Dear GC Readers, My Girlfriend Slapped Me, Mistreats Me & She Is Very Aggressive…She Say It Is PMT

Dear GC,

It’s very possible that my girlfriend is a bit crazy/psychotic and it’s really starting to affect me. She can be so aggressive and hyper. She’s even been like this once in front  of friends and family at a party a few motes ago. I joke about it with my boys but if I’m honest it’s no joking matter.

She says it’s this PMT thing and it’s not all the time but sometimes I feel this is just a stupid excuse to be aggressive and unreasonable! After all she is not my first girlfriend I’ve had and the I know most woman can get a bit crazy, she is becoming too much.

I love her very much and we’ve been together for almost two years so I want to know what to do. I’m writing this because last week we had an argument about me travelling abroad to work on a project back home and she pushed and slapped me.

It’s the second time she has dared to hit me and I had to leave the house not to go mad at her.  She was so apologetic after but if it were the other way round, would I not be in some jail cell right now?

We don’t live together so when she is in this mood it’s easy for me to walk away but will I do this forever? Sometimes I just want to call it quit but well, I love her.

Where do I stand with this? What should I do? Any experience?

Dear Harry,

Truth be told I’m impressed  you’re speaking out as most men do not dare say their girlfriend/wife is treating them this way or worse.

Trust me when I say this sort of unreasonable and unacceptable behaviour happen a lot. In the UK it’s said that 1 in 6 men go through this treatment.

Whilst PMT (Pre-menstral Tension) is very real and very severe for some women, it’s not an excuse for you to be mistreated.

It sounds as though you want to help her so I’m advising you to enforce boundaries and ask her to get help (anger management) because if you don’t, like you say, you will surely one day retaliate and end up banged up in jail, no one is worth your freedom.

Hope this helps!  Let’s see advice  GC readers have to offer!


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MArK says:


Miyagi says:

It clearly shows that she is more than man in the house which is totally wrong but You can do something clearly tell her to stop it you don’t like it or sorry but I think you should tell her that hitting someone is not a sign that you love someone and if it happens again leave her and find someone who will treat you the way you should be treated not with violence because if she picks fights with you THAT often, you should really think about moving on Sorry but a relationship like that just doesn’t look good for the present or the future and she cut the phone off?? That should really be the last straw for you! She has no right the police are there specifically for if you feel threatened/in need of help, and she shouldn’t take that privelage from you sorry but this is clearly not love to me no matter how much you nor man or woman should be in any kind of abusive relationship Hope this helps 🙂

rene says:

hi swit one i will advice u see her parent to talk to her since u love her soo much .
pls dont leave her pls try ur best to change her . i have experience it my self

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