Big Brother Stargame-Video: Barbz and Keitta Kiss Kiss

Mmmh… we wonder if Barbz and Keitta had their significant others in mind as the model planted a smooch on the Ghanaian’s neck.

Since moving to Upville Keitta has repeatedlyprofessed his love for Mildred even sharing with Big Brother just how heartbroken he is over their separation. As for Barbz the South African celeb has insisted that she has a man at home and is not s*xually attracted to Keitta.

But for two people that are so committed to their partners the pair sure does seem to be getting extra ‘comfortable’ around each other. Just a few days before this kissing incident Upville’s newest Housemate grabbed Barbz in the kitchen and gave her a lengthy massage which she called “a pleasant kind of pain.”

Is this kind of behaviour appropriate for people who are “just friends?” We wonder what Mildred thinks of all this as the exited Housemate watches her man getting touchy feely with another woman. Do you think there something brewing between Barbz and Keitta?

Check out the video below


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babe23 says:

I am convinced GC is trying to sabotage Eazzy’s career and that of all those around her, if u were really concerned for their welfare, u will contact them and air ur issues to them, not slander them (directly or indirectly) publicly like u usually do.

Rocklyn Love says:

hmmmm i dont trust this dis keitta guy….. heyaaaa

KK says:

Where were you yesterday when Keitta turned Maneta down,when she came onto him ?..dude is trying to stay true to his girlfriend!!! Give Mildred and Keitta a break and stop insinuating unneccessary lies!!!

baaba says:

oh pls do u people even follow da show at all, keitta has been warding off all advances at him and daily proclaims his love for eazzy, this is nothing to get all crazy abt
u ppl should leave eazzy and keitta alone n let them be

Miyagi says:

This slowly shows that him and his guy guy brother used Mildred just to get fame there was never love between those two 

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