lipstick so just leave her alone.she is Beautiful as she is and doesn’t need a stylist

  • cici

    looking gud all the time..Nadia’s lipstick looks super good on her..her dress is just stunning..i dunno why this boy always wanna say something bad abt Nadia..there’s absolutely nothing wrong with Nadia’s dress,hair or lipstick..fefeefe

  • Reena

    Nice lipcolor

  • Chelry

    But Christ why? infact no more comments….

  • pkay

    she’s looking stunning..!!

  • Adjoa Nbaaso)

    The outfit is cute but not for her.I see Yvonne Okorro rocking it better..

    • sarah

      @Adjoa Nbaaso), Yvonne Okoro is de revealing type of gal…She’ll rather go for sumfin dat will reveal dose her hideous body parts lyk her breast and fleshy back wyl Nadia will cover herself and still luk gorgeous

  • Euroboy

    I Need Nadia its now my turn to have her around me,am in Love with him lol

    • Miyagi

      @Euroboy,You need Nadia, it’s your time now and your in love with him you sound confused hahahaha

      • pinky

        @Miyagi, lmaooooooooo.

        • Miyagi

          @pinky,Hahahaha, say that again 

  • Rocklyn Love

    Simply beaurifulll

  • Ticia

    Too much….Nadia I love ur dress too much…

  • Nadia looks elegant n classy with this dress. I’m luving the dress,fit for an oscar appearance,”wink wink”. Her only flaw I would say is the hairstyle,doesn’t suit the the look,should have been swept up in a bun or ponytail. And I don’t her clutch necessarily ties into everything.I think a silver eggeshell clutch even a white clutch would have meshed better with the whole outfit. Nonetheless I m in awe with this dress.

  • tina


  • sarah

    Nadia luks 1000% better dan Jackie Appiah, GC pet wud’ve looked on such an occasion….
    Nadia ROCKS… Evrifin on POINT….

  • naomi

    Chris to you anything about Nadia is wrong,what do you know about fashion at least she is more classy than Jackie.

  • lily

    nadia looks like a halloween lady. jackie always the best when it comes to fashion, very simple, proudly african, nothing to do with …

  • rosemary

    dnt fink dere is samfin wron wit nadia looks @all. u beautiful in dat ma dear!

  • Akua

    I think Chris has a personal vendetta and an unfinished business with Nadia that he only knows about. I looked very closely at the outfit and went through scrolling over and again, but I didn’t see anything wrong with her dress. I can understand she needs to up her game on the hair, but common now Chris!

  • henry

    sista nie…..hhhmmmmm red lip stick looks gud

  • Nadia rocks always


    Chris, easy on copying the sandra rose style of blogging. you choose one person you dislike and diss her everytime,wether what she does is wrong or right. I realise you adore the blogger but please learn the good and leave out the bad. Auntie sandra,just like you has picked Beyonce and to her everything,Beyonce does is wrong.Take a poll of the comments you have on this article and you’d realise,nobody agrees with your point of view.

  • sweetness

    Is there something wrong with e lips or the dress? I think the dress is gorgeous and it looks good on her as well, not too sure about the hair though but is not that bad is it?

  • DIYA


  • Prilla

    I think she looks like the queen she is, the writer probably doesnt like her.

  • Eka

    Very big earrings ,too much lip stick and scattered hair but  i love her  .However, Can someone help me to answer this question. What is so special about  Jackie, is it her personality or what, When i watched princess tyra and saw jackie running for her mothers inhailler, honestly i didn,t recognize her. To me, the role you play in a movie at times determine the way you are regarded, she always have
     roles that favour her. They all act well and are beautiful including the yvonnes. So why too magnify her.