Charlotte Casiragh, Menaye Donkor & Kim Kardashian…Who Rocked It Worst?

Charlotte-Casiragh-Menaye Donkor-Kim K

Charlotte-Casiragh-Menaye Donkor-Kim K

Which fashionable celebrity has not given last summer’s popular Gucci purple and orange dress a try? At the other side of the ocean, celebrities like Charlotte Casiragh, Kim Kardashian, Sara Carbonero, Jeniffer Lopez, Jennifer Lawrence and many others gave the dress a try last year. Some got it right and some got it wrong…You need a well toned body to get it right…

Almost a year down the line, one of the most fashionable Ghanaian celebrities-Menaye Donkor has brought the dress to Africa-Ghana. The Ghanaian model, philanthropist, former beauty queen and wife of Sulley Muntari wore the Gucci purple and orange dress to a cocktail party held for Miss Universe, Leila Lopes over the weekend in Accra…

Looking at the photos below, who do you think rocked it worst?

Menaye Donkor

Menaye Donkor

Charlotte Casiragh

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

Menaye Donkor

Menaye Donkor

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Editor

Chris-Vincent is a Law Graduate, a Human Rights Advocate and a Professional Truth Sayer. He is a Film Critic, the author of the popular eBook 'Success Is A Right, Not A Privilege', a Freelance Blogger/Writer and the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com.

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  • tina

    menaye rocked it best followed by kim then the charlotte lady, adzenn…who put that on her tho

    • Rocklyn Love

      @tina, hahahahahahah u funny ooo.. true anyway…. Charlotte own looks bigger lol

    • @tina, very true.

  • anonymous

    arhhhh this Charlotte Casiragh has no swag at allll! she makes the dress look ugly. menaye looking sweet as ever.. 

  • naa asheley

    LOL… Menaye all the way!! Kim okay, but the other lady di33r…. We di33r aluguintugui lol…..

  • akosuaghana

    I think Menaye beat them all to it. I guess that is why it took her over a year to wear it too. Studying their flaws and making it better for her wear lol

  • Amoah

    deff. have to say KIM. With that body & hair you can’t go wrong! Menaye could have done with a different clutch. Too much going on with the bag, it take attention away from the dress.

    Charlotte dear, you need hips to wear that dress! 🙂

    • Adjoa Nbaaso)

      @Amoah, I Respect ur opinion but u r wrong.Menaye is the one who actually elminated the “skipping rope belt” to look simple.She made it simple yet classy.And her clutch has only 4colors which doesnt look busy at all.The colors compliment her dress so deoesnt draw ur attention.All in all Menaye wore it BEST.

      • @Adjoa Nbaaso), i agree with you.

  • dee

    absolutely agree with you amoah…..a clutch would have been way better than the bag. Otherwise, Menaye nailed it better, and she looks exquisite. I love both kim and Menaye

  • Esi

    Menaye is the best. as for charlotte di3, shouldn’t have worn the dress at all

  • Zowee

    Kim K all the way, then Menaye lool seriously Ms Anorexic??? ahahaa!! Menaye’s dress is different though not exactly the same! Kim K nailed it!!

  • maame

    Menaye looks great but her dress is not the real gucci doe.. its a replica version. followed by kim No comment on the other chick lol

    • pinky

      You have eyes. how did you see its fake? its different because they all have belts but Menaye. i like how it fits Kim but too many colors on her! the other one di333 why did you even add her. hunger striker

      • maame

        @pinky, yh probably.. but either way she rocked it best 😉

      • agyirima

        @pinky, heard of contrast? thats exactly what kim pulled off. i must agree though that mena aya rocked it. but kim was fabulous too

    • @maame ,why is Gucci your mothers company? how did you know its fake?

      • mohammed hakibu

        @nana, i like ur answer but seriously thou can menaye afford da expensive guci may b as far muntari is concerned he cld part with a few thousands of dollars.

  • Nora

    Its pretty obvious that Menaye rocked the outfit better than the rest, it fits her like her second skin showing her beautiful curves. And just because she decided to wear the dress without the belt  doesnt mean its not the real Gucci. Stop being ignorant and take a good look at the freaking picture before concluding.

  • Zowee

    @Nora, get spectacles if possible? Menaye’s has two stripes on the bottom of the top, and Kim K isn’t wearing the belt on the top? It’s on the waist of the skirt pls you look first before you start commanding people!!

    • Nora

      @Zowee, um, u don’t need glasses to see that the belt is covering the belt, do u? As clearly seen in the pic in this link!

    • Vicky1

      @Zowee my friend google the dress and see the many ways it should look on certain body types. Kim has her strap tucked in because it looks like for her 5’1 frame there isn’t much room to show the strap wrapping around her waist like that of menaye besides why will a baller’s wife buy fake? I doubt it my dear! They both look good though.

  • jeff

    Menaye rocked it BEST #HandsDown lol

  • akua

    hahahahahahahahahahahaha, who is this charllote of a girl. omg. she should  fire her stylist if she has one

  • Mrs. Muntari looks spectacular

  • sweetness

    Menaye rocked it well, our girl is beautiful! she did it differently but i think a different clutch/purse would have made it more chic! As for the miserable looking Charlotte, e least said abt her the better, WHAT WAS SHE THINKING? Agyei…….

  • frank

    Kim k’s curves made the dress complete

  • Lilian

    Menaye rocked it better cos u dont need fat on your body to make it look nice, u just need everything in proportion not in excess. Guys stop freaking about ass and concentrate on a body that can last for ages.

    • mohammed hakibu

      @Lilian, i can understand dat since menaye is a ghanaian u might wanna side with her n allow patrotism to cloud ur judgement