June 15th, 2012

Guess Who: Which Ghanaian Celebrity Is In This Photo?

Posted on 15 Jun 2012 at 4:04pm

Can you make out the Ghanaian celebrity in the photo above? Let’s see how good we know our stars! Let your guess roll in…

Dear GC Readers, My Girlfriend Slapped Me, Mistreats Me & She Is Very Aggressive…She Say It Is PMT

Posted on 15 Jun 2012 at 3:25pm

Dear GC,

It’s very possible that my girlfriend is a bit crazy/psychotic and it’s really starting to affect me. She can be so aggressive and hyper. She’s even been like this once in front  of friends and family at a party a few motes ago. I joke about it with my boys but if I’m honest it’s no joking matter.

She says it’s this PMT thing and it’s not all the time but sometimes I feel this is just a stupid excuse to be aggressive and unreasonable! After all she is not my first girlfriend I’ve had and the I know most woman can get a bit crazy, she is becoming too much.

I love her very much and we’ve been together for almost two years so I want to know what to do. I’m writing this because last week we had an argument about me travelling abroad to work on a project back home and she pushed and slapped me.

It’s the second time she has dared to hit me and I had to leave the house not to go mad at her.  She was so apologetic after but if it were the other way round, would I not be in some jail cell right now? (more…)

Noise Over Artistes Billed For ‘Ghana Meets Naija’ 2012

Posted on 15 Jun 2012 at 2:50pm

Bola Ray and his Empire Entertainment team have created a very big brand out of nothing that is progressively and simultaneously bringing Ghana and Nigeria together to showcase Africa music to the world.

With just a year old and going into its second year, the ‘Ghana Meets Naija’ musical show has been fully embraced and endorsed by both governments of the two countries.

Ghana and Nigeria already have a cordial relationship through football matches, diplomatic and bilateral arrangements, cultural exchanges and in other areas. Beyond these, both governments believe that, music is another way of bringing them more closer together.

Following the endorsement by the two governments, GhanaCelebrities.Com has learnt that, Empire’s office has received numerous calls on daily basis from producers and label owners in other parts of Africa, so as their artistes will get the opportunity to feature on the show, a platform they see spectacular for their artistes.

Despite the pressure mounting, it is the hope that, Bola will still remain focus and won’t defeat from the core aim of the ‘Ghana Meets Naija’ brand, which is to assemble the very best of Ghana and Nigeria musicians on one platform.

The brand itself is a unifier with a sole aim of championing peace and co-existence between the two countries who have become role models to the rest on the continent.

After it’s launched, the general public received the news with mixed feelings concerning artistes billed to perform at the show slated for Saturday June 30 at the Dome of the Conference Centre. The organisers are fired up for the event and the buzz is in town.

The criteria for selection of artistes have also become a major concern for many and have since been discussed on various platforms with varied views. Some have asked why certain artistes didn’t make the cut to be on the show.

The maiden edition took place last year and it was seen as the biggest in-door event in Ghana by industry pundits. The show paraded D-Cryme, Ruff N Smooth, Efya, 4X4, Stay J, VIP, Kwaw Kese and Sarkodie, whiles the Naija brothers paraded J-Martins, 9ice, 2Face Idibia, and Naeto C. (more…)

Big Brother Stargame-Video: Barbz and Keitta Kiss Kiss

Posted on 15 Jun 2012 at 2:13pm

Mmmh… we wonder if Barbz and Keitta had their significant others in mind as the model planted a smooch on the Ghanaian’s neck.

Since moving to Upville Keitta has repeatedlyprofessed his love for Mildred even sharing with Big Brother just how heartbroken he is over their separation. As for Barbz the South African celeb has insisted that she has a man at home and is not s*xually attracted to Keitta.

But for two people that are so committed to their partners the pair sure does seem to be getting extra ‘comfortable’ around each other. Just a few days before this kissing incident Upville’s newest Housemate grabbed Barbz in the kitchen and gave her a lengthy massage which she called “a pleasant kind of pain.”

Is this kind of behaviour appropriate for people who are “just friends?” We wonder what Mildred thinks of all this as the exited Housemate watches her man getting touchy feely with another woman. Do you think there something brewing between Barbz and Keitta?

Check out the video below


Weekly Discussion, Let’s Get Talking: What Is The Worst Revenge You Have Slapped Someone With?

Posted on 15 Jun 2012 at 1:28pm

They say revenge is better when served cold but for some ‘nasty’ people like me, we send it your way when it is very HOT. I can’t let things settle down before planning a counter attack (revenge). I send it out as soon as I have the chance. After all, if you did not care about how I will feel, why should I care about your feelings and circumstances? Tit for Tat is not a sin…right?

Anyway, to other set of people, revenge in whatever form is unacceptable. They see revenge as against their moral or religious standings; they prefer to leave things to KARMA or a Supreme Being.

Some Christians say, if you insist and attempt to fight your own battles, God will not help or fight them for you. Such Christians take their inspiration from Exodus 14:14-“The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still”.

For me, I do not import religion into revenge; I see it as dependant on how much you are hurt. Probably, some of you find it unjust and others find it appropriate.

Wherever you stand, let’s get talking…What is the worst revenge you have served someone?. Or what did someone do that he/she deserved revenge but you made it go because of your moral or religious standing…

In all, what is your take on the act of revenge?

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