Lifestyle: Black Market Bum For $15,000…Would You Buy One Or For Your Girlfriend?11 Comments

GC Staff
Posted on 18 Jun 2012 at 10:29am

The quest for for beauty can lead a woman to untold lengths in many desperate attempts to stand out. Some people go as far as risking their lives. Imagine wanting to standout so desperately that you had to go to the black market to obtain one, meaning it could have been done by quacks who have no proper certifications, and you may never know what has been injected into your body.

In Ghana, we are yet to find our celebrities desperately towing the plastic surgery line. But even so, there are many ladies on the local level who have sought the services of one herbal or corner doctor to especially increase their bums.

Currently, we have TV adverts for smaller waists, larger boobs, bigger bums and so on. I guess we are not far from having quack injections too.

This is the story of a 30 year old mother of 2- Vanity Wonder, who had illegal butt and hip injections at the cost of $15,000.

The lady in question has come out to reveal all, especially the dangers involved in having all these illegal injections in a book titled- SHOT GIRLS, she talks about how many people out of wanting to be accepted, would go to any mile, to get their bodies sorted out, and most often there might be bad results.

We think many should know about the consequences of enhancements, because many women are obsessed with changing their bodies in one way or the other.

After looking at the photos below, if you ever buy a bum or buy one for your girlfriend/wife, then you are beyond reach!












What do you think pushes people into doing this to their bodies? Men or Fame or Money or Low Self Esteem?


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11 People Complaining...

  1. Vote -1 Vote +1Rocklyn Love

    640 Total Comments

    OMG lol… this is too much……I love ma natural hips n boobs….. i will neva go for dis….wat if she grows old…i wont go for this aaaaba…


  2. Vote -1 Vote +1vince

    91 Total Comments

    You do have editors? Your articles are always full of mistakes. For example, it’s bum, not bums. Anyway, i think the lady in the picture overdid it. she looked good just as she was but if she wanted a bigger bum and hips, she ccould’ve done it without going to the extreme.


  3. Vote -1 Vote +1Adjoa Nbaaso)

    1861 Total Comments

    Who at all are u trying to please in this world..You are the only one who will face the consequences and effetcs later on in life.God have mercy on us all.


  4. +1 Vote -1 Vote +1Miyagi

    8410 Total Comments

    I can spot a fake **** booty from a mile away i love this topic and its about time some girls wake up there are various theories on this in cultural anthropology such as a female with an hour gl**** figure, ie, a waist to hip ratio of 0.7 or less (could be 36-24-36 or 48-36-58), sends the instinctual  sub-conscious message to the male that she is of child bearing age not pre-pubescent teen (undeveloped hips and breasts) or post menopausal middle aged (often weight distribution shifted to a thicker waist) In short the hour gl**** female figure communicates desirablility and ****iness because it denotes femininity in the prime of her youth 20 to 40, and still able to reproduce her curves also communicate softness and other feminine characteristics opposite of masculine traits a longer torso (shorter limbs) relative to her height focusing attention on her ‘T’ to ‘A’ area with multiple rounded inflection points from small shoulders to rounded chest to narrow and rounded hips these contrast to the angular tapering contour of a muscular male from wide shoulder to narrow hip everything in an hour gl**** female figure is opposite to that of a muscular male making her all the more interesting ****y, and tantalising Opposites do create biological chemistry there is also the finding that thick waisted (apple figure type, also called ‘O’ type) people of both ****es tend to have more health problems (high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, etc.) due to sub-cutaneous visceral fat storage in the abdomen around the organs some ‘T’ type women with larger chests and smaller hips may also have thicker waists and health issues just as men tend to storing fat in the waist or torso on the other hand, it has been found that the uniquely female pear figure (‘A’ type) with wide hips and fat storage in the thighs and buttocks and relatively small upper bodies and waists tend not to have the health issues with abdominal fat storage do have the fat storage easily used by an infant during pregnancy and studies have recently shown that these women tend to have more intelligent off spring (perhaps because it has been found that certain types of fat are good for brain development and these women have an abundance of fat in the lower body that the developing child can use) bottom line a wide hipped narrow waisted women increases the chances of successful reproduction (pregnancy and delivery), and smart kids you can’t do the bump and grind with all these fake ****es cause you will need allot of cushion I think its a misnomer that this mindset is a black thing Its actually a ghetto thing 

    I think its a misnomer that this mindset is a black thing Its actually a ghetto thing Educated successful people understand the importance of staying toned fit and in shape rather than the “jiggly” body parts ghetto dudes claim they like (cottage cheese, anyone?). Look around How many wives of successful black attorneys professional athletes doctors, etc. do you see looking like that? 


  5. +1 Vote -1 Vote +1GC Staff

    42 Total Comments

    Hello Vince. Thanks for your contribution. I believe you are referring to this sentence : “increase their bums”

    And with that, I believe bums is correct because we are referring to THEIR BUMS not one persons BUM. Do you understand? Do however continue to look out for us. :)

    @Ellen, I am sure somebody probably told her she looked straight. So she decided to curve it up. LoL.


  6. Vote -1 Vote +1GC Staff

    42 Total Comments

    I agree with you Miyagi. You seem to have a lot of knowledge about women and their bodies oo. But her new body was inspired by the “ghetto” male mind. It obviously seemed attractive to many men she came across so she decided to do it. And she receives a lot of male admiration now so many more young ladies will follow suit.


  7. Vote -1 Vote +1Danisha

    78 Total Comments

    its low self esteem


  8. Vote -1 Vote +1Frederick

    2 Total Comments

    These photos have been on the internet for over 5 to 6 years. I have seen them before. Why are u guys bringing up old photos of two different ladies. I do believe that there are ladies out there that are going the extreme but this booty is real. Do your research before posting such article.


    Vote -1 Vote +1Miyagi Reply:

    @Frederick,Even if these pictures have been circeling around for ten years or a decade what a would like to know is, what makes you think that these bootys your seen now are real? 


  9. Vote -1 Vote +1Kwame

    1 Total Comments

    Dont u all know wat photoshop can do…Let us face facts nothing and i repeeat nothing can change bum size to these riduculous levels. Its a good and necessary topic which needs to be addresses. I say this because Ghanaian women r beginning to lose their self esteem and identity n self worth.Since wen has beauty been defined only by big buttocks,synthetic hair,eyelashes. I am a man n we look for beauty in the little natural things like a smile,naturalness…everythn short of that is just for a me…As much this topic might be relevant including such photoshop edited pics reduces this article to comic relief..
    So watch it!


    Vote -1 Vote +1Frederick Reply:

    @Kwame, I guest u are right because our African ladies are even changing their complexions as if being black isn’t beautiful. They should realize the old saying “black is beautiful”.


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