Photos + Eazzy & DKB Apologises For Rude Big Brother Stargame Exit


Ghana’s 3 housemates in the on-going Big Brother Stargame reality show were reduced to one following a dramatic week that saw one of the country’s rep in the Downville house rapper Eazzy ‘Mildred’ evicted from the game and Upville’s DKB being disqualified for his fracas with a female housemate.

In a joint Press Conference organised by MultiChoice Ghana on Friday, the two ‘disappointed’ housemates apologised profusely to Ghanaians and the rest of Africa for what has been described as their improper exit from the biggest reality show on the continent.

In its 7th edition, the Big Brother Stargame commenced with three Ghanaians. Rapper Eazzy ‘Mildred’ set a record by entering the game with her model boyfriend Keitta as ordinary contestants whiles DKB entered as a celebrity.

Many questions have been raised about what makes him a ‘celebrity’ since he’s young in the industry. According to GhanaCelebrities.Com’s investigations, he was selected because the first two options Wanlov and Tiffany were unavailable. The hullabaloo about the selection will be a topic for another article.

DKB joined six other celebrities from the continent in the Upville house whiles Eazzy and Keitta went in to the Downville house.

With close to a month in the house and after several evictions, Eazzy and Keitta got unlucky as they were randomly picked for eviction alongside housemates of Botswana.

After a week of voting and few hours to the eviction show, Eazzy had a quarrel with Big Brother because of his inability to get her a Brazilian hair she had asked for.

According to Eazzy, even though she knew she was going to be evicted, she wanted to return to Ghana smartly dressed as she always does but the stylist didn’t have any Brazilian hair and that was the genesis of what led to her improper eviction.

She said even though she had threatened to boycott the eviction show, she didn’t really intend to do that but then; she boycotted the stage after several call from the host IK for her to come on stage. She blamed that on bad day and not necessarily the hair issue.

Even though Keitta was aware she wasn’t going to come on stage, he told the host that, she didn’t want to come on stage with her kinky hair following the refusal of Big Brother to hand her the Brazilian hair.

A day after Eazzy was evicted and Keitta moving to the Upville house, Ghana was faced with another eviction – this time around, it was disqualification. Comedian DKB slapped Sierra Leonean housemate Zainab for trying to peep him whiles in the shower. This occurred after the two exchanged words and insults.

After hours of meetings between Big Brother and Endemol, the producers of the show, both DKB and Zainab were disqualified for their violent conduct which according to the rules of the game, its frowned on.

The two were consequently kicked out of the show. Looking all innocent and remorseful, DKB apologised and asked for forgiveness from people who had been offended by his actions. He has already released a statement apologizing for slapping Zainab on live television.

When GhanaCelebrities.Com asked of his mother’s reaction, DKB said the old lady has taken it cool after explaining the events that led to the slap. DKB looked remorseful and each word that he uttered confirms that.

He said the Big Brother experience has helped him to rediscover himself and now knows his limitations and have learnt about his shortcomings.

He is also planning his start a stand up comedy show ‘Comedy Lounge’ which will hit the screens soon. Following the events Eazzy also wants to go into hairs to help ladies who might experience what she went through-a bad hair day.

What do you think?

Read Excerpts from the Press Conference below…


What did Big Brother teach you? 

Eazzy: Big Brother taught me not to ever accept or sacrifice anything at the expense of my happiness.

Given another chance, would you go into the house as a couple?

Eazzy: No. First of all, I would not go back into the house and secondly, I would go as myself. As Eazzy and not as a couple.

Did you enter into any agreement with Reggie Rockstone or did you and Keita have a meeting with him about any 10% of what you win?

Eazzy: No, we had no such agreement that I remember.

Did you have s*x with Keita in the house?

Eazzy: We never had s*x at any point in time. The video makes it look that way but we only made out. There was no s*x because I was wearing my boxers.

Your boyfriend seems weak as he is always referring to you r his older brother everytime he says something. Doesn’t he have a mind of his own?

Eazzy: He only does that because we were supposed to be a couple and do everything together in the house. We have never been apart for up to a week since we started seeing each other so he is sad. But he will pick up.


Did you start your day angry or did all that anger come directly as a result of Zainab peeping into the bathroom? 

DKB: No, I had had a good day. I actually played games with Prezzo earlier and had good conversations with a few other housemates.

Do you think you could have handled issues differently or was slapping her the only option available to you?

DKB: At that moment, I wasn’t thinking. I reacted to what was happening. But after I left the house, I thought about everything and realized what I did was very wrong.

I should have stopped after we argued and just left but I was angry. I am sure you can understand that in your private relationships we all react to issues wrongly sometimes and later regret it.

There are many rumors about the scars on your face. Kindly tell us what happened.

DKB: There was a guy who had a personal vendetta against me and he attacked me. I used to tell people it was just a random attack because when you say the truth people ask more questions. But I had to get a few stitches and we went to the police station but it was all fine at the end of the day.

In the big brother house you mentioned that you have stolen from the Accra mall few times. Is that true?

DKB: Yes. I will not lie about it. It was a foolish decision because I had just left school and I thought it would be exciting to see if I can outwit security at shoprite. LoL

What did you steal? 

DKB: I stole chocolate and put it in my right shirt pocket.

Did you have a strategy when you went into the Big Brother House?

DKB: No. Because people told me the rules keep changing. And even after a few days in the house, you realize that you cannot stick to any decisions. You become yourself.

Why didn’t we see your comic aspects in house. People think since we know you as a comedian you should have entertained us with comedy.

DKB: I was funny sometimes and it didn’t go down well with people. And I can’t always be funny but you know Prezzo and Zainab are Rappers and Eazzy is a musician. Does it mean they should always be speaking in rap or music? I have to have normal moments. I had to react to real life issues. Not every moment was funny.

Many people felt you shouldn’t have mentioned private issues in the house. Example: Speaking about the kind of women some DJ’ friends of yours like in Ghana. Do you feel it was appropriate? 

DKB: In real life, I am a very raw person so I was being myself. And you never know when exactly the camera is on you.I am sorry if it caused any damage to their personalities. Some of the things I said were misconstrued.

For example I said DJ Armani likes slim girls with big behinds but people said I said he liked SSS girls, which was never true.

Are you naturally a bully? Because you seemed to have a lot of arguments with many house-mates.

DKB: No, I have never been a bully. I just have very strong opinions so I always speak up and it makes it look like I  have too many disagreements. But it’s just me speaking my mind. I don’t back down.

I will release a song soon apologizing to Africa and my advice to all men is that they should never do what I did.

It was wrong. I urge all men to run away from the provocation of a woman. It is fire.

I also have some standup comedy programs coming up soon. So please Ghana, be there for me.

Check out the photos below… And take note of Eazzy’s BRAZILIAN HAIR 


See the Brazilian Hair LOL

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