Dkb Finally Releases Apology Song…GREAT TUNE!12 Comments

GC Staff
Posted on 16 Jun 2012 at 9:51pm

Following the mixed responses derived from the apology rendered by recently disqualified Big Brother StarGame contestant DKB, he decided to go an extra mile to compose an apology song.

The comedian intends using this medium to prove to Ghanaians and Africa at large how remorseful he is and his take on the issue of violence.

The song, which is an embodiment of DKB’s total and final apology, is also an initiative to touch on gender violence and its repercussions and he is hoping it would send out a clear message to all to avoid any form of violence against either men or women in the society.

Listen to the song below

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

The making of the song

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12 People Complaining...

  1. For some reason, I love the song…The flow is not bad at all…he does far better than some of our so called Ghanaian rappers! This guy should look into doing Hip Hop! He has a bit of M.anifest’s style


    Vote -1 Vote +1GADEL | All Things Ghana Reply:

    @Posted By: Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, I agree with you.


  2. Vote -1 Vote +1naa asheley

    548 Total Comments

    Now, my best part of the song… ”We never knew it was gonna go back to homeville…” DKB, apology beyond accepted…lmaoooooo


  3. -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Joseph Midnight

    206 Total Comments

    This a stupid song.  He looks like a bush boy stranded in the city.  I have a feeling his uncle sells suicide ropes for a living.  He should do the same and stop this attention seeking exercise.


    +1 Vote -1 Vote +1Adjoa Nbaaso) Reply:

    @Joseph Midnight, Atleast see the Gentleman side of him and appreciate the fact that he has cleaned up his mess.Ur comment aint helping in any way.


  4. Vote -1 Vote +127calibre (O-o)

    435 Total Comments

    DKB DKB DKB you are too much i have accepted your appology already !

    any way RESPECT YOURSELF zainab O-o


  5. Vote -1 Vote +1GADEL | All Things Ghana

    39 Total Comments

    Some musical talent exhibition there :)


  6. +1 Vote -1 Vote +1Adjoa Nbaaso)

    1861 Total Comments

    Love love u DKB.U have shown u r real man..I respect u and ur apology has been fully accepted.Now, we are waiting for that of Zaianab..She needs to do the same and just I believe everything happens for a reason..Maybe its time for u to add music to ur career…gud luck.


  7. Vote -1 Vote +1jsexy

    219 Total Comments

    But seriously Ghanaians should say the truth, Dkb’s song is nt bad at all! Infact i LUV it!!!!!! Apology accepted Darling!!


  8. Vote -1 Vote +1Semi-Cartermatic

    367 Total Comments

    lol i got myself knocking my head on this tune forgetting it was an apology song!


    Vote -1 Vote +1Adjoa Nbaaso) Reply:

    @Semi-Cartermatic,LOL! Seriously, me too..Luv the chorus..


  9. Vote -1 Vote +1jasef

    105 Total Comments

    all hatred for this guy has suddenly turned into admiration.
    the guy is smart, i said from the beginning that it was a big mistake he did on his part and that he definitely regrets what he did but i am so glad he is using his mistake as an opportunity to open the music chapter in his life


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