Menaye Donkor To Donate Her Full Fees ‘100,000 Ghanaian Cedis’ As ‘Face of Printex 2012’ To Charity

Menaye Donkor model, philanthropist and former Miss Universe Ghana, was recently revealed as the new ‘Face of Printex 2012’ as they launch their new ranges, Arete and Xclusive.

Sources tell GhanaCelebrities.Com that Menaye Donkor will be donating her full fee as the ‘Face of Printex 2012’, rumoured to be in the region of 100,000 Ghanaian cedis, to support the Menaye International School which offers a free education to those most in need.

The education and health of children has always been something close to Menaye’s heart, so the money will go to refurbishing the entire school, as well as including salaries, books, uniforms and providing a school bus for the kids who often have to walk miles to school every day.

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Editor

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri is the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com , a Film Critic and a Human Rights Advocate; holds a masters degree in International Human Rights Law (LL.M), holds a degree in Law (LL.B), and he’s currently at Nottingham Law School, studying for his Legal Practice Course (with a second masters degree in Law) to practise as a UK Solicitor--he's a Professional Truth Sayer. He is also the author of the popular eBook “Success is a Right, Not A Privilege.” Contact:

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LaDeCosta says:

May God bless you..

pinky says:

There’s always some stuuupid person who will never see good in people. menaye will forever be blessed because of these things she does and you on the other hand will keep waiting for money for brazillian hair and an LV. i wonder if you would ever give a penny of your money to the less fortunate. what image is she cleaning like she was a drugy? she has been doing this for years and is a living proof that its ok to share and may God bless her for that.  NOTE: i hope this starts a trend so the selfish celebrities out there can also help the less privilege. 

henry says:

menaye for president. f*ck ndc npp and the rest of them dumb parties. god bless u menaye, ur great

cindy says:

its very funny how you fall for these gimmicks. who does charity and publicise it? thats tacky!  plus the money,if there is, was going to her and she will use it for her school or whatever anyway. its clear this girl is nothing but a publicity hungry. grow up people! this is what people do to clean up their sure are we the money will be used for that? you should be able to tell a thirsty person wanting fame at all cost from a real person of substance who does not seek recognition but gets it anyway. lets not fall for this crap

Muhammed says:

dats vry kind of u may God bless u

Akua says:

We need people like this in Ghana for real. I sincerely believe she has a good heart towards those in need, and for that God will continue to enrich her. Good job!! Continue the good work.

Joan says:

This lady menaye is jst too much , God is seeing her good heart n wl continue to bless her beyond human comprehension. God is wth her n wl continue to be wth her. Worth being a role model to young ladies

ato says:

may you never lack ,and may the spirits of the orphans and the less fortunate protect you from every evil forever.

Adjoa Nbaaso) says:

God bless u Menaye

Adiepena says:

kudos sweet sis.God will bless u.

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